Thursday, September 22, 2011

All About ME

That's right. Me.
In honor of my birthday coming up, (in 24 days) I thought it would only be appropriate I blog about the one and only, Moi.

Well i'm pretty boring actually. This week i've made a few discoveries. I know how to make a hideous face. My sister Britt can make the best ugly faces and she is always trying to teach me.

See. Oh and ignore my double chin, this was in May and I just had a baby, ok!

I guess not all of us have the gift of being ugly. (Britt you LOVE me!)
So I found a good one! Dustin told me so, he said it was really ugly and to never do it again. So obviously I did it over and over. Wanna try it? First of all you have to be in the mood, if you're not in the mood, leave and come back later. Ok AND you can't have ANY make up on and can't shower that day... or the day before. Listen carefully, smile as big as you can without showing any teeth. Stretch it way out there. Just when you think it's as far as it can go, go further. Next. Flare your nostrils. Now take a picture of yourself. There, you are ugly.
Your welcome.
Did you just do it while reading this? I bet you did. baha!

Oh and i'd post my beautiful picture but i'm not with the times and don't have a cool Iphone or anything similar where I can upload my phone pics to the internet. Soon my friends, soon.

I also discovered something else, I was a little shocked. I was reaching up into the cupboard to put some cups away from the dishwasher, and noticed something out of the corner of my eye swinging. I looked over and it was my ARM! I have Oprah arms!!!! Holy mother. It was like it was yelling at me, "Mindy, it's time to work out!" Alright. I'm on it. Tomorrow.

So my sister, Kristy, called me the other day with the best idea for a costume for me for Halloween. She sent me the link and I clicked. And saw this..

Now the story to go with this was one of those I don't like to share, so you better be grateful. When I was in grade 4, my mom thought it was an awesome idea to dress me up as a CHRISTMAS TREE. I somehow went along with it. Red balls, star cone hat and all. I don't remember a lot of that halloween, probably because i've suppressed that memory for some odd reason, but I do remember walking into my classroom at school and everyone laughing! Terrible. After that everything is a  blur...
So Kristy pretty much peed herself from laughing while seeing this and she's all like, "MINDY, WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING HARDER?!"
Hilarious Kristy. Hilarious.

So here is what i'm asking for for my birthday. After all the gifts are what make the birthday, right?

A mac desktop
Jo tote camera bag
New lens
Leg warmers
New boots
New heels
Friends seasons, and Reba. I play shows while editing pics and i've run out of recorded shows on my pvr.

Your welcome mom. Usually she asks what I want and I say, "I don't know" Well this year you have plenty of options to choose from. You can pick more than one of you want. I won't stop you.


Friday, September 16, 2011

She's getting bigger!

 Laken had her appointment today and she GAINED WEIGHT! She gained pound in a month! This is so awesome. She didn't gain anything for over 3 months so we started supplementing her a couple times a day, and it's made a huge difference. We also increased her meds for her reflux thing and obviously something is helping! She is 11lbs 10oz. Just barely on the charts. But it's an improvement! She is rolling across the room, trying to sit up, talks like the devil in her throat, does that make sense? It's quite hilarious when i'm sitting in relief society.
She is seriously the happiest little baby. Still sleeping through the night and in a week we start solids, because ladies and gentlemen she will be 6 months old!!! So crazy. But all I care about right now is she is growing. What a relief. So i'm super happy about that! Here's a few pics of the little peanut lately.

I don't think Kyla gets enough of Laken, she mauls her constantly! Laken just sits there and takes it. I also started letting Kyla carry her by herself and she is eating it up!

So adorable reading her the book!!

And just because it's hilarious, here are the twins passed out right now, they were eating suckers falling asleep.
Yes she is sleeping in the one above. And two seconds later this is how she was...

I did pull out a few hairs trying to get it out, but she didn't budge. Out. Cold.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh These Twins

These two have been taking a back seat lately on the blog, but they sure aren't on the back seat daily! These two crazy girls keep us so busy. They are little firecrackers and full of personality. One second they are hyper and playing and screaming and laughing and then they are whining and fighting and man their whines could shatter glass. They are intense. ha. But in public and with other people they are the sweetest little angels. I must be doing something wrong at home! Or they are just THREE! I hate 3! But I love them to death. They are hilarious and we are constantly laughing at them, or yelling. They are probably the most work for me daily. They drive me crazy. BUT they play together so well, they are best friends and always together. They love princesses and all their figurines. They love to play "house" one is the mom and one is the baby. It's awesome. They destroy their room in seconds but could play in it for ever. They love to be silly and laugh at each other. They love to feed Laken when she needs a bottle. It's kind of nice little bonding time for them. They love her.  They are the exact same in every way. But life would never be the same without the TWINS!

I took them out to do some photos last night! The bugs were insane at the first place so we went to another one. I off roaded with our van on accident. Oops. But I think it was worth it, don't you?

Presley is in Pink, as always. Jayci in white. Little stinkers.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Kyla is in Kindergarten! She started yesterday and she was so adorable. She was so excited. I was in bed and she came to wake me up to find her some schools clothes. This was at 7am, she didn't start until 12:30...

She looked adorable! Today was her first day on the bus and I was a little nervous because the buses have been a gong show! One kid was put on the wrong bus after school, some were waiting almost 2 hours for their kid to get home and so on! So Jill went to the school to make sure they got there ok. They did, about 40 mins late! They are really unorganized this year. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon. I did tear up a bit when she got on the bus. But that's about all. It wasn't much different this year from last year, so she jumped right in and knew what to do. She barely even said bye to me! She has one same teacher this year and a few of the same friends from preschool, so that's nice for her.

I love her little nervous smile.

 Getting on the bus!! So freakin cute. Tear.

Sunday, September 04, 2011


Have you seen Just Go With it? When the hairdresser says that? It's funny.

Holy where have I been?! This blog has got put on the back burner these past couple weeks. I started photography and it's been insanely busy!! I have had 5 sessions this week and one tomorrow. I am LOVING it. I might not be amazing but people have been saying such supportive things to me! It's so exciting expanding my talents. I don't even feel like it's work and it's weird when i'm in the middle of a shoot, I just feel like I know what to do. It makes me comfortable and be able to fully enjoy it! You can go view all my photos on Facebook, and "like" the group while your there! Or go follow my Blog. I've been doing mostly back to school photos for people and I love doing kids! Next step, family pictures. I have start somewhere right?!

Anyways, besides photography we have been spending a ton of family time together. Just Dust, me and the girls. We took a weekend last minute trip to Edmonton! We haven't been on any holidays this summer and it kind of sucked so we decided to go there! We booked a hotel and spent 3 days shopping and playing. We took the kids to Galaxyland too, they loved it. Kyla wanted to go on all the huge scary rides! She was tall enough to go on some rides where I thought she's get scared but she loved them! The twins did great too! We did A LOT of shopping. It felt AWESOME. I was totally rejuvenated! Retail therapy 3 days in a row.

This weekend Dustin actually ended up having it off again, so we took them to the Summers End festival down at Mac Island. Man we have been good parents lately eh? I always used to feel inadequate because i'm not the mom to take my kids to everything, everyday. Nopers. I've learned to accept it though and it's totally ok! I'm only one person and honestly, I don't care about it anymore. I still feel like super mom when my kids are dressed and the dishes are done! As long as their happy, right?!

What else. Kyla starts KINDERGARTEN on Tuesday! Holy mother. I swear I just had her and now she has somehow turned into mini me and is the most popular girl on the block. She is gone all day playing with kids! I was kind of paranoid at first. Dustin was worse. Shh. But i've gotten more comfortable with letting her leave the house. Ha. He still looks out the window every 15 seconds to make sure she's ok. It's pretty cute.

I am pretty lucky with my husband. I was a little stressed out with being out of the normal routine and how messy and behind the house was. Laundry was way behind and our room was a disaster. So last night I climbed into bed while Dustin said he'd tidy up the room. I zonked of course and he was up until 1am cleaning! Best. Husband. Ever. Oh speaking of husband, it was his birthday last week! Since he has been working so hard, like 24 days in a row hard, I decided to pamper him for his bday. I booked him an hour massage and a facial. ha. I know a facial?! But he wanted one! I told him I wanted to go get one a while ago and he was like, "what? I want one!" and brought it up a few times. I learned facial massage in hair school and would always practice on him, and he always loved it. So I surprised him and he loved it. Don't judge until you've had one! We also went out for dinner with Kimball and Becky and went back to their house for cake and games. It was a ton of fun! So he got pretty spoiled this birthday. Mines next month so i'm expecting it to be amazing. Big gifts and everything. It's all about the material things.

Ok enough writing. Here are some jumbled pics, enjoy!

Edmonton and Galaxyland!

Holy look at the twins faces. Hilarious.

Tell me she isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

The end of the day. Seriously. Passed. Out. I was dying laughing. He had to carry them all the way to our room on the second floor at the end of the hall! ha

Out for dinner with our little-big fam!

Swimmin at the hotel! Jayci fell running and hit her head pretty hard. Twice. So I took the twins and Laken back to bed.

Check out those eyes.
I forgot to say we took Dustin fishing the day of his bday. It sucked. I felt bad. The fish would not bite and Dustin NEVER has bad fishing days. Oh well!

Birthday Evening!

Work it

 Summers End Festival!

 The end.