Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Santa

I'm so proud of myself how on top of things I am this year. I already had the girls write and mail out their Santa letters and it's not even December. ha.

Kyla asked for the leapfrog leap pad, which originally was an iphone but we said um, no. So then she saw the leap pad on and asked what it was and she was set on it. So we'll see if Santa can find one that isn't sold out! She also wants a make up set, which originally was a vanity but we talked about it and she doesn't really have room for a vanity so just a make up set with a mirror will be great. And then of course a Snow White princess dress.

Jayci asked for an Angry Birds "stumpy" (they always call little stuffed animals, stumpys, ha), so funny. They both saw them in a flyer and wanted them so bad, it even made the Santa letter! She also wanted a Cinderella or no, Sleeping beauty princess dress and new princess dolls. She couldn't make up her mind. I even had to fix it on her letter. (Picture down below) But yay more princess dolls! So they can fight over them more...

Presley was pretty much the same thing as Jayci but a Belle princess dress.

Laken didn't write a letter obviously but she wants some toys and clothes. She told me.

So I actually have them almost all done! That's right we bought stuff!! I was so excited! I also had Jill pick up a few things in Edmonton for me and have a few people looking around for a specific "out of stock everywhere" gift! This weekend I will go get Dustin's stuff, he is easy this year thank goodness. I did plan it out a while ago so that helped.

I had a hard time coming up with stuff for me but I finally dug deep and came up with some things. Mainly clothes as always... accessories and some other random stuff like a house and boots.


Loving Presley's (in pink) bed head from the morning sticking straight out. These were taken at 5pm...
I may not brush my girls hair everyday but we do write Santa letters! 
What do you think they'll remember when they are older?? I'll answer that, for sure the letters.

 This picture is my favorite. Jayci (left) accidentally bumped Presley and this was her scolding her for it. "Jayci, you just bumped me, don't do that again." Hilarious.

And we can't forget Laken! She can bounce the crap out of her jolly jumper. She loves it.

And tell me she isn't the cutest? This hat is my fav, it's one of 4 my friend Alison made her. I am in love with it! Oh and the baby too!

Today is a sick day for me. Actually day 2. Not sure what I have, just feel weak and achy and gross. Oh well, the girls let me sleep in and they even cleaned the living room for me! They really are amazing girls, most days. ha. I love em.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


As amazing as my life is, it's a lot of work. These are a few struggles i've been trying to cope with lately.

My 3 older girls fight a lot. It drives me crazy! Like I really am going crazy. I seriously need a whistle because I feel like a referee all day and it's EXHAUSTING. I'm starting to feel like the worst mom alive because I feel like i'm ALWAYS getting mad at someone, or yelling so loud just to be heard! You know what I mean if we've talked on the phone...

My husband works a retarded shift, 11 on, 3 off. Yup worse than the 10 and 4 he was on before. Luckily it's only days, but it's a lot. I'm pretty used to it now though. I go to church every other week by myself with the girls, and ballet with all of them. Both are early mornings and now that it's winter, it's more fun.... Get up early and shower (in order to even wake myself up), get everyone dressed (they are the slowest children in the world I think!), get myself ready, get their hair done, pack diaper bag, feed them, start van, bundle them all up, haul them all out to the van, crawl in and buckle the twins in, get into the drivers seat and BREATHE. ugh. I think that's the hardest part about going anywhere. This winter is going to be hard.

I live in a small townhouse that we grew out of a long time ago. I would drive myself crazy if I thought about this too much. Hence the husband working a lot. I hate complaining about this because i'm so grateful to have a home, but I want a home I can love and decorate and paint! I'm hoping next year this will happen. :)

I have a 5 year old going on 14, as awesome as she is, she has this little attitude coming out and i'm terrified!! I was pretty sure the toddler years were the hardest, but now i'm not so sure.

Anyways, my point is. Life is not perfect and these are only a few things I deal with on a daily basis. I had to adjust to being a mom of 4 before I was ready and it's not easy. I'm so blessed. SO blessed. But it's hard. I completely understand why people say being a mom is the hardest job in the world. It's emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting.
Am I discipling this right? Then I need to stay on top of the discipline (you give em an inch they take a mile), then I feel like i'm too hard and not being a loving mom, so I do something such as surprise them and make them playdo and they fight over what color to make it! It's a crazy circle and some days I wonder how i'll make it through. We do have awesome days and have so much fun, we are such a happy family and I love us so much. I have the worlds most patient husband. I would love to hear what goes on in his head some days because I feel like I can be a challenging wife who complains a lot.
I'm grateful for my sisters who listen to me vent pretty much every day. I've been blessed with an amazing friend who has been through everything i'm going through and I swear without her support i'd be way worse off right now than I am.

I didn't want this to be a "poor me" post but I needed to write it out. When I feel something, I write about it.
I'm done. :)

I made pumpkin cookies today for the first time from a recipe I pinned on pinterest and i've been wanting to try them for a while. They are awesome. All 75 of them!! Who knew one recipe could make that many FREAKING cookies! Hilarious.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Activities

I still haven't bought one gift yet. Not ONE! Thank goodness Dust and I are going shopping tonight! I was beginning to get a little nervous. I do have lists of what i'm getting everyone but now I have to actually go get them! Anyways...

I have been wanting to do some Christmas countdown activities with the girls this year now that they are old enough to enjoy them. Thanks to a few pins on pinterest and some traditions we have always done I came up with our own list of what we are going to do. I figured i'd post this now BEFORE December starts. Look at me being a good mom and not procrastinating until the last day. I have 5 days.
These are in no special order.

1. Leave a surprise on someones doorstep
2. Watch The Grinch
3. Drink Hot chocolate
4. Read a Christmas Story
5. Ward Christmas party
6. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
7. Bake cookies and give some away
8. Make playdo snowmen
9. Have a candle light dinner
10. Make paper snowflakes
11. Dance to Christmas music
12. Do a Christmas craft
13. Wrap presents
14. Go see Santa
15. Make a gingerbread house
16. Go sledding
17. Build a snowman
18. Make ornaments (I found this easy and cute recipe for handprint ornaments here)
19. Make Teachers Gifts
20. Go sibling Christmas shopping
21. Act out the Nativity
22. Read the Night before Christmas
23. Write Santa letters
24. Decorate the tree and house
25. Go on a sleigh ride

So a couple of these we have already done but we are going to my sisters for Christmas so i'm sure we'll be busy doing activities everyday for the week. I can't wait!! I'm so excited to see all my sisters again, it's been too long. Why do we have to live so far from each other?!

Is there any on my list I missed that you do with your kids? I'd love more ideas! :)
I also need more ideas for the twins for Christmas, what should I get them??

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's move on!

Well that was fun. I love how many awesome people I have met who read my blog in the last few days and I have the best friends and people in my life! I love love hearing who reads my crazy blog! So at least a lot of good came out of that day! You guys are all the best. For real.
I don't believe it deserves any more attention from me.

So, let's move on.

We finally set up my new BLACK tree! Yup, black. I seriously wasn't feeling the "Let's set up the tree!" thing. So I decided I wanted to do a smaller tree this year since we are leaving for a few weeks at Christmas. So I found a 5 ft black tree and it was love at first sight. I love things a little different than the norm. My mother in law hated it, ha. She said she remembers when all the colored trees were so tacky and nowadays they are the "cool" thing. I loved it! It's classy looking and the perfect height for our smaller place! My girls loved it at first, but then Kyla was saying, "mom I want a huge tree!" Some day Kyla, some day. Deal with it. That's what I tell myself anyways.
So here we are! Decorating our tree!

 K funny story. The twins are into this thing where they look at me and say, "mom! Look at my cute smile!" And this is the smile I get. It's hilarious. No idea where they got that from. So funny.

These next few weeks are going to be BUSY. I'm in charge of a huge craft for our Christmas Enrichment night on the 1st. I'm teaching everyone how to make my wood letters! I'm going to post a tutorial in the next week for all my awesome friends so you can make your own! I still get people with orders and I don't think i'll ever go back to it. So stock up on your letters and cute scrapbook paper!
I'm also in charge of the ward Christmas party decorations for the 10th of December. phew! Any ideas would be great! Hook. me. up.

Ps: Can someone please tell my husband how NOT hot he is. I'm hoping the less attention I give it, the sooner it will go away. Cross my fingers it works. He was mad I made him shave it on the 6th for family pics for our Christmas cards, so now he says he is growing it until the 6th of December or longer. Hideous.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mean People Suck!

It's really interesting how many different people there are in the world and sometimes they never cease to amaze me!
This is my blog, I can write whatever I want about anything. Seriously people must really hate their own lives or something. I dunno, you tell me. Last time I deleted it because I was devastated and I hate mean people, but this time i'm just trying to laugh at it! Plus last time everyone told me to keep it on, so this time I did!

Someone wrote a comment on my last post and it was down right, well bitchy.  I wish I knew who she was. So rude. It also bothers me because she really has no idea what kind of person I am. Like I would ever really take credit for those dumb things. Goodness. Ok i'm going to get myself all worked up. But I thought i'd share with all my "real" friends who read my blog.
ps: I don't wear bronzer and the only sun I ever get was the handful of times I went to the spray park with my kids, in the summer. Hilarious.
Anyways, people have no life. Bothers me a bit. It's reasons like this I want to go private, plus lately I feel like no one is reading this so why have it public. It's hard not to get down on yourself when someone puts you down that bad...

Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm smart

I'm pretty sure i'm half genius or something.
I come up with all these ideas in my head and then realize they have already been thought of AFTER I think of them! Such as cell phones that you talk to and it'll text what you say! Seriously earlier this year I thought of it! Now I have that exact phone. weird.

I do have dreams that come true too. Dustin thinks i'm a freak. For example the other day I had a insanely real dream that we missed swimming lessons and I was mad because it was their second last lesson etc. Well I woke up that morning got everyone ready by myself and in the car, started to drive and had a flat tire! Completely flat. Well lessons are downtown and only half hour. There was no way we were making it. So we missed it and I had the same feeling of "well this sucks"! Weird eh? I have dreamed of people that I have never met but then will meet them later, like months later etc. I get a lot of dejavu and majority of it is from a dream I had! Like moving here and stuff like that. Don't judge me. ha

Ok onto why i'm brilliant.

I've been really into the leg warmers so I got some for my bday and I love to wear them under my boots. So we had family pics for our Christmas cards and I couldn't  find the right color I wanted. I was sitting at my vanity getting ready and I thought, why don't I just cut off the sleeves of a sweater and use them as leg warmers! Dustin had the perfect one that he never wears, so i did it! I felt so smart and proud of myself. I never did any resewing on them yet but I didn't care because the fatter part was at the bottom of the boot anyways and I wanted them looser fitting. I'm going to go through our closet and find more! If I use one of my shirts they could be more fitted etc. So then a couple days ago i'm on pinterest and saw tutorials for doing that exact thing! Well the ones are there are all fancied up with buttons/lace etc. I made mine to make do for pics! Dustin was glad they were free.
So here is a pic of the sweater before (but you can see where I cut because I never took a real before picture) and then here is our family pic of me wearing them!

Cute huh? I love myself sometimes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random phone pics

So here are a bunch of random pictures from my iPhone. I am loving how convenient this thing is!

Mom bought the same boots and me but in the darker brown. I should probably get both colors. I love them both.
And since I can't figure out how to comment in between the pics, i'll write about them here!
Laken is 7 months! That pic was the day she turned 7 months old! She's getting so big. Love her.
The next one might be my new favorite pic. Kyla pushed Laken's highchair to the window to show her the snow we got last night. So cute.
Next, was morning snuggles from my 3 girls, I couldn't get out of bed that morning! I could sleep all day, i'm pretty sure of it.
The next few are self explanatory.
I wanted to share Kyla's class pic. So funny. She said the cutest people got to sit in the middle... love her. and I definitely agree Kyla ;)
So Kind of annoying I can't type anywhere other than here but you get the idea. I am a fan of random pics in posts, so enjoy. :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

My family!

I decided to actually follow through with the idea of doing Christmas cards this year. The past years the thought was there...
So I asked Jill to take a couple family pics of us yesterday since our last one was 6 months ago and when you have a baby they change so quickly! It was really cold out for the kids but they did so good and we snapped a million. I took some for her also. I wish I would have realized the time change and gone a little earlier for lighting because most of them came out a little blurry. Oh well, good enough for a Christmas card and I love them anyways!

I have the cutest family, and realized how big it actually is when I looked at these!
What do you think, should we have one more baby?! (ha, I can't wait to see Dustin's reaction when he reads that, but he probably never will since he never goes on here!) 
PS: I always think i'm pregnant. BUT do you blame me?? I'm a little paranoid now. Look at my track record... ha

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween Part 2- Pure Cuteness!

If you missed part one, it's just under this post!

Get ready for an explosion of cute kids! I am so glad I took the time out of my insane day to take these because none of our trick or treating ones were good. The kids looked adorable! I love Halloween if you can't tell.