Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's all grown up

I decided to dedicate this post to my daughter and her ability to constantly amaze us! It started on January 1st, Dustin was in the kitchen cooking supper and I was sick on the couch (as usual.) Dustin and I got Kyla a potty for Christmas to start her interest in it, really not expecting anything to happen right away. Well I was in the bathroom and Kyla said "potty" well I figured why not give it a try. So I stripped her down and sat her on it, well she said "mommy out" over and over and started to push me out of the bathroom. So out I went, I guess she wants her privacy! Well I had to come lay down cuz I was so sick and I asked Dustin to check on her. He went in and she said "daddy out!" and pushed him out. So a couple minutes later Kyla came walking out of the bathroom saying "pee! pee!" Dustin went in and she did! She peed in her potty all by herself! Since then she has gone about 6-7 times, a couple she barely missed cuz she is so persistant on having us out and worries so much about making sure we are out. It's quite funny. Well she is now to the point where tonight she said "potty" and started to take her sleeper off. So I took her in, she said "mommy out," closed the door, and then she went! I am amazed at how easy this child is making it for us! I never expected it this early, but I will sure take it. The trouble during the day is I get so tired that sometimes my patience isn't very high to wait for her and make sure she doesn't pee all over. I think she is getting it though and the rest should be pretty easy...I hope. I think maybe she is such an easy girl so when we have these twins we won't know what hit us! She is also talking like crazy, and can pretty much say anything. The other day she all of the sudden started pernouncing her 's' and 'l' I have no idea how she does it, she just learns so fast and remembers EVERYTHING! She is so entertaining and I love to play with her cuz she is so smart and just so much fun. I can't wait for her to be our big helper when these babies come.
I have my first appointment since finding out we were having twins on Monday, so i'm excited and hopefully our ultrasound the same week. I'll keep you posted!

Here she is telling us to get out and trying to shut the door. So funny

She is saying "pee!" in this picture, and wanting to point to it.

Here's my big girl on her potty!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15 Weeks!

Well now that all of this has settled in I can start enjoying it. I am actually getting really excited! I am getting bigger everyday and it's so weird how fast I am growing, but it's all in my belly(well and boobs I guess!) So that's kind of exciting! I just can't wait to feel them move, which should be anyday now! I have been working out every other day, cuz I don't want to over do it seeing as I never worked out before I was pregnant. But I have a prenatal dvd and its so fun, i rotate the workouts from Salsa dance to Yoga and I always do the relaxation and labour prep. It makes me like working out, cuz I used to hate it. I am getting so excited to be done this pregnancy though. I used to think pregnancy was fun and cute, but not anymore! I'm thinking having 2 in 1 is a blessing so I don't have to get pregnant as many times! I think it's cuz this time i'm growing so quickly and already feel like i'm almost done... but I'm so not! The sickness has been bad, but getting better now thank goodness and I didn't get time to realize I was growing a tummy, it just came out of nowhere and I needed a new wardrobe! Thanks to sisters who lend me clothes that will work till i'm bigger. I realized none of my regular clothes will work as maternity, which is so weird. I bought a few things and I should be good for a couple months. I don't know how mig i'm going to be, it's all a mystery! I haven't even seen my new Doctor yet so I know nothing! I don't see her until Febuary 4th. I don't even have an ultrasound booked. I'm kind of glad I have a new doctor though cuz now I only have one. In High River there are 9! They rotate and you never know who you'll get and who is going to deliver you. I wasn't to fond of that in the first place. So this is nice and plus she's a girl! I'm just going to be patient!

Kyla has been such a good girl through all this. I am kind of negecting her on here but she has been so good. I know she is going to be the best big sister and she'll be such a big helper. She is learning so fast and talks so well now. She even peed in her new potty three times all by herself! She pushes us out of the bathroom and just goes! I am so lucky. I can't wait for these babies to come, it's going to be so amazing. A lot of work but i'm just going to enjoy it all!

Friday, January 04, 2008

What!? Are you sure?

Ok so we just recieved the biggest news ever! We went for our ultrasound yesterday and found out we are going to have twins!! I know, crazy!! I have to keep reminding myself this isn't a dream! It's funny though cuz we have been excited ever since we found out. It was one of the last things we ever expected, and we are still trying to process it! Our families are so excited, no one believed us when we told them and they all freaked out. I cried of course! Well we are planning on moving now cuz we cannot fit 5 of us in this tiny condo with 2 bedrooms. We are going to stay in Okotoks and hopefully in the ward too. So lets pray things work out the way they are supposed to! I'll probably be due in the end of June now since full term for twins is 37 weeks, and i'll be delivering in Calgary forsure. We wanted to deliver in High River because its smaller and they treat you a lot better and family can come. But since i'm now a high risk pregnancy they have to have a pediatrician there and High River doesn't have one. Oh well I think Calgary was pretty good when I had Kyla so we really don't care. Well no wonder i'm getting so big so fast! I think i'm more concerned of where these babies are going to fit in my belly?? We'll see... I'll never be the same!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Baby Francis #2!

Well it's true we are adding another child to our family! After 4 months of pregnancy tests and getting my hopes up, I figured this time i'm not going to think about it and when it is supposed to happen it'll happen. So I took the test early since I had a Dr's appointment the next day anyways and if it was positive I wouldn't have to make another appointment. (My Doctor takes forever to get into) Anyways I had Dustin look at the test and I really didn't think it was positive. He's like, "What is pregnant again?" I said "Two lines" so he smiled and slowly moved the box from on top of it to show me one line... then two! I was so excited because it's not what I thought at all! So we waited until Christmas to tell everyone so that all our family could be there and I could be 3 months already. Dustin wanted to wait this time, but it worked out perfectly. I am now almost 13 weeks and showing already! It was fun when we told cuz I had a tiny belly coming, we had to hide it for a week or so since I was showing already.
It's been fun but it's hard to enjoy it since I've been so sick. I am really hoping that it'll go away soon, i'm so worn out from puking and not being able to eat anything. I haven't gained any weight yet either, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing since you aren't really supposed to gain much in your frist trimester. But i've been puking so much so it's kind of hard to gain anything when you can't keep your food down! Poor Dustin has been so good helping me at home. My house hasn't been clean in about 6 weeks and making dinner is ancient history for me! Definately never eating spagetti or mixed veggies again!
Well we are due July 17th so far but we have an ultrasound on Thurs, the 3rd to confirm our dates so i'll let you know forsure. We aren't going to find out what we are having because I loved the feeling with Kyla when they told us when she was born. It was the most amazing feeling when they said, "It's a Girl!" I can definately wait for that moment again.

I will be way better at this blogging thing now that I realized how fast time goes being 3 months already! Here is a couple pictures of my newest bump!

This is 10 weeks

This is 12 weeks, yikes!

This was when we told the family, I love this picture