Thursday, January 28, 2010

20 months and stuff

Hi, my name is Mindy and I am an addict.

I am addicted to my husband.
He came home for 4 days and I feel rejuvinated and refreshed and happy all over again! I'm "me" and I don't have massive bags under my eyes, I got to shower 3 days in a row, and I am no longer a stress case. (For now that is.) Dustin is back on for 24 days, and he'll be gone for 14 hours a day. I am not even going to think about it at all because if I do, all that rejuviantion will be gone. I sometimes just need to see him, even if it's for a short time. He literally is my other half, forget all this independent wife junk, I need him. I like depending on him and including him in every decision I make or do. It's weird sometimes how much we think a like. Almost creepy. He'll bring up something totally random to what we are doing and i'll say, "I was JUST thinking about that." It happens way too often.
We rarely argue and when we do he laughs.... because everything is funny in his life.... and I get mad because I am trying to be serious and then he tells me to calm down, which I hate then he laughs because he knows I hate it and then we call eachother names and make fun of eachother and I usually tell him he's a idiot and he says, "I love you" and I say "I hate you" and it's over.

We set a great example for our children.

And so he was home for 4 days and we had fun. We took the kids swimming, went on two dates (one was Jill's birthday dinner) and attempted a family lunch date at taco bell and grocery shopping. Which ended up in getting a babysitter and us just going with Kyla. I used to love family outings but man they are a lot of work now. Even swimming with all of us was quite a bit of work. Fun, but I was done after an hour. Jayci and Presley weren't huge fans of the water, especially Presley. They got used to it and by then their legs were purple so we took them into the hot tub and then I didn't want to get out because I hate to be cold, so we went home. $25 went to good use.
I wanted to get a lot of pictures while he was home to make it look like we were a family sometimes. But I didn't. I did take some swimming though, just before we were told we can't take pictures. Gay.

Yesterday Jayci and Presley were 20 months old. That means in 4 months they will be 2. Really? 2? I still think they are 10 months old. They are hilarious. I love them.
They play so well with each other and Kyla, they are great at sharing. They definitely have their own personalities. Jayci is more outgoing and stubborn and Presley is more laid back and easy going. Presley takes after me of course. Well we can pretend anyways.
Also they are finally starting to TALK. Halleluah. They now fully say mommy and daddy and say it TO us. Not just babbling it, they actually call us by our names now. Jayci is saying a lot more but Presley is catching on and will randomly say some of the same words. This is what Jayci says,
puppy, ball, Dora (for real), Barbie, bumble bee, mommy, daddy, hi, hello, bye bye, bum bum, poopy, uh oh, owie, and some more i'm sure. But she sure picks and chooses what words she wants to say. Not "drink" or "please" or any of the common words, but Dora and Barbie she caught onto right away.
They are so smart though and even though they can't say a lot they sure can communicate and know exactly what I say and I always know what they want. If I tell them to go get a diaper they will, or do you want a snack and they run to the kitchen, or if they are freaking out for something I say to them, "please?" and they instantly calm down and are happy, I really love that.
I also want to share how amazing they are at going to bed. I usually bath them after supper so they play for a bit, then I will give them a snack or bowl of cereal and then brush their teeth. Then i'll get their milks, Kyla carries them up, I carry the girls (that is 50lbs of baby all the way upstairs) and stick them in their beds. Kyla gives them their drinks, I tuck them in and give them their bears and walk out. They go right to sleep. I love it! I used to have to rock Kyla and if she woke up we'd have to rock her right back to sleep and it was a pain. I love how easy they go to bed. They usually talk to each other and I can hear them laughing and stuff for a few minutes until they fall asleep. It's cute.
So they are super fun and cute and I could go on forever about them but I won't, i'll just show you them, which is better.

ps: check out the hair!


I told Kyla to pose hot. She must learn it from her dad.
I gave Kyla the camera and taught her how to take a picture so I could have one with me and the girls and this is what she got. I actually love it, I love how Jayci is looking at me as if she loves me.
She also got some "hot" ones of me in mid dancing.
Don't be hatin.
Hottest creepy stalker picture.

Today we had Jill and her kids over for a playdate and it was her birthday so i went all out and slaved over a cake for her, ok no I bought it but if I would of had more time I would of made cupcakes and had a party with all the stay at home moms. Cute, I know.
Happy Birthday Jill!
Now it's back to reality. BUT, I do have something to look forward to. Dustin's GF (General Foreman) told him they might be going back to his normal shift, who knows when but still I like it. Also after his 24, he's taking me to Edmonton. I've been wanting to get away with just us two for a very long time and now he's taking me, and he won't let me say no. I knew I married him for some reason. Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A story

That's right. I totally forgot to tell you about what happened while we were on holidays.

As you know we went to Raymond sugar bowl (basketball tourney) and it was all my sisters and our husbands and my mom and dad. We were there for the final game Raymond against Cardston. It was going to be a huge game because Cardston barely beat Raymond at their hometown tournament so I guess everyone said Raymond wants payback. Or whatever high school people do. Anyways we went 2 games early to get seats. It is crazy there. We ended up on the front row right behind the basketball team. Some advice....NEVER sit behind the team. THEY STINK. bad. There was this one coach who could not hold it in, if you know what I mean. I almost puked so many times. And then there were people constantly walking by wafting it down from one person to the next. So gross. There was no where else to sit! Crappy deal. So my mom and dad ended up finding out that the lady behind us was leaving after the game because her son was on the team that was playing. So we asked if we could have their seats, she said ya of course.

There were people everywhere. The crazy thing was, that half the bleachers were empty, they were all saved seats! So at just before half time of the 3rd place game, whatever it's called. Consolation? no. well you get it. The game before the final. They announce loud and clear, no one can save seats after half time and if they aren't here to sit in them, then they can be taken.

This is an intense story eh? I know.
Well the game ended and right at the buzzer we turned around and the people stood up to move for us and this lady in the row behind them sticks her feet spread out onto the bench and says, "nope, sorry there mine"
We said "um no we asked for these seats and they said we could have them"
She goes "well I don't care sorry!" In THE most wenchy (that's a nicer word than I want to use) way.
Picture this, she is quite large, short spikey hair, the snobbiest face expressions, and her heels on the bench with her pointy toed shoes sticking straight up.
We said, "well you can't save seats, sorry"
My mom was talking at this point and she exchanged some rude words to my mom and that's when we all stepped in. Be careful who you mess with.
Another thing is she was the only one doing this.
Ok so. us, "Well we are here and your people aren't and you can't save them for them"
My sister Britt goes to get up and sit there anyways, and she kicks her off! Literally in her back kicked her with her ugly shoe.
So we weren't too happy and said "um no you have to move because your people aren't even here" My mom said, "that's really rude"
she goes, "um ya it is!" ....ok?
So my amazing husband said quietly to me "forget it, i'm sitting there."
So he hops up there and pushes her foot out of the way and sits down.
Well guess what she does, she starts kicking him in the back and tries to push him off. My husband is 6 4" and weighs 220lbs. He is a big boy. So of course she couldn't move him.
THEN.....she leans over and starts pinching him!! That's right, pinching and poking his sides and back to get him to move!!!! I was watching her face and she was making this sort of grunting hideous smirk looking at me. I said "what the hell are you doing? Seriously?!" Everyone was freaking out at her.
Dustin didn't move or even flinch, he was awesome. He was like, "I don't care, it feels good and laughed."
Um no. So I walked over to the announcing stand where I knew the two guys announcing and told them what she was doing and they were like "WHAT?!" They jumped right up and one of them went out to get someone to come deal with it.
So I walked back to where we were (which was about 10 steps from the announcing stand) But there were people everywhere standing so you couldn't really see over there. When I got back there they were still kind of arguing with her.
I said "well sorry but there getting someone to come deal with you"
she goes "Well I know the _____, (the brothers) i'm good friends with them, they know who I am"
I said, "I don't care who you are!"
So she picks up her water bottle and pours water on Dustin's head and all down his back!
Yes, I am serious. I was ticked. Dustin didn't do anything, he just sat there laughing. I would of punched her if it was me. At this point my mom and dad didn't know she did that, they were talking to people around us who couldn't believe what she was doing!
I walked back over to the announcing stand to the one guy still there and told him what she just did. He was like "seriously?!" So he's like, "show me who she is"
We walk over and she is smiling and smirking at him and waves. So He says to her "that's enough, no more right?"
No more??? Are you freaking kidding me! Kick the bag out of here!
So we waited and they did get the seats after I told on her the first time. (I sound like i'm in elementary) she moved and so my sisters sat up there and took the seats.
Well finally the principle came over and walked by and looked at her kind of smiling and said "no more, no more right?" She was quiet by that time and didn't say a word after.
WHAT THE?? Who doesn't kick her out!! Am I right?? I was NOT happy. Just because you know her doesn't mean she can't suffer the consequences of her actions.
What. a. ho.

Also I need to mention. We found out after that she is from Cardston and actually got banned from every football game for the rest of the season. Because at a game she ran down from the stands and literally attacked the referee! oh. my.

Well there is my rant and if you can't tell I am still ticked about it when I think about it. I just can't believe they didn't kick her out. She got physical.
I should of got physical. That's right. I'm small, but I am feisty! just kidding.

There is my story, and what a story it is.
Edit: This is a funny crazy story and don't take it personal. I'm not out to offend anyone, except the crazy lady of course. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have it so rough

This is a normal situation.
There is 3 screaming toddlers hanging on my legs, no one wants a snack or to read a book, they all just want to be held. After about 15 minutes of ear piercing cries and yelling I pick them all up on top of me on the couch, they all of the sudden go quiet. Then, one moves and rubs the other one with their foot or hand, or Kyla tries to hold a hand or give a kiss and they don't like it. They don't want to be touched, so they whine and squirm, hitting everyone. They don't like that so they all start to squirm and get mad and within seconds they are all pushing, twisting, pulling at me and each other. I say, "girls stop, sit still....Jayci, Kyla, Presley. Girls!" trying to think of who to get in trouble or what to do. I am getting mauled to death and beaten up and it hurts with them pinching and twisting around on my lap and strangling me wanting to be closer and the most "on top" of me. I finally take them all off and put them on the floor and I now have 3 SCREAMING toddlers right on the floor in front of me...... as positive and calm I stay the whole time, I feel my sanity dwindling away.....

(it's ok you can laugh, I try to!)

Today I came across this blog and I instantly fell in love with it. Everything about the site, the decor photos are a dream and she is too cute, including her clothes that I think should be mine. She has twin girls and triplet boys. Yep twins AND triplets. Could you imagine? No I couldn't I have one set of twins and a 3 year old going on 16. I am not having another one until I have a house and these girls can actually communicate with words and I am way out of the baby stage. The lord gives us what we can handle so lets not test it!
Anyways, I went through a lot of posts for inspiring pictures for my "renos" on my house and I came accross this post.

Wow, just looking at that picture stresses me out! I guess I don't have it so rough.
(ps: I'll take one of those white rooms with the huge white mirror please. thanks.)

pps: I don't really think I have it rough, just "rough" days, but what mom doesnt!?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Good title I know.

So I forgot to share what I made for Christmas for both our parents and my sister. I saw these at my craft show I went to and I lost the ladies information who had something like this so I figured why not make them. They were a pain though, because if you didn't get that vinyl straight the first time well too bad, I tried taking it off and just about wrecked it. But other than that they were super easy. I ordered the vinyl off etsy, and the frames I bought. This one is ours. I did the parent's one with a blowing dandelion across the top by the name and my sister's is the same as mine. I just got mine made and up and I wasn't sure if i'd like it but I love it! It's way cuter than a month by month calendar. My goal is to redo the whole wall and make it into an organizing area for bills, and my chalk board and this. So i'll show ya the finished product when i'm done.

So since we've been sick for the past week, we have all been doped up on drugs. We haven't been super sick but enough to be annoying. Well Kyla wouldn't take her medicine for a few days so I finally convinced her to and it was children's cold and flu tylenol and I gave it to her before their bath. She has cereal every single night before bed, so she was eating it and watching some tv at the same time. I was on the phone so I wasn't paying attention. I then finally looked and saw her passed out on the chair like this.

I left her there for a couple minutes while I was on the phone. (I'm a good mother I know) and I looked again and this is how she was.
Seriously. Those are some strong meds. How do you even stay asleep like that?

We we're all finally getting better, but last night Dustin walked in the door from work at 9:00 and he's like "hey hun", I went to talk and nothing came out. I lost my voice. It was fine when I put Kyla to bed at 7:30 and by 9pm it was gone. I had a sore throat during the day and it was gradually getting worse but I was sick of being sick so I ignored it thinking it'll go away. Well today I have no voice, it's definitely challenging trying to "mother" these 3 girls with no voice. I am doing a lot of clapping and snapping my fingers, and it does not work. Then again neither does talking...

I'm counting down to next weekend for Dustin's 4 days off. Then he goes back for 24 days! 24!! Until 9pm EVERY NIGHT. crappy. deal. They had a fire at the plant so he is working on the maintenance for it, so I can't complain since because it's a lot of overtime and he is going to school in April and we need to save as much as we can but it can still suck!
I made a list of little projects I want to do to keep me occupied. I am taking a break from my business if you didn't know and it's for me and my family and I am really enjoying it so I want to work on some fun stuff for me (or my kids) that i've been wanting to do for a while. I'm teaching this Sunday so I won't get to start anything until next week because every free minute i'm working on my lesson. I'm excited for it, it's on 'our heavenly family', and I really love studying this lesson.
Well I better go figure out what to make for dinner, and it's hard to type with two babies on my lap. I guess my time is up.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Why I hate blogging

Just kidding, I love blogging! Can't you tell i've done it 4 time this week. Or i'm just lonely without my husband so I blog. Anyways, there is one thing that I have always thought about and haven't really liked. Okay maybe two things. Well the first thing is people who blog about blogging.

but let's move on.

Let's say you have a friend who you met through blogging or only know them through blogging. Well you stop by and comment about something they blogged about and then they stop by and comment about what you blogged about and so on. But...throughout all this there is no response to what either of them have said.

Do you get my point?

What i'm trying to say is, it would be nice to have more communication in the blogging friend world because people obviously read your life and take the time to comment on it. I love it and appreciate it for sure, but that's because I am a super nice person. No I don't rely on the comments, as much as I love every single one of them, but sometimes I want to reply to what someone said, or need to answer a question or whatever.

Anyways my point. I will "try" to comment on my comments because I sometimes want to respond to what you say but I think you'll never read it so what's the point. Not all of them of course and don't be offended if I don't comment, it's only because I don't like you.
Now i'm telling you this so you know. Oh and did you know there is an option to get an e-mail notification on the comments after yours, kind of like facebook? As annoying as it. So it will email you if I respond to your comment.
Maybe it's a good thing it's like this because it's NOT facebook, it's a blog. Hm, maybe it's not supposed to be a communicating thing...

Do I make sense? Do you even care?
Well too bad.

Friday, January 08, 2010


It's crazy that I have a daughter in gymnastics! I swear I was just in it myself. Watching her brought it all back and Jill even said it makes you want to go play in it with them, and it's so true I did want too. She did so great, she went right in without me and wasn't afraid of anything, until the teacher left them all by the pit (the sponge squares you jump into) to chase a little busy boy around, and they didn't know what to do. It was funny watching them all trying to figure out how to get in it, and none of them were scared, they just looked so confused. She even started moving the sponge squares one by one out of the way so she could get in.
Kyla on the way home goes, "We only got to go for a little bit, I want to go for a long time."
I said, "I know but that's all we get to go until next week"
Kyla, " i'm not happy."

I wish they had it everyday because she loves it so much and of course it's easy having her cousin and bff, Emma in there with her. They are hooked at the hip those two. I said to Jill, I can see them in kindergarten and the teacher constantly saying, "Kyla, Emma stop talking!" I'm so happy she has someone like that here. They are so alike but so different, Kyla is the little boss (I was the same way as a kid) and Emma is the shy quieter one, but they get along so great.
We can't wait until next week!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Going back to my roots

No, not my blonde ones, I'm talking my danish roots. Did anyone see Oprah today? I did and I needed it in a HUGE way.
The last little while I have been a major whining pain in the you know what. I have complained so much about how much I hate this house and how messy and tiny it is for our family. There is always stuff everywhere because I have no place to put it all! I hate it. I am a clean freak and from the looks of my house you'd think I was a hoarder! Ok maybe not that bad but to me that's how I feel. Then I realized it's because we are just unorganized and the motivation to get organized is um, well non existing! So I have been moping around feeling sorry for myself about our life this next year or more having to live in our townhouse. These places are only a couple years old so they aren't discusting and we do have 3 bedrooms and a (messy) basement for storage. As much as I would give anything for a nice big home I realized today that I just have no choice and I need to enjoy and be grateful for what I've got. For a starter home up here it's around $600,000.00, or they have really cute trailers for around 500,000.00. I don't think we're ready for that, no thanks. I'm glad we got into the low income housing, even though low income is like $120,000.00/yr or less! Crazy eh. Anyways we have been lucky with our life up here and getting the place we did because the housing is insane. But if you work out at the plants making the money you do, housing isn't bad at all. So for those who say housing insanely expensive, your right, but people do it and there is a lot of money up here and people live quite nicely and it's definitely possible. It's addicting up here I think, and hard to leave once you get that certain job and we have been lucky enough to finally get it. I don't want to be here forever but the work sucks down south so we are where we need to be and I know that. I do love it here and we have amazing friends and I love the ward and people here. They are super nice people and they become your family. It's great.

There was a quote said on Oprah, "Less Space, Less things, More Life." How awesome is that, it's like they said it just for me. Not you. ME.
Since we have been married we have slowly worked our way up in our housing. We went from nasty basement suites, to brand new ones, to a condo, to this townhouse. So I should be grateful but I felt like our life was growing faster than we could keep up with. We have made some mistakes and have learned from them and things are going great now. Dustin has an incredible job, making enough money that we don't have to stress about bills for once and he is planning on going to school twice this year to get some of that done and after that he'll become a fourth year and pretty quick after that a journeyman. He has been told that if he was a journeyman already they could see him getting promoted to a Foreman at the plant. So this was huge motivation and now that we can survive, we figured he should just do schooling now. So maybe after all that we'll see where our life is and a house could be in the making.

Now my goal is to be WAY more organized, such as more shelves, cabinets, toy bins (which I have looked forever for decent ones that are nice and not a million bucks for a living room and not cartoonish, which you all know how much I love that stuff) Anyways I am also DE JUNKING! And I am not going to be picky with what I keep that is for sure. Just before Christmas I got rid of a garbage bag full of clothes because I was tired of looking in my closet and saying I have nothing to wear and then Dustin saying, "you have a closet full of clothes, how do you not have anything to wear!" So I finally went through and took out everything I haven't worn since before being pregnant with the twins and will probably never wear again and 3/4 of my closet was gone. It felt awesome! So here I go again, I am going to redo this house as cheap as possible since Dustin is in school and we have to save every penny for that. But I will be happier and maybe i'll even get my living room back!

I encourage you to watch Oprah today, it was on the happiest people in the world. Most of them are the ones who have less and live simple in every way. Their food, homes, families, nothing super fancy and it's awesome. I almost wanted to move there! They all make around the same income so no one is super poor and no one super rich and they all do what they love because the more money the make the more taxes they pay so they really all make the same in the end. They also all get home around 4-5pm everyday so they can spend time with their families. They aren't very religious but they don't live by what worldly things they have they live by what they value. It was just so refreshing to see people still living like that and it made me wonder, why can we all be like that? I think we would all be so much happier. So this was definitely great inspiration and a big kick in the pants to me!
Here's to living more simple, and organized and being happier!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The best Christmas!

Before I forget, go to The Burnt Daisy for some news.

I can finally sit down and catch up on our gigantic Christmas. We just got home on Saturday after a long much needed holiday and we have been busy trying to get unpacked and organzied and I don't think we even made a dent because we are exhausted! Dustin went back to work today so I think more will get done. I/we tend to slack off when he is off because cleaning sucks so we'd rather hang out! Over Christmas we did so much and had a blast! So be prepared for a long awesome Christmas post!
We left on Dec 18th and headed to Dustin's parents for a few days. We had our yearly fondue and of course the little presents from Grandma Yuill. We had lots of fun and played games. We didn't do a ton since our main day, Saturday, was spent in Lethbridge shopping. Most of you know how awesome the shopping us up here in Fort Mac so we had to wait until we were down there to do most of it. We got to open presents while we were there. Kyla got a purse filled with stuff, earrings and a matching necklace, lipgloss, pad and pens, and more that I can't remember but she walked around with that thing on her arm every single day and she even slept with it. Jayci and Presley got little babies with blankets and then they all got Usborn touch and feel books which are awesome books. I will definitely get more of those. Dustin got hip waders (sp?) and I got some organizing drawers for my business. It was a fun visit with them and we had lots of fun seeing them!
Gpa Francis and Jayci
Coloring on Kyla's new paper pad
their little babies and their blankets
this is how she carried her purse all the time
On the 23rd we headed out to my parents house and Kristy and Brandon came that day too. Christmas eve we did some baking with the girls and then we were asked if we wanted to go on a hayride behind a quad so we all got dressed ready to go and took some cute pics and after an hour of waiting they called and told us the quad broke. It was crappy but we did get some good pictures! Then of course we did the usual traditions, such as the nativity but with the grandkids this time. Kyla loved it but Jayci and Presley thought dancing on the table was a better idea. Then of course opening pj's and Grandpa reading 'The Night Before Christmas.'. Kyla's pj's were a little long and kept falling down but they were Hannah Montana and I knew she would love them.

Playin piano together

baking day!
Waiting for the hay ride that never came...

The grandkids in their pj's
the "kids" in their pjs!
The attempt at the Nativity

This was funner (that is a word.)

Jayci and Britt, love this picture
The Night Before Christmas
Christmas morning was crazy, just check out all the presents under the tree! Everyone definitely got spoiled. Kyla the most and I could tell because after every present she'd say, "I want another one." We did pretty good for her but with all the grandma's spoiling her as well I think she was a little outdone. She got 3 barbie's, two of them Hannah Montana and a Hannah Montanna locker full of stuff, her new bedding I picked out for her and I love it because it's something she can grow with and use forever since her bed is a single instead of a twin. Plus a crapload of other stuff I won't list. Dustin got his bindings and I got my new coat and vanity. I fell in love with my sister Stephanie's vanity when she got it for her birthday so my mom got Kristy and I one for Christmas because she has always wanted one too. We went tabogganing that day and Kyla missed most of it since she fell asleep in the van on the way and she was super cranky so we just left her. She finally woke up and we took her down a few times. By then it was getting pretty cold so we went home.
Not too many gifts eh.

Barbie from Santa, and her new bedding beside her. Cute eh?
babies again from Santa and strollers, we also got them little playpens for them. They love them.

opening gifts is a lot of work
stealing Gavin's chair in their touques and scarves from Grandma Purnell
Dustin and his bindings!
Vanity! Kristy is kind of in there too!
Gavin's sweet chair

All done, our stuff is mounded behind us


Gma taught them how to scoot down the hill

They went all the way down!

So Boxing day comes at the top of my list for one of the funnest days in the entire holiday! All of us kids got to go snowboarding while grandma and grandpa watched all the grandkids. It was Me, Dust, Krist, Brandon, Jeff, Britt, Steph and Tanner. We had a BLAST! I haven't been to the hill since we were engaged and I snowboarded that time and it was hard. I grew up skiing and it was so frustrating switching to snowboarding. So this time I just wanted to have fun so I decided to ski. I was the only one but i'm so glad I did. Although I hated poles so I looked like a nerd without them but since it's been since junior high I had to re-learn all over again and they just messed me up more. We had SO much fun and I am so glad we got to do something like that. Best day EVER!

Awesome People!!

We also went skating and it was Kyla's first time. She got skates for her birthday back in April from Grandpa Petersen so it was time to break them in. Dustin was also newer to skating so it was pretty funny watching him think he was awesome. Just kidding, he actually did really good. He is just naturally good at everything so we hate him for that. Jayci fell asleep in the stroller and I was done pretty early since the skates I used were super old and really tight and hurt like a mother!

My mom booked the church gym for one of the evenings so we went and played basketball and some other stuff and just let the kids run around, they loved it. They got tired pretty quick though but it was fun.

The guys playin some ball
The girlies, Steph ditched us for her boyfriend that night.
Also love this picture!

And this one

We were lucky enough to spend New Years with my family too and we had so much fun. I've never laughed so much. We stayed up until 2:30am playing games. It was so worth the exhaustion the next day!


So remember the "non materialistic" Christmas list I made? Well off that list, this is what I got!

Yup we bought a NEW VAN! HALLELUAH! It's not this color though, it's more of like a chrome gold. I am getting used to the color since I wanted black but oh well. It's a 2008 Grand Caravan and I am so happy! Yay for us!!

This was Christmas Sunday and the best picture of us, you should see the one of just the girls. Wait, here i'll just show you...

We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Purnell's and I can't even remember which day it was, but it was fun seeing family.

Kyla playing with Grandpa

Cousins chillin
Kyla in her ballerina stuff from Santa. Yes I know it looks like fairy stuff but Santa had a really hard time finding ballerina stuff so this was the best he could find and she doesn't notice any different.

We also got the announcement that Jeff and Britt are PREGNANT!! She just found out the day she told us but we were all there so of course she had to tell us! She is due in September and we are so excited for them!We tried to get some family pictures done and it was so hard but they didn't turn out too bad. I also got one of us infront of the temple while we were there.

We also went to sugar bowl in Raymond and Cardston won. Steph is on the cheer team for Cardston so we were so excited for her when they won. I also don't think they should go back to that tournament. They told the cheerleaders they had to stand the entire game if they wanted to cheer since they didn't pay for a ticket (cuz they are part of the team). So they had to stand every single game. On top of that they had some Raymond girls who dressed up as cheerleaders and mocked them the entire time and they would blast the music everytime they would do a cheer. So rude. That doesn't include the mocking and rude comments they got inbetween games in the hallways etc. Plus Steph had the flu so I felt extra bad for her having to stand and then do a performance at half time. They did their half time performance after their first game and they were being treated so harshly that they didn't even want to do their performance the rest of the tournament and they didn't. I hate mean people.

Just look how cute she is!

We also all got that nasty flu that was past from one person to the other. It got us in twos and was pretty bad for about 12 hours then the next day was better. It was probably one of those 48 hour ones but we were all puking and so sick at some point. We still had fun and sat through basketball games and infected everyone there. We did pay $40 for tickets (which is also way to expensive for sugar bowl tickets I think) I was getting my money's worth!

So now we are home and dealing with two really bad teething toddlers. I'm talking they won't let you move an inch from them and I LITERALLY have both of them on top of me all the time! They cry constantly and won't eat anything. They started acting like this a week ago and we never knew why until Sunday I was playing with Jayci and noticed her two top molars are fully through, and Presley too! So now the bottoms ones are coming through and it is annoying! I am glad that this will be over though and there is an end in sight. I would kill myself if they stayed like this. My house looks discusting and I look discusting and Dustin just found out he is working a 24 (days in a row) 12 hour shifts since there was a fire at the plant. So he won't be home till almost 9pm every night for 24 days. Thank goodness we got the awesome break we did to prepare me for this. Meh who am I kidding, we've been back 3 days and i'm exhausted already!