Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guess what I did today

I have a few random pictures up first before the grand finale.

This tiny girl I could smother in kisses all day.

This one eyed squint smile is killing me. Love her.

I made the girls a picnic one day when the weather sucked outside.
 I was a good mom this day.

I missed the moment but Dustin was bouncing her like this and she was laughing, it was so cute!

I love how she clasps her hands when she sleeps.

Now. For the finale!

I had to cut the twins hair today! 
I was scared but it looked like "baby hair" still because it's so  thin and hasn't been cut, ever. I took maybe 3 millimeters off so you can't even tell but I love how long it's getting!
It's still kind of mullet-ish but it's coming.

My 2 blondies!
Yay for hair, it's only been 3 years...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Pictures!

Thanks to Kaylee for doing these, it was so stress free and easy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little Peanut

Laken truly is a peanut and that's what I call her. She's tiny. I took her for a check up today, she is already 3 1/2 months and she only weighs 10lbs 8oz. She hasn't gained weight in 6 weeks. Our pediatrician thinks she has reflux, but it's only once or twice a week where she actually has a moment of it. So i'm going to try increasing her feedings more often. She will only nurse on one side for a feeding, so I alternate each time. Which makes for some hot uneven boobs. Or boo-boos as the twins call them. Thank goodness for good bras. You would never know. Other than me just telling you.
If I do feed her on both sides she pukes it all up, so I will feed her every 2 hours now instead of 3-4 which she has been doing. Also she has slept through the night since she was born so she goes that whole time without eating. I suggested waking her up in the night once to eat, but the doctor said not too because she doesn't want to wreck her schedule and have her in that habit. So she also gave me the medication for it. So we'll see how it goes. She is growing in length though because she is in 6 months sleepers! Taking after daddy I guess!

She rolled over! Last week she started rolling onto her side while laying on her back and then she got over but couldn't get over her arm last night she finally pulled herself all the way over. It's awesome. She doesn't do front to back yet, probably because I rarely put her on her front. Meh.
She is still sleeping through the night! From about 10pm until anywhere from 7am to 9am! A-MAZING. We also just put her in her crib. Ya she's been in our room in the bassinet until now, but we had to re arrange Kyla's room to fit the crib and we haven't had a chance until now. She hasn't napped anywhere other than the swing or bouncy chair until yesterday and I put her down with her soother and she went right to sleep in her crib! Could we be any luckier with her?? She is starting to laugh and smiles a lot when she sees you. I seriously love her so much.

So she is pretty much awesome.
I also love the comments I get when I have all 4 girls with me. First they see the baby, "aww she is so cute!" Thanks I know. Then they see the other 3 girls, "are these all yours??" yes they sure are. "And all girls??" yes all girls. Then it's either "Your crazy!" or "You must have your hands full!"
Seriously it is so rare these days to see people with more than 2 kids, when I was growing up all my friends had at least 4 kids in their family. Oh well I love it. My girls are the best. They play so well with each other which I love.
So there is the update on the tiny babe!

Check out that landing strip of a bald spot. It is exciting though. The twins didn't have a bald spot, because they didn't have enough hair!!

ps: does anyone know how to widen my post section in the middle so it doesn't cut off the pictures when I make them bigger? I tried playing around with the html but nothing worked! 
pps: Thanks for all your awesome comments and messages after my last post. One day at a time. 
Love you all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the walls are down

I figured since this is my "journal" it's okay to talk about some more serious things. So just bear with me.

Life is not easy.
I think I try my hardest to be happy and do everything I can but sometimes there are things I can't control. Sometimes it is out of my hands and I just have to work through it. Trials make us stronger but it sure is hard while going through them. I know some of you know what i'm talking about and i'm so grateful for the love of my husband and family and my children.
I guess I think because i'm an adult that some things will be easier to go through but I now know that's not true. I try to be strong and get through every day like nothing is happening but it's still there.

I love my husband. I love my children. I am so grateful for everything I have. I'm grateful for amazing friends who are there for me.
I don't know what else to say but the days have been a little hard lately. I think i'm a strong person but when I break down in tears over the smallest things, I know things are affecting me more than I thought. I know it's okay to cry. It's tough to even write this and admit that it's hard without tears coming because I know i'm a strong person but sometimes even strong people have a hard time and that's ok.

This probably didn't even make any sense.
Things will be okay.

I saw this quote today that couldn't be more perfect for me right now,

"People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're back!

Dustin had to go down the the big scouts camp and so did my brother in law, Jeff, so Britt and I decided to have me and the girls come down and stay with her and PARTY. We stayed with mom for a few days then went to Britt's. July 1st we went to the Raymond parade and then headed back to Cardston for the rest of the day. We took the kids to the party in the park and tried to wake them  up for the fireworks. Kyla was the only one who would wake up, so the rest slept in the car.
Dustin and I got Strep throat. AGAIN. Seriously. Not as bad this time but we got a swab and it came back positive AFTER Dustin left for camp so we had to get him his meds, luckily the stake president from Cardston is a doctor and took his prescription out for me.
We celebrated Dad's birthday. Went to Waterton. Got family pics done. Went on a date with Jeff and Britt (by the way, bowling was way more popular when I was younger) Went to a family reunion. Tanned (yay). and just kept so busy. I survived the week without Dustin and had so much fun. Here are a TON of pics. I'll explain a few but it took long enough to load them!
Here we go.

July 1st!

 She was going across the monkey bars all on her own.


 TERRIFIED of the sprinkler. Hilarious.

 Date night (Laken came too!)

 Happy Birthday Gpa/Dad! 
Breakfast surprise


 Her massive sucker got stuck in her hair. She wasn't too impressed. We laughed pretty hard.
 Family reunion!

 Cutest picture ever!!

So Kyla has been obsessed with Transformers movies lately, and the other day she told me she wanted a bumble bee car and asked what it was called. So now she wants a Camaro. Not too much to ask for a 5 year old. So our friend works at a dealership and we stopped by to see him and she asked if they had Camaro's there. Hilarious. But they did and so he let her sit in one! She was so excited! Now every car that passes that looks like one, she asks if it's a Camaro, and most of the time, it is! There are a ton of them up here.

 Phew. That was a long one.
Anyways that's about it and what we've been doing the last 2 weeks! Busy busy! Now my whole July calendar is empty. Weird. Lots of park days I guess!