Monday, May 31, 2010

Twins bday and family

Yay for family! They came! It was so weird having people stay at my house. People don't stay at my house. Ever. And it was also weird because we just kind of live our own separate life up here, so having people here wasn't the norm. It was so fun though and we did a lot actually. I took so many pictures. Seriously a lot. Like 400 a lot. So i'll have to narrow it down for you. There is a lot more on facebook, but these are the best of the bunch.
We borrowed some dirt bikes from a friend and took them out to show what fort mac is really about. It was my first time too. I was awesome. Actually I sucked, I'm not sure if I was meant to dirt bike, i'll just stick to quading.





Me and Dust

We also went out for dinner when they got here, since it was Steph's bday the next day and I didn't feel like cooking. So we just went to BP's since it's right behind our house.


mom and dad

Our little fam jam at the end of the table.


Mom, Steph and I

We had Jayci and Presley's birthday Party on the Saturday and Jill was nice enough to let us have it at her house.

My pretty Birthday girls!

Cutest little twins I ever did see.

All 3 of my beauties.

My gorgeous sister and I


Somethin kinda sexy right there.

All their presents. They fought over the Dora chairs, even though they are the EXACT same.


Dora Pinata! This thing was hard to break! Pure metal, I swear.
Presley takin a whack at it

Jayci putting her damage in.

Fighting over turns. Typical.

Destroying Dora. I think the kids were traumatized.

Jayci and Presley kept saying, "uh oh, Dora!"

so sad.

But so hilarious.

Bday cake!

Jayci blowing out her candles.
Presley wasn't too sure about it.

So Jayci helped her. and I don't think Presley liked that. (I mean just look at her face, pure sadness!)
So we did it again for Presley, so worth it. Cutest picture ever.

Mom wanted a family picture of us.
This was the best family shot, Presley did NOT want a picture.

The cause of all this.
I blame him.

Happy Birthday to my two little sweethearts!!
I love them to death.

The party was great. I was exhausted just after opening presents! Trying to get both of them to open together, and not run away, or look at the camera or to not fight over who gets what. Man. But my girls are funny like that. If they open something or remember wearing or having something first, it's theirs. And it is ALWAYS theirs. They have been like this for a couple months now. It started with the sippy cups at bed. Kyla always liked to give Presley the pink one and Jayci the green. And one night we did the opposite and they freaked. Same goes for their bears which are the exact same but one has a blue bow and one pink. And their clothes, if they remember wearing a shirt, then they get that one EVERY TIME. So they did the same with their gifts. My mom got outfits for them, one pink, one green. Then the next gifts were the matching shoes but we accidentally gave them the wrong color and tried to switch. That did not go over well. It's pretty crazy. They ALWAYS remember too. So if I forget, just ask them!

They are talking like crazy, I can't even make a list of words because they say everything and will copy anything you say. They know so much. They are very smart and remember everything. Presley loves to sing and Jayci loves to talk. They call each other "see-see" (Presley), and jeecee (jayci) but they sound so alike a lot of the time so they both call each other the same thing and it's kinda cute. Kyla is "Dyla" and they call their cousin Tobin, "Toby" I love it. They are pretty clear at talking too, they are putting two words together and sometimes three word sentences. I am LOVING this. I couldn't wait for this to happen. COMMUNICATION!! yes!

They still nap once a day right after lunch for about an hour and a half, and they talk and play in their beds until they pass out. They go to bed at 7:30, wake up at 6:30-7ish. They love snacks, and hate good meals I make. It sucks and I dread cooking a big meal. With Dustin not being home in time to eat it and knowing my girls won't touch it. Some days, well most days, I don't even bother. Simple and quick is my favorite.

They love to cuddle and be with me, or Dustin when he is home. I go upstairs, they follow. I watch tv, they are right beside me or ON me. I'm on the computer, they are right beside me or ON me. It's pretty funny, well sometimes anyways. I like my space and so my shower is my space. So I take a LONG shower.

They throw tantrums, and I just let them throw them. They do it to get attention and stare at me the whole time to see if i'll acknowledge it and I don't. If they need a time out, they get a time out. This happens a lot actually. All 3 of them usually end up on the bottom stair together. They are so ticked. It's actually amazing, they stay there! Kyla NEVER stayed in time outs. EVER. EVER!! It sucked. I had to lock her in her room until she calmed down. But these girls sit and don't move until I say. Then I say "ok go give "Kyla" or whoever, a hug," they'll go over and hug them. It's awesome.

They love to color, still. They actually don't color on the walls anymore. Thank goodness. So that keeps them happy while I do my stuff. They love to play together. They laugh and laugh. They are so tough too, they get hurt all the time and barely cry.

To sum these girls up, they are hilarious. I always told my mom how funny they were and they are just so hilarious to watch. Then they came and totally saw what I meant. They are so entertaining to watch.

Here is a couple videos to show you what I mean. They are like this ALL THE TIME. The first one is them just playing, like normal. The second they had this little doll hat on their heads and would make it fall off and were laughing so hard. My mom took both these videos, I need to invest in a video camera. Like yesterday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girls Trip!

I don't really have time to post this, but I have too. This was one of the most fun times i've had in a long time. It was fun to just be me, no kids, no husband, no worries. Not that I don't love being with my family, but sometimes you need to escape and it was heaven! I could just do what I want, when I want. It was great to be a girl again.

We got massages, shopped, ate out, shopped, hot tubbed, and shopped! It was seriously a blast. We were constantly laughing and made a ton of hilarious memories. I'll just post a few pics since there are lots and they pretty much speak for themselves about how much fun it was. But we are definitely doing this again in the fall. Can't wait!

Shopping and trying on clothes!

Moi, pants are a little long.

What's a girls trip without some bed jumping.

Hot Becky. Ha.

Eating out at The Melting Pot (a fondu restaurant). the first one in Canada It was over 3 hours long, but so good.

All 4 of us. Love these girls.
Nice Girls. I love it.

Pam and I

Just working it. These are definitely taken in the restaraunt.

Landon, he saved us from a flat tire. He said we made his day. We may have worked it a little to get faster service. It definitely worked!

Ikea! We wanted to get a live feel for the rooms.

Pam, in her livingroom. Just chillin.

Just watchin some hilarious tv on my couch, in heels. With tags on all my furniture.


Starbucks before home.

These are only and handful of many must see pictures but seriously, best trip ever. I wish I could redo everything because we had so much fun! LOVED IT!! and love these girls!!

Now to go get my house cleaned and ready for my parents to come on Thursday!! Busy girl I am.

Monday, May 17, 2010

yay for new stuff!!

This week has been kinda boring, kinda not.

First of all as I said in the last post our camera broke. We bought a Canon digital camera in the summer and on mothers day morning it wouldn't work. The lens would freeze when you opened and closed it, and it would only open half way or close a bit. Almost like it is jammed or stuck. Anyways so we might have to send it away to get fixed, IF they will even fix it or give us a new one. So with so much coming up in the next two weeks and I don't have time to wait for a new one, we went out to buy a camera on Saturday. We ended up buying a Canon Rebel XS. I LOVE it!! I always wanted a nice camera but I don't really need an awesome expensive professional one, so this one is perfect for me! I used to want the new Rebel T2I but I realized I don't need that kind. I'm not going to be one of those "self-proclaimed" photographers, like everyone else out there just because I have a nice camera and photoshop. I just want a nice camera to take great pictures of my kids. So this is perfect for me it's just a simplier version of the better ones. I wasn't sure if we should buy it but Dustin wanted to buy it for me because i've wanted one FOREVER. I think it's on my Christmas list every year and I constantly talk about how much I "need" one. He said it was a belated anniversary gift. Sooooo Happy!! So i've been playing with it and it's amazing how awesome the pictures are compared to our point and shoot other one. They are just so much clearer, it's great! Plus we got it on a wicked sale. So if you can't tell i'm SUPER EXCITED!!

Since the camera broke for Mothers day, I didn't get a picture with my girls so we went out to take one before church. We got this beautiful shot of us 4.


Kyla looking more grown up than ever. Don't ya think?
I love this picture of Jayci, she is just so pretty and has the biggest eyes. Even with the chocolate on the face.
Just some of the girls, which includes Dustin holding them in place.
Meh. It adds personality.
cute. cute. and cute!

Saved the best for last,
Jayci just eating some chocolate chips on a Sunday afternoon.


I have a big two weeks ahead of me. I'm going on a girls trip to Edmonton this weekend with 3 friends! Shopping, massages, eating, fun, and more shopping! I can't wait.
My parents are also coming up!!! I seriously am so excited! They have been here once in the 2 years we have lived here. Well my mom and sisters did come up when Presley had meningitis when she was 10 weeks old. They stayed with the girls at our house for a couple days while I lived at the hospital and Dustin had to work. I don't count that, since it was not a fun time and I barely got to see them with all the chaos of nursing twins with one in the hospital and finding help for when they left since I was in the hospital with her for 10 days etc. That was a hard time.
So they are coming for Jayci and Presley's birthday and just because it's time! I can't wait! I miss them! So lots coming up! Way exciting!!
I'm also thinking a makeover is in need. I told Dustin I know what's wrong with me, because i've been thinking how blah I look.
He said what?
I said My hair is the same color of my face.
He didn't get it. He said, who thinks of that??
I said I do, cause it makes sense.
So maybe a change will be coming soon for me. Being summer and all. I don't know what yet, but we shall see. Change is good and i'm always changing!