Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Park!

Dustin had this weekend off and yesterday was our productive day. We got rid of the high chairs finally, and wiped walls, floors, organized some shelves and we even got our carpets cleaned... I also got to sleep in until almost 9 AND Dustin let me have a 2 1/2 hour nap! I was super spoiled yesterday. I was exhausted though and I probably could have slept all day. So since it was so nice out we decided to take the girls to the park and I woke up around 4, so supper was decided quickly. Pizza it is. We were going to give them a quick snack to last until after the park then come home and order it. Anyways I was upstairs getting dressed and trying to look human after a MUCH enjoyed nap and Kyla came up and said someone was at the door. Dustin ran down and a couple minutes later I hear him yell "Mind, come here." So I came down and the lady wasn't there (she ran outside to her van) and Dustin said she was cleaning carpets and needed one more to meet her daily quota because her last appointment backed out. I was kind of confused but said, ok sure clean carpets for free, why not. Also we were gonna do them that night anyways, so why not have someone else do them? So she came in with her boss hauling all this equipment in and then he asks, "so have you heard of Kirby vacuums before?" Ugh, great, I knew at that time this was a sales pitch thing. So I just told myself, at least i'll get my carpets cleaned for free. Well almost 2 hours later she was still there and it was 6:30pm, so I said ok well it's getting late lets get these kids ready for bed. Dustin said he still wanted to take them to the park so I said ok then lets get ready and go now. She heard this conversation and was just starting to shampoo the carpet. I think she got the hint at this time. About half hour before this she said she forgot the shampooer in the van and had to call her boss to bring it by. I was ready to be like, "just forget it, and go" but then I thought, no way she wasted all our time she can clean our carpets for free now. So she did and we pretty much got ready and all the kids dressed by the door and kinda pushed her out the door. Her boss even came up and asked why we didn't want one, well lets see, I don't really see the justification in financing a VACUUM and I don't have $3000.00 just laying around to buy one. He said he could sell us a sample one for $2000.00 or for $93/month. I said "ya, um probably not." He got the hint and they left. I wish I wasn't so nice and would of kicked her out a long time ago. She cleaned our carpets but she did a crappy job because she knew we were done with her. Dustin and I, with the girls, just kind of sat in the kitchen the whole time since she took over our whole house with dirty rags to show us how dirty our carpets were. This girl was only 20 and told us if we bought one we would help her win a trip to vegas. Sorry but I don't care. Anyways can you tell i'm a little annoyed with how they get into people's houses by totally tricking them, and no warning that they'll be there for 2 hours!
So I have had the carpet cleaning experience now, and now I know for next time!

So....that had nothing to do with what I was originally going to post about. Lets get back to that.
Yesterday was the first time we went to the park this year. Finally. Oh how I love that Jayci and Presley are finally at the age of Independence and WALKING. I dreaded the park last year with them because they pretty much only had the swings for them and Kyla wanted to play all over so I couldn't do both and it was hard. I just didn't enjoy it and hated going. Yesterday was awesome, they were going up the stairs and down the slide all by themselves and they loved it! Kyla was of course in heaven. We didn't get to go very long because it was so late, but they had a blast and I got some cute pictures of them playing.

Presley being Presley, we are so in love with these girls.

Kyla and the number one man in her life
Jayci came down the slide....

and Presley came right behind her and I almost didn't catch both of them. Good action shots eh. Good job Dust.

Perfect slide for twins
daddy and his girls


Me and my girls

Oh how I LOVE this picture. This is Presley running to Dustin yelling "daddy!" She was so excited. I just love her expression.
Kyla being a great big sister as always. She is super protective of them and it's so cute.

Oh and right before we were leaving I was walking holding Jayci and Presley's hand and I saw two huge dogs headed right where the stroller was, not on leashes. Well we all know how much I love big dogs. I turned right around with the girls and headed back to Dustin and he totally saw why and started laughing at me. So I waited for him and the dogs kind of went around further. Kyla stopped to ride on the whale with Presley and I was helping them and I hear Dustin say "oh heads up Min" I look up and this MASSIVE dog is right in my face! I said a few choice words since it scared the crap out of me and all the other parents were laughing and the owner came and grabbed him and put him on a leash. I do NOT like big dogs. I pretty much had a heart attack right there. Dustin was laughing. I was out loud, but in my head I was about to pass out and ready to ream the guy out for bringing a dog to a kids park with no leash. . I have no idea why they scare me so bad. I had big dogs growing up and I never liked them but I wasn't scared of them, but now my heart starts pounding and I want to cry. I'm terrified!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

good words

I SO think that.

....and this one is a gooder.

I love a good quote.

One more day and I get my husband for 4 days! Yay for me!
Love that man.

ps: I bought New Moon and watched it with Dustin last night for his first time. He actually liked it and I wouldn't shut up about Jacob. I don't think very many celebrities are good looking but I told Dustin I would leave him if he came for me. (I've been leaving Dustin a lot lately)

Remember, he's 18 now, (Since february) it's LEGAL!! Good enough for me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm tired

This last week was CRAZY. I haven't been that busy in SO long.
Well why don't I just tell you.
Here it goes.

Monday, Tuesday and half of Wed, my grandma came and we played and had fun. Wednesday literally right before she left Jill brought her kids over because she forgot about an ortho appt so of course I said yes to watching them for her. Gma left. 10 minutes after another friend came over for a hair appt to get her hair cut, and she brought her 3 year old boy. So we had 6 kids 3 and under in my little house. We waited for Jill to get back, cut Sharisse's hair and then I made centerpieces with Jill for the Relief Society party that was the next night. She left around 3, I got dinner made, fed kids, then put them to bed. Dustin came home I ran out the door to our "dress rehersal" for Spice girls at Becky's.

Thursday I had super cranky kids and had to run to the store get some things I forgot I didn't have for the dish I was making for the Relief Society party. Made dish, showered, got ready, went to the party, sang at party.

Friday Dustin stayed home. Kyla had gymnastics, took her for lunch, rushed home to relieve the sitter. Went to a hair appt, came home got ready and went out with Dustin to get some last minute things for our spice girls performance and we also went to dinner.

Saturday woke up early got ready, took Kyla for breakfast and went to DOODLEBOPS! She was way too excited. Emma came and they had a blast together. It was too cute. Came home releived sitter again, put Jayci and Presley down for a nap, and I ran out the door to Becky's to get ready for the variety show. Got ready, went to show, performed, came home and ordered pizza. That night we did nothing.
Sunday earlier church at 10 because we had a member of the seventy come to our stake so we had sort of a stake conference type meeting. Dustin had to work so I went by myself to a 2 hour meeting with the girls. Came home and pretty much did NOTHING.

So yesterday and today I am WIPED. I've been trying to get some energy because I don't have time to waste. I have Kyla's birthday next weekend and I have to sew two dresses before then, get lots ready for her party, prepare my lesson for Sunday, Kyla has a bday party tomorrow and Dustin is off Fri-Mon. Which we are getting stuff for her bday and Easter since her bday is on Easter this year. We'll have her party the day before though. It's also Kyla's last week in Gymnastics this Friday. I'm happy about that. It's hard to find someone to watch Jayci and Presley for an hour in the morning and I hate taking them. So we'll be done that for now. We are going out with some friends Friday evening and Saturday is another friends bday party. I'm looking forward to those.

So I am busy, very busy. I like having things to do but man it has worn me out. This morning I pretty much layed on the couch until 9, and my kids woke up at 6! Ya talk about lazy. Kyla did a good job taking care of the girls...good mom I am.

Well that's my latest, I had to write it all out quick because we did a lot and don't get me wrong it was tons of fun. I'm sure it seemed like a normal week to you but not to me. I'm used to sitting at home chasing after 3 little girls and cleaning a house constantly which is busy enough in itself for me. Anyways, life has been crazy and I don't think it's going to slow down. Dustin starts school in a month and from now till then we have a lot going on.

Here is some picture from the doodlebops concert.

Dustin sure loved it. His comments during the show were pretty entertaining in themself. He also wasn't too impressed that I didn't tell him Travis wasn't going to be there. Oh suck it up! I know he would of been dissapointed if he missed that for Kyla, he just has to say those things to look cool.

ps: The video from our awesome performance is coming, for those who are waiting every waking minute by their computers for it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm pretty much famous

We had a variety show in our ward (church) and I wanted to do something fun and different. So me and a few girls came up with the idea of an air band. It was a BLAST. We practiced every Wednesday for two months, yep we were pretty hard core. It was seriously so much fun and it was a great excuse to get together and have some girl time every week as well ;)
These girls are awesome and we got so into it. What a great time.
I don't have the video and YES I want to post it. (sorry Lindsay ;) I just don't have it yet. BUT I WILL!!!

Here we are getting ready for the big performance!!

So without further ado, here is
Ginger, Sporty, Baby, Posh and Scary!!
(aka Becky, Pam, Me, Jill, Lindsay)



Ya we pretty much ROCKED it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A surprise vistor

Last week I noticed that one of my grandma's was coming up to Edmonton thanks to facebook, and I wrote her saying she should just keep coming North! I haven't seen my grandma in almost 4 years and she lives in Arizona so I knew the chances were slim. Well she said she just might surprise me. I didn't hear from her over the weekend so I figured she wasn't able to which was totally fine, I definitely would have understood and it was never confirmed or anything. Then Monday morning I got a phone call from a hotel and it was her saying she was in Fort Mac! So I gave her directions to my house and she has been here for 2 days and fly's out this afternoon. We have had some awesome visits just catching up and the girls just love her. The twins have never even met her so it was great that she got to develop that relationship with them, and Kyla too since it's been almost 4 years. And she of course did what grandma's do best and spoiled the girls. She even took Kyla on a shopping date for a few hours yesterday and she just let Kyla pick out whatever she wanted. How nice eh? Kyla LOVED it. She got pudding, toys, cereal, movies, dunkaroos....some of it was kind of random but she said she was very nice about it. She also said she didn't want to shop for clothes which is SO not Kyla. Funny though.

She told me how much the twins look like me when I was little!!! This is super exciting! She even noticed certain facial expressions or features that run in our side of the family. I liked hearing that. ;)

We also took her out last night to see the Syncrude "tourist" spot I guess you can call it. It is pretty cool to see and she really liked it.

She bought Jayci and Presley some new sleepers and another outfit for all the girls.
Them in the new sleepers with grandma (and Kyla of course)!

She took some pics and wanted us to be in them.

This is Syncrude, a major plant up here. This is what Fort Mac is all about!

You might have to click on the first picture to see it better.

Thanks for the great visit grandma!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm the perfect wife

So when we first moved to Fort Mac I remember sitting in church with Dustin and seeing all these wives without their husbands and all their kids in sacrament. I remember thinking, "man I could NEVER be a shift workers wife."

Well I ate my words didn't I.

I not only am a shift workers wife, I went from one extreme to the other! Dustin used to work normal hours, week days, weekends off, home by supper every night. It was perfect. Well that job went down the tubes so we finally got smart and applied at the plants. You can't live up here and NOT work out there, that is where it's at. He got on with a company and started his life as a shift worker, and I started my life as a shift workers wife.
I was so excited at this time because we really needed the job and money and SECURITY. It was a blessing and a half. His shift was going to be 10 and 4, which means in english, 10 days on, 4 off. And normal 10 hour days, plus the 45 minute bus ride. Ok cool. I was good with this, he doesn't even work nights which is awesome. Well since then I think he has actually worked his shift maybe twice? He always is offered overtime and he never says no.
I am NOT complaining, it's more of "how ironic" really.

So he has been working 18 and 24's. (Days in a row) and 12 hour shifts and doesn't get home until 9pm EVERY night. I know i've mentioned this before. The shift workers have so many different kinds of shifts; 6 and 6 (this is the BEST one, Jill's husband gets this one. he sucks for that), there's 4 and 4, or 4 and 3, or whatever and more I don't even remember. But I just so happened to get the worst one. 10 and 4 is the worst one. 24 and 4 is even worse. I'm so lucky.
After our weekend away to Edmonton he has been back on his normal 10 and 4. Finally.

The other night, Wednesday to be exact just after 7:00, I was sitting on the couch enjoying my America's next top model and there is a knock at the door and it's my wonderful HUSBAND.
So he tells me they are now back to 10 hour days. Yay! So he'll be home just after 7 every night.
Here's my version of the story,

Wednesday night
Dustin "hey babes! i'm only working 10 hour days now"
Me, "Yay!"
The next day
Dustin "just kidding i'm only working them on the weekdays and working 12 hour shifts on the weekends, (Fri, Sat, & Sun)" "oh and i'm now working an 18 because they offered me overtime on my weekend off"
Me " really?? this is so awesome hun!" then I punched him in the face.
(I may have changed a "few" things in that story, but we can pretend that's how it went)

Good little story I know.

I like my husband. I do. I think I got married and had kids with someone? Maybe? Who knows. I do know that a random guy comes home for a few hours in the evening to eat my dinner I slave over, and make a mess in my room with dirty stinky plant clothes, and sleeps in my bed and tries to "snuggle".
Sorry, I usually get to know my men before sleeping with them.

I'm not really bitter, just jokingly bitter. Which in Dustin's world is PERFECT. As long as I can laugh about it.
So he is taking one day off next Saturday for our ward talent show and the doodle bops concert we're taking Kyla too, (you're all jealous of this I know) then he has to go back until the following weekend, which he'll have 4 days off like normal.

So it's been fun. I honestly, as bad as this post sounds, I don't mind it! The money is great so that's a huge motivation to force the love.
And he is going to school at the end of April so we definitely need the mullah.
I rarely complain and I rarely get stressed out. The odd moments in the day because of screaming kids but that's normal. I totally thought I could never do it but when the time came, well, i'm doing it! I'm doing it JUST fine. :)

I love our little townhouse life. ha no I actually hate that part, but that is why he is going to school lots in the next couple years. To buy me a house! Yep, I said if I don't have a house in two years, i'm leaving him.
So at least he knows he has some time, that was nice of me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love...

I love to browse online for everything. From clothes, to home stuff, to kids things etc. I have done it forever and I usually save a file on my computer with all the pictures I find. Future home ideas, future clothes I want, or things that I just simply like. I thought i'd share them with ya.
There is a trend though. It's mostly home ideas right now and if you notice it's all mostly shades of teal. I am obsessed with that color right now.
Since I don't have a house to decorate of my own yet and don't want to waste time or money on cute stuff for this house, this will have to do. But someday, someday...

So here is some eye candy :)

Twins room, cute.

Teal cupboards.

This house (clock, love it)

This room, how fun.

little rack

Nursery's! (no i'm not pregnant) love the teal crib

yellow crib

vintage everything

this is just so calm and cute for a boy

love this light kitchen, although I really love dark kitchens

hooks for jewery. I actually did this with cute hooks on my wall by my vanity.

girls lockers!! how freakin cute.
cute boys room

hmm. weird, a teal room.

yet again

and again

So there is a bit of cuteness to you from me. I think this will become a trend.

Happy Hump Day!