Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm alive, I swear

It's so weird how I can be a dedicated blogger for years then just stop! I got so busy with my photography that I got out of the habit of blogging because I always felt guilty if I was on the computer and not editing photos etc. Now i'm not booking anyone and haven't been since Christmas, I need to get back into it! I feel guilty since this is my only "journal" of our life. And maybe one day I'll make it into a book...or books. I'm a bit of a procrastinator...

So since Dustin has had his ticket he's been working 24's at work, which has been crazy but I'm used to it now. Which I NEVER thought i'd say! When he's home, he throws off our entire routine and it's almost like, "Um excuse me... get out of my way or don't touch my tv shows!" etc. Speaking of, does anyone else slack off when their husbands home because you expect them to step it up and help? Well I just assume he should take over but that never happens... Whatever.
So this past weekend I got to go on a girls trip with my mom and sisters. Yay! We met up in Southern Alberta and it was BUSY. We put on a baby shower for my cousin Mel, and the next night a baby shower for Kristy, and then the next day was my cousins wedding! I came home more exhausted than when I left! I took the whole day to recuperate. It was definitely nice flying instead of driving. But I decided i'm not a fan of flying alone and next time Dustin and I are going somewhere nice!! We need a vacation SO bad. He's never been on an airplane and I went on my first place last year when I went to Oregon to see my sisters. We are a little sheltered... But while I was gone, Dustin ROCKED being the stay at home parent. Seriously. He had the house cleaned constantly, did the girls hair, laundry, cooked meals, got Jayci and Presley to a bday party, and even took all 4 girls to the ward dance. He's like, "You can get a full time job and i'll stay home with the kids, this is easy! I even have kept the house clean..." Um what are you trying to say?? Trust me dear, the novelty wears off and after a week you'll be saying, "man I don't feel like picking up all day after everyone, or I don't feel like cooking a nice meal that the kids won't even eat..." I think he's just so tired of working every day that this felt like a nice break for him, something totally different and he had fun doing it! But some days, it's not so fun... Like when your two year old locks herself in the bathroom in the dark, or she gets into the bag of sugar and spills it everywhere while eating it by the spoonfuls, or getting up everyday and getting 4 girls to school on time... and I could go on. It gets exhausting yo! I guess i'll just have to leave longer next time...

I honestly don't have much to blog about lately. We have been kind of boring and just taking it one day at a time here to get our goals accomplished and where we want to be in life. We need to buy a house but I think it'll take a little longer than expected, which is fine. I want to be in a good position when we go to buy an 800,000.00 house! I know. Crazy... 

So the latest is i'm trying to plan Kyla and Laken's birthday party. Kyla wants to do a joined party with her, so I was trying to figure out how to work that. I decided to make the party 3 hours long and the first 2 hours will be Laken's and the second 2 hours with be Kyla's. That way they can overlap but still have their individual spotlight for an hour. She picked Hello Kitty theme which honestly is the easiest theme since it's freakin EVERYWHERE right now. Laken loves it too so it works.

Jayci and Presley were having a conversation with me the other day and I asked them how they were twins. They said because they were sisters and that they can feel each others owies... Not sure what that means but I have told them before, so I explained it again and was talking about who was born first etc. Then Jayci said she didn't like it when people mix up their names and everyone does it. Including me! Presley said she didn't like it either. It broke my heart because when I was pregnant with them, I read a book on twins and one of the main things was to make sure they stay as individuals and when people mix them up all the time it can be damaging to them. So i've thought about this a lot since then and worried about when that day would come and so when she said that, I was so stressed about it and felt so bad. It honestly made my stomach churn because I couldn't imagine how annoying it would be to constantly be called someone else and no one ever knowing who you are! I even dreamed about it that night. So I ordered some colored feather hair extensions and decided to cut one of them some bangs. That morning I woke up, came downstairs and said, "ok girls, remember how we talked about how you don't like people mixing you up? I'm going to cut one of you bangs! Who wants them?" Jayci jumped up and yelled "ME!" So we went upstairs and chopped them off. She LOVES them! I also told her teacher how it's bothering them and she is going to make and extra effort to not mix them up. I've also been really good so far since then and haven't mixed them up once! Go me! Good mom points right? Ya right, i'm the worst mom ever, I always get them mixed up! They change constantly and sometimes I honestly have to look hard! Terrible. Who ever said the mom always knows, was wrong! It's more like, the mom knows 75% of the time...

Anyways, I have to go cook some supper that they probably won't eat. The twins are the pickiest eaters. Kyla and Laken are awesome but the other two girls are the worst. Oh well, if they don't eat it, they don't eat!

I'll end with a pic of Laken, our wild child... Stop growing!

Until next time... (which won't be as long as the last, I promise... kind of...)

Saturday, January 05, 2013


Hey it's me again! I'm slowly making a come back into the blogging world. It's hard when I take photos on my phone and now the Blogger app changed and I don't want to write my whole blog on my phone, so i'm hoping this works...

I want to do a Christmas post but I want to do this post first because it's more exciting!
Dustin wrote his final on the 21st of December and we found out he PASSED!!! We are so excited. We have worked so hard to get here and it hasn't been easy! Dustin started his apprenticeship right when we had Kyla, almost 7 years ago... Crazy. He was in his first year of school when we found out we were expecting the twins. So we moved to Fort Mac! He had a great job opportunity and lived with Jill and Travis for a few months until we could apply for the low income housing here. We had the twins and Dustin got a job out on site as a second year. Our goal the next year was to get him through school again. Our goal was to do school twice in one year. Once in the spring and again in the fall. He made it through Spring and in the Fall he was registered but worried financially we couldn't do it again. I honestly didn't care how poor we were or behind on bills we were, he was doing school! And he did! So he was a 4th year! The next spring was our plan to get him back to get his ticket. Well that's when we found out I got pregnant with Laken... So school got put on hold since we couldn't afford to do both and I needed him around for the birth and in trade school you can only miss 3 days until they kick you out. Anyways that year passed and then we tried to register him again the next spring but they filled up so fast we couldn't get him in! So we registered for the fall and I didn't care what it took, he was finishing that school! He is always concerned about finances, so I booked myself solid for photos (which was a bad idea and I paid for later) but it did help financially. Anyways, while Dustin was in school, Jayci had her tonsils out, Kyla had a specialist appointment, I found out about my health issue (which i'll update on later), Halloween AND Christmas! I'd say we had a lot of obstacles to get here but he did it and we can FINALLY move on with our life! He can get a better job out on site and we can get a house this year and pay off a lot of things! It's crazy how long we have been talking about him and "WHEN he gets his ticket" and now he HAS IT!!

I can't imagine the pressure that's been lifted off his shoulders, even though he never says anything, I know he has been so stressed about providing for a family of 6. He has done great and worked so hard. I know he is going to do awesome in his career. He's been told on numerous occasions that when he has his ticket he'll do good things and the guys at work even joke how he's going to be their boss. He's such a people person and anyone who knows him, loves him. He doesn't have an enemy in the world and is nice to EVERYONE. He's such a great example. The girls adore him and are so excited when he gets to be home. They day he passed his test they surprised him at the door with a huge "CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!" Presley yelled "Happy New Year!" But close enough... 

Anyways, I wanted to document this huge accomplishment. Not many people can finish school with a family as big as ours and everything we've been through. I'm SO excited to see what this year brings for us!

We love you and are so proud of you!!