Thursday, December 06, 2012

Where have we been?

Hi!! I'm alive!
I don't even know where to start. I think I'm going to have to break this up into two or three posts!

To quickly summarize at why I suck so bad at blogging lately... I've been a single mom while Dustin's been in school since October 1st, running a photography business that was way too busy for me to handle, staying up till 1 and 2am editing, Jayci had her tonsils and adenoids out in Edmonton, Kyla had a specialist appointment in Edmonton, kids weekly activities, and dealing sick kids.... And so on.
So I'd say I don't get any extra time to blog anymore! I hate it because we've had so much going on and I haven't even been able to document it.

Let's start with Jayci's surgery. It went so well! It started out a little rocky at the beginning because the nurse decided to tell her everything that was going to happen... My kids are worriers so when it's something new you just do it, don't warn them, then it scares the crap out of them and they won't do it! So she was bawling to the point of not even getting into the hospital pj's or taking the Tylenol. I told the lady to stop talking about it to her and she insisted, but I was right. Duh, I'm only her mom...
After that we had to wait a bit until they called us in so we distracted her and took her to the gift shop and hung out with grandma and grandpa Francis who came up specially for her surgery so she was so excited about that!

Then it was time, only one of us was allowed to go in and she wanted Dustin, but he knew I was a nervous wreck and couldn't not go, so we convinced her to let me take her in.
It was the weirdest thing though. She sat on my lap and they said to hug her so her arm was hanging behind me and she jumped so I held her tight and looked and they were giving her the IV which they never mentioned. Anyways she was crying and they said to put her up on the bed so she was sitting and dangling her legs off the side. I noticed them giving her medicine in her IV and I asked what it was and they said it's the stuff that will put her to sleep. I was told it was a mask but ok, so then I asked how long it takes to kick in. The nurse was standing behind her and right then she fell backwards into her arms and she laid her down and they said right now! There she was out cold on the bed as honestly it was the weirdest thing seeing her like that. Then they said I could leave and I was all flustered and said it was crazy and started crying and they were walking me out! All of that in probably 5 minutes! It was a lot to take in especially since I was nervous for her.
So we waited and we went up to the room she was being brought too and after about 45 mins they brought her in. She was tired and actually not too bad. She did hurt pretty bad a couple times then she went to sleep for 4 hours! People stopped in to visit but she was out the entire time. After she woke up she was doing pretty good! We just had to make sure we kept the pain meds up.
I stayed the night in the awesome comfy hospital bed with the awesome pillow... Actually I hardly slept because she was hurting lots and had to pee lots from the IV. In the morning she was doing awesome! The doctor couldn't believe how good she was doing. He said her tonsils were blocking 90% of her airway! And her adenoids were huge. Thank goodness we got them out!
She got to eat pancakes that morning and ate them all! We bought her a ton of gifts. I spoiled her like crazy and don't care one bit! I'd say it's a good time to spoil your kid and she loved it!

So we got discharged and brought her home! The week after was pretty rough, she hurt a lot and we really had to keep up the Tylenol and Advil for pain but she wanted to get up and play all the time. I was paranoid because they said if she had any bleeding or complications to take her to emerg and they would fly her down. Which we didn't want at all. So i made her rest as much as I could. After that week she was doing awesome, her throat looked amazing and we took her for her follow up with our pediatrician here and she couldn't believe how healed she was already! I was so happy.
She lost some weight but at least she is all better now! I'm glad it's over and she we don't have to worry about her being sick all the time. She loves that she isn't sick anymore too. She always asked howcome Presley isn't sick all the time like she is. It was sad. So yay for being all better!!

These were all taken from my phone.

With Daddy after the nurse freaked the crap out of her.

With grandpa Francis before the surgery! I didn't get one on my phone with Grandma and Grandpa and I don't have time to load one with Laken freaking out wanting me to hold her (she's sick...)

With Mommy and Daddy before!

All ready to go it! I posted this on instagram and someone mentioned my hair, how it was pointless to wear the cap. I ASKED if I should put all my hair in! She said no. Just want to make that clear. ha

My baby girl right after surgery. She looked so peaceful.

All her gifts from mom, dad, and both grandparents.

Getting out of bed while we wait for the doctor to discharge us. 
She looks so dang cute in those hospital pj's. 

Going home!! yay!!

Ok that's all I have time for for today! But at least it's a start! I'm surprised i've survived these last 3 months. I can't wait for him to be done and he's worked so hard so i'm excited for him!! I'm excited for the future and what it holds for him. he's so successful and has so much potential that he'll do great things.

I'll be back with more later!!

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