Tuesday, February 26, 2008

20 weeks!

So this is a big mile stone, 5 months! I can't believe how fast it has gone by so far. I know the next 3ish months will go by even faster with us moving and all. I will officially tell you we are moving on March 21st to Fort Mcmurray. Dustin got a job offer up there so we are gonna go make so good money (and save it) ;) then come back here to Okotoks. I know this is where I want to end up raising my family. The sooner we come back the better but i'm thinking a couple years forsure. I think it we stay here we will be stuck in a 2 bdrm condo for a long time with 3 kids! Not very fun. I think this is a great opportunity for Dustin and he is really excited about it. His boss is a great guy, who we can trust so we know it's safe. We even have a place to live when we go there. Everything just kind of worked out for us, kind of an answer to our prayers. Dustin's sister lives up there so I know I won't be alone, thank goodness. I don't think i'd go if I didnt know anyone up there. Well back to the pregnancy, i've been feeling a lot better for sickness, I only get sick when I miss taking a pill. I'm down to taking one at night and thats it. So i'm glad for that, as soon as I miss taking it though i'm over the toilet all day! So they pretty much save my life! This weekend I started to feel a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. It's weird cuz I never had them with Kyla and now when i'm doing anything physical, walking or standing for too long they start. It's not very comfortable either! The past 2 days i've been resting a bit more and haven't had them very much. So I keep having these weird dreams that we are having one girl and one boy, last night it was so real too. I delivered one of each and we didn't know until I delivered them! I am second guessing the ultrasound now and I'll be comfortable on our next one when they see what they are again, just to be sure. I was so positive it was a boy and girl before too. So who knows! I hope I find out soon if they messed up so I can buy boy stuff cuz I have nothing! It's sure weird though! I'm having 2 baby showers before we move and i'm so excited for them! One is this weekend in Cardston and one is on March 15th in Okotoks. I really hope a lot of people come cuz it's kind of a goodbye thing for me too, since moving came so fast. I want to see as many people before we move and these showers would be a great time to do that. So all of you should come! Oh and I am going to put up the ultrasound pictures, I just need to get to a scanner.

I had to put this picture of Kyla on cuz I love it, she is getting so old I can't believe she turns 2 in April.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Ever since Kyla was 3 months old she has loved to swim! This Friday we weren't too sure what to do so I suggested swimming, we have never been to the pool here and figured why not. It was cheap night anyways! So here are some pics of our family swim night!

Dustin was trying to teach her to dip her face in the water, she is my water baby!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Results!

I'm sorry it took me until today to post this but we wanted to make sure all our family knew before I told anyone else. Well the ultrasound was amazing!! I have never had a more fun ultrasound experience. The lady who did it was so much fun. But ...I'll get to the point, since I made you wait so long, we're having twin Girls!! Yup 2 more little girls in our family! Poor Dustin is out-numbered BIG TIME! He is very excited though to have his tough girls and he'll treat them just as if they were boys, they will have quads and dirtbikes (and they'll be pink and black)and play sports! It's so cute all his plans he has for them. Well back to the ultrasound, it was so awesome. She let Dustin come in the entire time and showed us everything so much! She kept getting distracted cuz she was showing us so much. She didn't realize it but she looked after and she took 92 pictures for the actual Doctor! Also normally they are supposed to let you take home 2 pictures of each baby, she gave us like 7 of each! She kept having to take one more so the other baby wouldn't get jealous that they had more pictures than the other, it was funny. She even checked over and over to be sure they were girls. So much fun and she was so awesome. If you ever want a good ultrasound experience go to the High River Hospital. She is the only full-time lady and she calls the shots, so the husbands come in and she gives you more pictures. Well I think I am more shocked than Dustin cuz I seriously though it was a boy and girl. I of course am so happy, but it sure is a lot to take in, in a day! I can't believe how much our lives can change in a month... We are having twins, now 2 more girls! and moving to Fort Mcmurray in March! I am excited about all these changes, I just can't believe what can happen in your life in a month! Well us and our 3 daughters! It's crazy to think we actually know what is coming. I never found out with Kyla so this is a whole new experience for us! I better stop writing and post this before a couple of you kill me for making you wait so long! I'll post the ultrasound pictures once I get to a scanner to put them on the computer. But if any of you have ideas for some cute girl names we need one more now!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

4 1/2 months (18 weeks)

I know I promised a new picture so I took this picture today and I love it, and I don't even look fat in it! Kyla loves to feel my tummy and kiss the babies. She always says "two babies!" and I think she gets it, but who knows. She will get it in a few months!
We find out what we're having on Tuesday, so watch for a post!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

17 weeks!

As of yesterday I am 17 weeks pregnant! It's crazy to think of how time goes. I feel like we were just talking about trying for another baby, now we are having two and i've got a belly that came out of nowhere! Dustin said last night how funny it was seeing someone normally really small, all of the sudden with a tummy like mine. I think it's crazy too how fast things go when you are having twins. You grow faster, you feel them sooner, and you are due sooner. Which brings me to our appointment yesterday! It went really good, we met the new doctor who would of been delivering me if we weren't moving. My normal due date would of been July 17th and the ulstrasound agreed with that. We heard the heartbeats which took her a while to find and a lot of pushing hard on my stomach...not very comfortable! Kyla loved listening to them, she would say, "whoa" when it got loud and she stood right beside me on the stool while I laid on the bed. She was so cute, with the biggest smile on her face...she loved it. It was great to hear them though, one was 150 and the other 160. I'm guessing one of each. Which we find out next Tuesday!! yay, I finally have an ultrasound date, and I can't wait! I can also start shopping for them!! Which I am so exicted about!! I would love to hear what you all think we are having? So give me your guesses, you only have a week! Some other news that was kind of shocking, was when she brought up my due date. She said that because I was so early with Kyla (I had her at 36 1/2 weeks) that I will probably be even earlier with these twins. She said if I make it to 32 weeks that would be good, 34 weeks even better and she would be very surprised if I made it to 35 weeks. I'm think I will probably be on bedrest from 30 weeks on, so I hold off as long as possible. It's crazy to think how soon I could be having them! I figured it out and 35 weeks is July 12th! Crazy soon!! It's like over a month sooner than my normal due date. I really hope I go as long as possible though, i want good healthy babies! Other than that, I will probably be having tonz of ultrasounds because it's their only way to see how the babies are growing, i'm kind of excited about seeing them that many times. One at 18 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 30, 32,34 and so on! It's a lot! But fun too. I haven't gained much weight either. So far in this pregnancy i've gained 10 pounds which I think is ok?? She didn't say much about it. But with how big i've grown in a month, I was hoping I gained something! Cuz I feel huge! Well i'll take a picture hopefully tomorrow, we just have no memory on our camera and i need to take it in tonight. So i'll take one tomorrow and put it on here. But thats the latest on our babies!