Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Naps are over rated

Just ask Presley and Jayci,

They missed their nap today because we went to my friend Becky's for lunch and ended up staying until 5, just visiting and hanging out. Got home, ate waffles (which they thought I was awesome for), and then made themselves comfortable on the floor and instantly passed out.

I woke Jayci up and within seconds she was here....

They are dead to the world, and now they are in bed at it's only 6. Lets hope they last the night!

It's good to know they still need their nap though!

Monday, July 26, 2010

need some advice

I'm not too sure what to do here. A little help?? please!!!

The girls are hating wearing diapers as I said in the previous post, and they take them off if there is any pee in them and actually take them off no matter what all the time. They hate it when they do have pee in them and tell me every time and take them off and don't want a new one on.

SO now how do I get them to go on the potty? They don't want to sit on it for more than 5 seconds and they don't quite get the bribe thing and I think it'll cause more tantrums than anything because they'll want more and more of whatever the bribe is and won't understand. They didn't quite get the sticker thing so I assume if I get "treats" or anything it'll be the same thing or worse. It just seems like more work for me, with these girls. So what do I do to get them to go on the actual potty instead of peeing all over my house like a bunch of animals?? I feel like we're caught in the middle, I know we've made progress with the no diaper thing etc, but that's it and I don't want to go backwards and forget it. Kyla was so easy and trained in a day with no accidents.....so this is all new, and with two. I don't know if they can quite feel the sensation and run to the potty but who knows. Anyways, some advice? I know it's twins and it's different but not really.

Good thing I have a steam cleaner on hand!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Good kids or lazy mom.

So I have amazing kids.

Really I do. They are super independent and when you have more than one child they keep each other occupied and play together which I love. Sometimes it turns into fighting and that's not the best but you know what I mean. So being summer and all I am loving this warm weather and enjoying as much as I can, by keeping myself couped up in our small house... Ok maybe not all the time but this week I have been and I hate it! I need to get out and do stuff, so I decided to start going to the park by myself with just the kids, which is huge for me. My kids love the park and don't want to leave and sometimes there are tantrums and i'm dragging both twins out of there, which isn't so fun for me. So I kinda dread the park. I love when people are there though because the kids just play. But our van tire got a nail in it a couple days ago and I don't really feel like going downtown and getting it fixed yet. I'm gonna call today and get an appointment and get it fixed tomorrow. So this week we've spent a lot of time in the backyard and i've been working on my tan in my swimsuit. I think the sweeper boys in the parking lot enjoyed it yesterday. They kinda came out of nowhere and just so happened to sweep the same spot for 20 minutes right in line sight with me. I got a kick out of it though. Speaking of being attractive, Just kidding. But no really. We had to get our furnaces all cleaned out by a company, full of men. They came to my house over a week ago and the main guy has stopped by 4 times since then. 4 times! Not obvious at all. He seems to come up with these "furnace" reasons too. Like I really care how a thermal set up works. BUT We have had some MAJOR bills these last two winters and he said a lot of people have been saying the same things so he so kindly "had" to find out why since he studied them back home. Anyways so he's been back here telling me all this new info. (Like our bills are insane, like $800 insane when it's super cold) ya I know. I've tried looking into it a lot. My energy company said we use the same amount of electricity as a large farm! Retarded right? So he told me that I just shouldn't turn it up more than 22-23 in the winter or else the auxiliary will kick in and so two things are running and it will jack my bill.... or something like that. Anyways so I figured on average our heat is at 73ish, yes it's in Fahrenheit, not sure why but don't worry my "furnace man" will look into it for me. He said so the last time he came, which was yesterday. Anyways so that converts to 22C. So who knows whats going on but it's retarded and we pretty much have to save up for our heat bills in the winter.

Dustin asks me everyday, so did the furnace guy stop by and I laugh since it was like a week since he came last and then he showed up the next day. I guess this is what stay at home moms do? just kidding. But it's funny.

Anyways that is not what I planned on blogging about, but it just kinda came out.

Getting back to what I was saying. Not that it makes much sense. But i've been super bored this week. Got me thinking. When moms aren't cleaning, taking care of the kids or cooking, what do we do? Seriously. Ya I could do a project, but no I don't really care to pull out crafts lately, no desire at all. I could read, wait I did do that. I read 8 books in 2 weeks. So that shows that either A, i'm lazy, or B, I have really good kids and can clean really fast. I'll answer that for you so you don't get the wrong idea, it's B. Well, "some" days maybe A.

I don't have kids in activities yet, or school, so it's not like my schedule is full of anything major. Dustin is working lots because he starts school on August 30th again. We aren't taking holidays so I have nothing to look forward too, which is fine because we knew this year would be like this with him in school twice. Everyone else I know is ON holidays so not much is going on around this happenin town.

I am still a busy mom with these little girls. More mentally than anything. Kyla wears me out just herself with all her questions and talking and if you don't answer right away she keeps saying it over and over and louder each time until you devoted all your attention to what she is saying. I love her and her smartness but she wears my brain out. I love the stage these girls are at too because they are out of the mischievous stage and just like to play with each other, dance a lot, and love their movies. They also love to read books, color (not on walls thank goodness anymore, you were all right when you said soon that stage will be over, and i'm happy it is) and I bought these flash cards with colors, and shapes etc so we've been going over them. Kyla knew all her shapes, colors and could count to 10 at this age. So I am pushing them to learn them. Just kidding. They love them though.

We've also been working on the potty thing. Here's a little update. I didn't want to worry about pushing them to be trained in a few days, I just wanted to see how they would react first, kinda feel it out. They love their potty's, hate being in diapers, and have had A LOT of accidents. Not once have we hit the potty. So now I just have to try getting them to sit on the potty for more than 2 minutes. I'm not sure if they quite get "that sensation" of having to go. So we'll see. I don't want to be too lenient now that we've started so i'll try a little more in the next few days and see what comes of it. In the meantime they have been bottomless, a lot.n Pull ups I think are ridiculous because to them they feel the same as diapers and honestly I don't see how they are different from diapers other than you can pull them up and down. My girls could care less about them being different. Plus they are so expensive. So I hate potty training and I need to dedicate myself a little more if I want to get it done and I know that. It IS a lot of work, and with two they influence each other. So if one says no, so does the other one. That sucks.
So we'll keep at 'er.

Sorry no pics, our camera battery died and I haven't charged it yet because i've been so busy, doing nothing. Besides there is not much to take pictures of, our life is pretty low key, or boring in other words, right now. Nothing amazing happening. Give me a few weeks i'll see if I can cause some drama around here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The circus!

Not very many fun things come up here, so as soon as I knew the circus was coming we were going. Dustin and I were excited since it's been a long time sine we've been to a circus. We decided to stop by at 5 at the doors to see if people were there or not, tickets started selling at 5:30, and the show was at 6:30. We were going to go eat before going to get tickets. We pulled up and there was already a huge line so I jumped out and told Dustin to go feed the kids and i'll get tickets. So off he went. I called Jill and said, get your butt down here, now. Within minutes the line was massive! Good thing I jumped out of the van when I did, and Jill made it just in time. Seriously, it was chaos. People were butting (sp??) in line like crazy and there was a massive ant hill right where I was AFTER buying the tickets, because they made us wait in another line to actually get in the doors. Luckily I knew someone at the front and they were so kind to let us go in with them, since I already had tickets, I just didn't want to stand in the massive ant hill, or by really cranky people.
Poor Dustin had to park a mile away and walk with all 3 kids. But we made it. It was so friggin hot in there, Dustin and I were dying. But, the kids loved it. Other than a snow cone spill....everywhere, and sweating to death, and the chaos, it was good. The show wasn't THE greatest. There were a couple things I thought were cool but other than that, meh. At least the kids loved it, that's all that matters.

Presley looks enthused

She enjoyed every minute
Jayci just wouldn't look at the camera

The bears, not the best picture but Dustin loved it.

Emma and Kyla were so excited

The fam


Glow things, that make hideous music.

Funny story. We went to a bday party a while ago and in the treat bags were these Minnie mouse cell phones, and they sang this really weird, really annoying song in some other language. One morning Dustin and I were sleeping and all 3 kids came in with these phones just blaring! They were so loud too! So hideous. I ended up throwing them out. Anyways after we came out of the circus and were in the van, the girls flipped the music switch and Dustin and I looked at each other and I was like, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" it was the same stupid song! In the arena we couldn't hear the song, just ugly music. Great job DUST! If you take out the batteries they don't light up either. Lets hope I don't go insane.

Jill and Travis with the kiddos

This was my favorite thing. This guy was pretty good.

To sum up the night I would say it was, crazy. But the kids loved it. I love it when we can get them out and do something fun and different. Dustin's 4 days off are this weekend and I can't wait. These last 10 days working felt like forever! They were so boring. All i've been doing is reading and working on my lesson, and cleaning a lot. We have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. Should be awesome.

Have a good day my friends and blog stalkers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Am I crazy?

Potty training + Twins = Disaster

Right?? Thats what I think anyways. Jayci and Presley have really shown an interest in the potty in the last month and I thought....maybe I should start training them? So I tried, I took all their bottoms off and just let them run around naked for a bit, (maybe an hour or two). Jayci ended up peeing on the floor, then it was nap time so I had to put diapers on and I gave up. I knew I needed A LOT more motivation than that. So this last 2 weeks, they have told me everytime they pee or poop, and say "me poopy" over and over until I change them. They hate having wet diapers and want to be changed right away. So I read online today about potty training and it talked about how not to ignore the signs and that's a big one when they are telling you they need to be changed.

I'm thinking, how crazy am I? I wanted to wait a while before even trying because i'm terrified. But could you imagine how much money we would save on diapers!? So the girls and I took a trip to Wal-mart this morning. We got them their own potty's, since they would fight over Kyla's old one and it's big and I can't buy one of them a new one and the other one get the old one, the fights won't be worth it. I also got this awesome little potty training set up with stickers and everything, some pull-ups (included in the set), and even some panties. They love it. I don't want to push to hard, if they aren't ready that's ok with me! I'm so nervous. After having some MAJOR MAJOR issues with Kyla, which are still going on with her bowel movements/constipation, i'm dreading the same problems with them.

So wish me luck and we'll see how this goes! By the way we figured out how much money we've spent on diapers since they were born and it's about $1500-$2000. Almost makes you want twins eh?? (That's not including the pull-ups for Kyla with her issues, which I can't bring myself to post about because I want to cry when I really think about it)

Here are the girls with their new pottys! If I was a good mom I would have gotten them the Dora ones, but at $25 each...no. These are small too, so they'll both fit in our bathroom.

here's the set I got them, it's made by Pull-ups and it was in the infant section. What a great idea!

There's a sticker chart and stickers, and pullups all included.

Well i'll keep you posted. I still think i'm crazy for even trying. Especially since Jayci just peed on my feet...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

July 1st week/ weekend

Ok this is a huge post, what else in new though? So enjoy!

Last week Dustin's sister Jody, her husband, and two kids came up to visit. It was great to see them for the time we did. Dustin had to work most the time but we made it work. Kyla idols Haley and they had a great time together along with Emma of course.

All the cousins together for the first time ever.

Front row: Jayci, Kyla, Emma, Presley

Back row: Haley, Esiah, Tobin (check out how Tobin is just chillin)

Typical Kyla and Emma

Can't forget about getting makeovers, WAY cute girls.

Right before we left to go down south Dustin broke out in hives, and we weren't sure what it was from. I was thinking the new laundry detergent since i've never used that kind before, but the hives were only on him arms and hands mostly. They were pretty bad. So he took a lot of Benadryl and Reactin for a couple days. He had to get meds at work since that is when it he broke out the worst at first, so he was drugged all day at work and had to sit in the office. Poor him eh? He was loving it. But after about 3 days of the hives and them not going down we took him to the doctor and he had to get some steroids. The first day on them the hives already disappeared. So I have to go get some new laundry detergent and lets hope that's what caused it. I should have got a picture of his arms, they were COVERED in massive hives and his hands were so swollen, his fingers were so bad. Poor guy.

I'm so glad we decided to make the last minute trip down south. Other than the retarded cold weather (Fort Mac is WAY warmer) we did a lot and had a lot of fun. We went to Waterton, played croquet and had a campfire in my parents yard, went on a date with Jeff and Britt and just us, which was a blast, etc etc.

Also if you haven't noticed already, THE GIRLS HAVE PIGTAILS! ha. It's not much but who cares!!! I LOVE it. I was SO sick of headbands you have NO idea. This is heaven. Even just this week I can see BANGS! I am one of those moms who will tell them when their older, "you didn't have hair until you were 2!" Well at least it's coming. They are so tall so it looks so funny with no hair on them. One guy asked if they were 10 months!! Really?? 10 months? Well he was probably 70, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

So I have found a new hobby. One I NEVER ever, EVER, thought i'd be into. I used to think it was stupid and boring and now I love it. It's reading! I read the Twilight books, which took a lot of pressure from Jill when I was on bed rest with the twins and didn't give in until they were born and I was alone and sad for 3 weeks in the hospital. I obviously loved them. Well I just recently got into this new show on MTV, called Pretty Little Liars. You can go watch the episodes HERE, there are 4 I think so far. The books are a lot different than the show but it's really good. Kinda like a murder mystery of high school girls, and I just like it. So someone mentioned they have the books to the show, so I went out and bought the first one. Then the second, and third, and fourth. I read the last 3 in one day each. It's not amazing or anything, and sometimes kinda boring but I think there are like 8 books so they have to stretch it out into that many books. But the 4th one you find out EVERYTHING. So i've been loving getting that little escape. So if you have any books you would recommend to me, please tell me, since obviously i've read nothing pretty much since....maybe high school?? (other than twilight) Nothing gay though...

So this week i've been super lazy, reading obviously, but the weather is so nice in the mornings at like 8 and 9am but then it gets cloudy and threatens to rain, sometimes it does, but I don't want to really go out and do stuff. I want to take the kids to the spray park, and the normal park. I think we might get out today but it says thundershowers all day, so we'll see.

Although on Tuesday, I was sitting on the couch at about 6pm reading and the girls were just playing. Jayci and Presley were sitting on the stairs and Presley starts kind of choking/gagging (they were eating Goldfish crackers) and then she puked a bit, so I ran over and grabbed the paper towel and tried wiping it, well it just kept coming out. The closest thing to me to puke into was this little toy baby bassinet that was all plastic, so I grabbed it and tried to get her to lean into it. Well in the middle of her little situation I hear Jayci, who is sitting right beside her, start kind of well...puking! Crap. So I tell Kyla to run and get a bucket under the sink but she said they were all gone! So i'm litterally going back and forth catching both of their puke in this one little bassinet thing, and it was EVERYWHERE. Seriously a gong show. I had to kind of laugh though! Can't you just picture how awesome it was?? They weren't even sick! It was so random. After that they were fine too. I threw them in the tub, scrubbed the stairs and floor (all carpet by the way) and all was good. All I could think was did that seriously just happen??

Anyways here are the pics from the weekend. We went down to the Cardston celebrations on July 1st, they had a petting zoo, a bouncy um.... thing, and some other stuff.

The girls loved the bouncy thing, the big kids are so retarded though and don't watch out for the little girls so they got landed on a couple times.

Presley fed the animals from her hand and she would laugh her head off when they would lick her hand. Jayci wouldn't do it, it looks like she is trying to but that's about as close as she got.

Kyla loved it

My cousin Amie and I, we haven't see each other in a long time!

Presley, see how she is playing with her ear. She always does that lately, it's so weird. Just the top part of it though, who knows.

Eating ice cream at the big scoop. My sister Steph and cousin Lindsay work there. My mom also works at the clothing store beside it and my other cousin corbin works at Zums.

Ya i've got connections...

This is the only proof we went to Cameron Lake, it was freezing and we stayed all of 5 minutes. We even left the twins in the van cause they were sleeping, that's how quick it was.

Traditional family pic infront of the falls. I actually really like this picture.

Jayci playing in Gma's yard

Kyla loved jumping on my moms tramp

We also had dinner at Gma Purnell's house, or Pur-nails as Kylas says it.
Presley and great grandpa Purnell.

Kyla riding the bike we used to ride as kids, Jayci on the back.

My girlies. They have had this chair for years, ever since I was little.

My prego sister! and Jeff.
She looks so cute.
My beautiful sister Steph, I love her.

Grandpa Petersen and Kyla. She looks way too old.

Another tradition in the family was rides on the lawn mower. My girls loved it.

And I leave you with the best of all.....us. My sister took a million pics of us just being....well..... US, and they are friggin hilarious. I'd look like a retard if I put them on here. You'd think we were smokin somethin. Seriously they are so awesome though.
SO this is what you get.

I love this man.