Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Part 2- Pure Cuteness!

If you missed part one, it's just under this post!

Get ready for an explosion of cute kids! I am so glad I took the time out of my insane day to take these because none of our trick or treating ones were good. The kids looked adorable! I love Halloween if you can't tell.




Jeff and Brit said...

Love all the kids costumes!!! Kyla look so much older here! I swear she grows a ton everytime I see her ha. Can't wait to have older kids to dress up all awesome! Love ya!

kelsey said...

I definitely enjoyed part 2 better! Seriously though, nice work with these pictures, they turned out so cute. Loved the little twins and their Strawberry Shortcake theme.

That little boy looks exactly like his daddy, holy moly. Cute kids.

The Harker Family said...

So adorable!!!!!! For a minute I thought that was one of the twins in the witch costumes!!! I really see the ressemblance now!