Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Ok I did it. The Christmas post. Short and sweet. Sort of.

I never thought Christmas could be so laid back and easy! This year was just that. I never stressed about gifts at all, or meals (thanks to an awesome sister in law) and we just enjoyed every minute of it! It was just us this year and I was nervous being our first time but it was great! I love that the girls are at the age of understanding everything and we have our own little family unit to enjoy holidays with, it makes me feel so grown up. So we loved it!

We spent Christmas Eve at Jill and Travis's having their annual Christmas fondu and did all the Christmas eve festivities there, such as the nativity, pj's, a candy cane reindeer craft, and watched the cartoon nativity after acting it out.

The Nativity

Making candy cane reindeer

The kids in their pjs

Our fam in our pj's

When we got home we put out milk and cookies, Kyla wanted to put eggnog out instead of milk. I think Santa was happy about that decision, but I had to have her cut down the amount of cookies she chose (6) to three, which I think Santa was also grateful for!
The girls got "reindeer food" from Nursery, so we let them put it all over the front yard for them to see to find our house on Christmas eve. Jayci was passed out when we got home and wouldn't wake up so she got to go straight to bed, but Kyla and Presley got to do it and they loved it.

Then we came home and had Christmas morning at our house with just us. The girls were nice enough to let us sleep until 6:30 but we had to wait for Jayci to wake up so it was around 7am when we got down to open presents. The girls would open a gift and then say "more presents!"

With their Santa gifts
Kyla got her Dora guitar (probably the most annoying toy and the twins play with it more than she does!) the little girls got Dora dolls.

The girls damage after. The girls got way spoiled of course.
Notice the fight breaking out already over toys. Good thing she had one exactly like it that still had to be set up. We were prepared for all fights!

Kyla got a leapster Explorer game thing which she is addicted too, a paint easel, a cd player for her room, and some other random things
The little girls got pretty much the same thing. They got leapfrog reading pens and books, Dora lego sets, and a ton of other stuff to the both of them or all of them, like playdo ice cream set, dora bath toy thing, books, princess stuff and other things I can't think of.
Grandma Francis got the girls a princess castle which they love and soe big foam princess puzzle pieces for the floor. They love them.
I got an ipod, ya i've never owned one so I thought it was great! A jewelry box FINALLY, some needed clothes, new boots, jewlery and other odd things here and there.
Dust got his ipod dock, a skeet shooter (ever boy needs a toy right?) and I got him the game Taboo which we both have wanted to buy forever but never do, and some clothes.

Kyla loves her painting easel.

So we then headed over to Jill and Travis's again for Christmas dinner. Thank goodness I have a sister in law who loves to cook eh? We had Turkey and everything that goes with it. The kids just played with all the new toys and Kyla and Emma sat beside each other playing their computers the entire time. Emma got the same one for Christmas, so that's all they did. Nothing like spending good quality cousin time together.

Getting ready to eat.

Some hotties

Our fam on Christmas day!

We got Grandma and Grandpa Petersen's and Purnells gifts a little late so we got to have 2 Christmas mornings. The girls got spoiled forsure. Kyla got a Hannah Montana blanket she is obsessed with, and princess stuff, and the twins got new bears, and well everything else in the picture you can see, which is a lot. Thanks for all your gifts!

In our family we use boxes from our pantry or wherever to put gifts in to wrap them, and everytime Jayci and Presley would take off the paper they would say, "food!" or "red box!", and walk away. Who knew granola bars and a red box would be enough for them. I'll keep that in mind for next year.

This was the "red box!" face!

Christmas was a hit, and so much fun. Oh wait I forgot one thing. The reason we took it easy on each other this year was because we got a new tv! It was more Dustin's thing, he's been wanting one forever! So he hit up the boxing day sales and scored pretty dang good. It's a 42" which is way more than what we need in our place, so we love it! He also got a new stand that was 50% off the same day. I also sold our old tv and stand on kijiji within 30 minutes of posting it that same day! That's including them picking it up! Score!

It's looks tiny next to Dustin eh?
Everything looks tiny next to Dustin though...

Oh and i'm 24 weeks prego. Guess it's about that time for a little post on that. Holy time is FLYING! Way too fast.
I'm feeling great! Nothing too exciting is going on, it's been forever since i've been to the doctor. because I was so sick for my last appointment which I booked later than I was supposed too and they were booked until mid Jan after that one, so that's my next appt. I'm counting down the weeks and it is not enough to prepare for a 4th child! I'm kind of freaking out. The good news is we do have everything we need. Just clothes if it pops out a boy, and to organizing everything that we do have. Other than that, we are set.

Here's my belly last week. Yes I know i'm big, but I don't care. I don't really care about how "fat" I am or am getting. I'm embracing my curves, after all this might be the last time and I want to enjoy all of it and make the best of it. I think i've finally accepted i'm pregnant.
Besides this is nothing compared to twins!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a has a Happy New year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear Santa

We finally wrote out the girls Santa letters the other day, and i'm hoping we will get the return ones before Christmas. If not i'll have to figure something out!

The little girls of course had to have me draw Dora and Boots, and they are obsessed with the Disney princesses lately so I added that to their list.

Kyla asked for a computer, Dora guitar and rainbow color (paints) I actually have no idea what the rainbow paints are, she just wants them because Emma asked for that. I guess I should find out what they are!

I am loving this posing stage Jayci and Presley are going through. They actually make decent pictures, and are so dang cute. So the other day I got a few randoms of them.

Jayci white, Presley pink

The signature "head tilt"
Now I have to get one of the 3 of them doing it.

I was hit with some sort of flu bug yesterday but I woke up at 5am throwing up, and was non stop all morning. It definitely wasn't morning sickness, this was way worse than anything i've had this entire pregnancy. Dustin stayed home thank goodness and I slept ALL day. I couldn't keep anything down, but that's the only symptom I had. I felt disgusting but didn't have a fever or chills, I just couldn't move. I'm doing way better today and can actually eat a little and drink some fluids, i'm hoping no one else catches in in our house before Christmas!

ps: I am so not ready for Christmas.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Christmas fun!

Lots has happened this last week, I just haven't felt like blogging, but before I get too behind I better do it.

First of all, it's freakin cold outside! (feels like -27C today they said, and supposed to be colder this weekend, but then it goes back to what it has been) I think every year people forget how to drive on icy roads! I almost got rear ended and saw the truck swerve into the oncoming lane all the way across so they wouldn't hit me. I had to slam on my breaks because the guy in front of me pulled over to turn and at the last second changed his mind and swerved back in front of me. Loser. Anyways, in other words I hate driving on icy roads and it's ridiculously cold!

So we had our ward Christmas party last Friday and the kids had a great time. I made our gingerbread house with the girls that day for it and I have never been so stressed in my life over building a gingerbread house! It kept falling apart because the icing wouldn't hold. So I had to hold it together carefully because it was covered in icing while the girls decorated. I ended up putting it in the fridge and it stayed together finally. Anyways so we won "most fanciful" for ours. The girls loved it!

Oh and check out the twins new "cheese" smile. So funny.

Our Disney princess castle!

So after the party Dustin carried it out and some boys were playing basketball and the ball ended up smashing right ontop of our gingerbread house breaking it into a bunch of pieces! I was devastated. That thing took me a lot of work! The one boy was laughing saying "oh that was such a good shot!" I'm like, "it's not funny" and another lady was like "ya it's not funny" I tried to be ok with it but all I could think of is how Kyla would react and I didn't appreciate the kid laughing his head off. I felt so bad for the girls cuz it broke. Anyways I told her and she asked "well can I still eat it?" I said "yes of course" so she was happy with that. So whatever, it was all good in the end. I'm a little hormonal too, so don't mess with me and my gingerbread house!

Those who are wondering, I got the gingerbread house at wal-mart, I saw it and it was fate. I had to get it!

They had games at the party, and they played donut on a string. Kyla did good but after all the cheering she got embarrassed and started crying. She has a thing lately about all the attention on her and the laughing. Although she loves to speak in primary up front and was so excited for the primary presentation. So i've kind of nailed it to the laughing thing, and I think she thinks we are laughing AT her not with her in a good way. So we have to be careful with that lately, she's a sensitive girl.

Pin the nose on the reindeer, I either have a genius on my hands or she could see...

Do you like Rudolf? I drew it, thank you very much. Kyla said that's how she knew where the nose was, because I drew it.

I'm assuming this was snow balls, and they had to pick them up with the spoons and put them in a bowl. The little girls loved it.

Somehow I added these next few but they didn't work on the post and I just realized they weren't there, so these are more from the party of the girls just doin stuff.

The twins playing donut on a string, it was hilarious. I love how Presley was all embarassed, you can see it on her face and Jayci just grabbed it and shoved it in.

And this was the best picture of the 3 of them I got the whole night.

I know I can always count on a cute picture from her though!

Kyla had her school Christmas concert last night and it was the cutest thing ever! They had to wear a toque and scarf for it and they sang 3 songs. She looked so cute. Jill got it on video so i'll post it when I get it from her. I'm glad I wasn't the only freak mom in the aisle getting pictures. This one mom right in front kept standing up waving hugely, yelling at her kid to get them to see her. It was hilarious. Her kid must have been the one screaming the songs the entire time... ha

My little beauty

Emma and Kyla, the cutest 4 years olds around.

Singin her stuff

Making crafts in her class after.

She loved it, but she was so exhausted after. That's what happens when you get up at 5am dear!

I'd hate to ruin this post of beautiful-ness but I must share what my husband had to do this week, because the guys from work "told him too".

I made him shave it before Kyla's concert. I definitely wear the pants when it come to this hideousness.