Sunday, November 30, 2008

How cute are they!

Here is my little munchkins under the tree today, I love their new outfits and most of all...the tights! Love em! They always look so cute on Sundays and I never get the chance to take pictures cuz we are always running around trying to get ready so we aren't late. Even though we always are and our church is at 1:00! I can't imagine when it changes to 9:00. Should be fun! But anyways back to my cuteness....oh Presley is on the right and Jayci's on the left

And here is Kyla and our tree cuz she is too cute to leave out! ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Catch up

So I normally blog sooner than this but honestly nothing exciting has happened recently. We just got back from Edmonton for the weekend and spent way to much money! But it was all needed stuff. That's one thing i'm not a fan of Fort Mcmurray for, it's lack of shopping! I need the mall, or just old actually everything. What we do have up here is minimal too. This city is bigger than Lethbridge and yet there is not very many stores they have like walmart, and all those main stores but they are always out of everything and we do have a mall but no kids stores only please mum and it's not cute enough for how expensive it is...anyways I do miss my shopping. So we bought another crib finally. I just can't spend $300 on another crib (not that we did before, we lucked out on Kyla's crib, brand new for $100 from our landlords in Calgary and it's a really cute Storkcraft one) anyways and I can't find a cheap used one, so we found a nice dark wood one at walmart for not too bad of price. We also got a bumbo finally and a playmat for the babies. These are things I can't find up here. We also did our Christmas shopping for Kyla and lots of clothes shopping for everyone! We needed to makeover our wardrobes for winter and I found some cute stuff for the kids and a few things for us. Well thats about it, here are some pictures to enjoy of our cute kids!
This is Jayci in the bumbo, so happy!!
At west ed waterpark, this was the first time they have sat up like this in the stroller and they loved it!
In the hot tub with Riley and Anona, they met up with us in Edmonton and spent the weekend with us. We miss them and it was nice to see them again. Oh the babies are just over the ledge in the stroller, haha

Is this not the cutest picture you have ever seen!! they always grab eachothers hands, it's so dang cute!

This is Jayci almost rolling over, she loves to arch all the way over but can't quite pull herself up yet, anyday though. I do love Presley, I guess I should take more pictures of her!
These girls are so enthralled with their daddy and it's so cute. They just stare at him and then give the huggest grins ever!

Here is another one of Kyla sleeping on the floor....poor kid

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

oh it's great to be a mom!!

Ok I have to share this story. I have been debating to blog about it but lately I have been going insane. Have I had it too easy and now I am being challenged?? Well last week I had a screaming hungry baby so I picked her up and fed her on the couch. Well Kyla told me she had to pee, and it was only a week into her potty training. So I told her to run in and she knows what to do, she never has done it by herself so I was crossing my fingers she would get it. So I can see the bathroom from sitting on the couch so I just talked her through it and really she didn't even need my help. Until it came to wiping so still feeding the baby I went into the bathroom and wiped her and helped her get her pants back on. Well since I was feeding I didn't empty her potty yet, I figured I'd do it after I finished feeding the baby....Well here's the best part of the story! Before Kyla was potty trained she would use her potty as a stool all over the house and she would carry it anywhere she wanted to see. So...I looked up and what was she doing?? Picking up her potty, but it was tipped towards her as she was holding it and she came walking into the livingroom with it, and a pee trail following her!!! She was dumping pee everywhere!!! I screamed," KYLA!! STOP!!! put it down!! ughhh!!!! gross!" Pee was everywhere, on the floor and my carpet. great eh! Well I just finished feeding the baby and now I had to scrub my carpet. Ya sick. So that was a fun time. Then just now, in the middle of writing this stupid post I noticed Kyla pooping but in her panties. She has had a hard time pooping in the potty so I really didn't care cuz I have had a hard day and didn't want to fight with her to go on the potty. Well I just walked into the bathroom and she took the poop herself and put it into the potty with her hands!!!! She was flushing it herself! What a big girl eh!!!!!!!! oh my goodness. I know this post is umm well, gross but I just had to share about my wonderful child I have. Today has been a great day and I needed to vent even if it's just to write about anything. I love blogging, it's kind of like a journal and I mostly do it for myself but i'm glad to hear people are reading about my awesomly wonderful life!!!! I really do love it but it's just so funny sometimes, oh it's great to be a mom!!

I'm so glad I caught this picture, this is Kyla "feeding" her baby!!! haha

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepy Babes

I have found my girls just randomly sleeping in places this past week. Kyla has been waking up early a lot and so she is exhausted and just falls asleep wherever she is. I also found Jayci sleeping in the Jolly Jumper while I was on the phone. I love when they are sleeping, maybe it's cuz they are quiet! ha no cuz they are so cute sleeping.

And here is some random fun ones. Kyla and her potty training. Which was more than successful, she has had no accidents in two weeks! Lucky me eh? Oh ya she walks around with these headbands on, she puts them on herself obviously. Super cute eh??

Her potty chart all filled up, she is very proud of it can you tell?

Best friends

The cutest girl on the block don't ya think? And I get 3 of them!!

Reading to the babies!

I love how Jayci is looking at it too.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My first

This is my first tag and I used to think they were dumb but I do love reading everyones, it helps to get to know people better. So hopefully you will get the same out of mine and it won't just be a waste of time ;)
8 Things I'm passionate about:
1. My husband and daughters, I could write this one 8 times and i'd be happy
2. being a member of the church
3. my life
4. how I treat and act towards people
5. goals I have
6. shopping and getting cute...which are both things of the past, all before I had kids!
7. communication in my marriage
8. organization!

8 "words" or "phrases" I say way too often:
1. "nice"
2. "that's funny"
3. "serious?"
4. "for real"
5. "right"
6. "crap"
7. "i'm tired"
8. "Kyla get off the baby!"

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. Accomplish something for myself
2. watch my children grow up and have families of their own
3. own a home I love in Okotoks
4. go on holidays with just Dustin and I
5. Go on a mission with Dustin
6. Finish my hair dressing license
7. Help others financially
8. Have enough money for my children to live off if something happened

8 Things I have learned from my past:
1. It's better to not be shy
2. You can make friends anywhere and don't lose touch with the ones you do make
3. Family is going to be the most important thing always
4. Money doesn't grow on trees!
5. Dustin and I can get through anything
6. I have to agree with Kelsey, tithing is so important.
7. I'm a big girl and can make my own decisions
8. I can do anything I put my mind too
this one is a hard one.

8 Places I would love to see:
1. Tahiti- i think thats how you spell it
2. more temples, anywhere
3. Hawaii, just to say i've been there
4. Mexico
5. Paris!
6. Hollywood
7. take the kids to disneyworld
8. Brazil, Dustin wants to go there

8 Things I currently need or want:
only 8??? dang (oh i say that a lot too)
1. all my christmas shopping done
2. a different vehicle
3. a house
4. a new wardrobe
5. curtains
6. a bumbo
7. a maid, just to fold laundry...and vacum....and do dishes, ok maybe everything!

8 people I tag:
1. Taryn
2. Meaghan
3. Vinnie
4. Dina
5. Ashlee
6. Jessica
7. Angie
8. and anyone else who'd like to do it, sorry if you've already been tagged before.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Help Baby Mia

This is so sad. I saw it on Taryn's blog and I hate hearing stories like this especially having kids of my own. I've had enough challenges with hospitals and I can't imagine going through this with my girls. Click on the sidebar link about the quilt to win. I do love this quilt, but that's not why I posted this, so help if you can or just help spread the word.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


So this year was crazy! I don't think i've had a crazier day before by myself. Dustin had to work "part" day but ended up being afull day which I knew in the first place. My day started of with icing cookies. I forgot to get icing sugar the day before when I made them so I did them the morning of Halloween. Kyla watched and it took forever, I love to decorate but that morning I really didn't have time. Well then I had to shower and get ready. I was a cowgirl so it didn't take long to get myself ready. By then my kitchen was a mess from the cookies cuz I still had to cook a batch. (sp?) Well then my mom phoned and wanted everyones names in all 3 wards in Okotoks just incase they forgot someone for wedding invitations, so I had to read 3 wards off to her over the phone. Then I had to do Kyla's hair, she was a witch so I wanted to 3 barrel it with lots of hairspray to make it all stringy like. Anyways that took forever cuz I wanted it to hold all night so it took a while. Oh also I was doing laundry so I could have some clean warm clothes for all the kids. Well then I had to do Kyla's makeup, and get her dressed. By this time the babies were getting fussy. And then I also forgot to get a veggie platter for dinner at Jills so I was hoping to get to the store before we went over at 4:30. Ya that didn't work out to well. So Kyla was ready and I took some pictures of her in her costume cuz I knew I wouldn't have time later. Well then I had to run around and get all the warm clothes together and everything ready for trick or treating. I don't kno if this makes any sense and it's kind of everywhere, but that is how my day was! So both babies were getting hungry so I was feeding one and Kyla had to pee, well she had to do it all by herself and she did! luckily! Anyways I felt like I was running my face off this day. I still had to put the cookies on a platter, finish my hair, get dressed, get the babies dressed, load them in the carseats, load the diaper bag, and load the van with everything...including the kids. Well then we got to Jill's and all was good. The night was so fun and Kyla did so good trick or treating. We...I mean Kyla got lots of treats. ;) I love Halloween and I never knew how much work it was gonna be getting 3 kids ready. I'm sure I forgot the odd crazy thing that happened that day but it's all a blur! I can't wait until next year! So here is my cute little witch who loves to pose, she poses, I click and she comes and sees what it looks like and then grins and laughs cuz she thinks she is so cute. She loves to look at herself and is all aww i'm so cute, ha shes so funny. Actually funny story (as always) I was talking to Kristy on the phone and we finally got a webcam cuz it's built into our new laptop and so I went on it with Kristy, well I had to run and get the phone so I was in the kitchen and Kyla was infront of the computer, it was on the couch and she could see herself. Well when I came back, Kristy told me she was dancing and smiling at herself the whole time and she didn't know Kristy could see her, she was laughing the whole time at how much Kyla was into herself! You think I tell her she is cute enough, she knows it!

Here is my two munchkins! They were butterflies and I didn't get very many pictures cuz everyone was already out the door and I was still getting them dressed, so I was able to snap a couple.
Trick or treating with cousin Emma.
This freaky costume a guy was wearing and sat on the bench outside his front door and scared everyone. Dustin loved it, he wants to be him so bad, can you tell?? haha I love him. All the kids were terrified of it.

Well that was our fun Halloween! I really did enjoy it no matter how insane and chaotic my day was, this is my life and it's only gonna get crazier!!