Thursday, December 11, 2008

I need a break

I don't want to complain but I need a break and I am so excited to leave this weekend. We are going to Cardston to see the family and oh right Brittany is getting married!! My goodness she is NOT old enough, she is still my little Britt I guess she did just graduate, and it is gonna be so weird to see her married. I love her and she will make a great wife and someday (hopefully later than sooner) a mom. We leave on Saturday and are going to stay in Okotoks at Riley and Anona's for the night, then Sunday we are finishing some desperately needed shopping in Calgary. We have Kyla done and that is it! Thanks to the lack of shopping up here and me not being able to haul 3 kids around in the freezing cold I don't get anything done without Dustin's help. I keep telling myself, no you can do it, don't be such a wimp. But honestly 3 trips to the car just to get the kids into the vehicle is a lot. Then in and out of every store with a double stroller that feels like a train when I drive it and I seem to run into everything cuz I just can't steer. Thank goodness for my amazing visiting teachers who came today and could clearly see how run down I am. She is going to come and give me a pedicure tomorrow and watch the kids for a couple hours so I can go do some running around. I haven't even got Kyla a dress for the wedding and I reallly am to the point where I don't care what the babies wear. Maybe i'll find something decent in Calgary for them. Anyways I was up and gonna get ready today but I felt discusting and just worn. I got my hair done last night and it didn't quite turn out how I hoped. I went in wanting some brown lowlights and came out with black hair. So everytime I look in the mirror I cry. I feel bad cuz I do love my hairdresser but i've been quite upset about it. As you all know I am very close with my hair especially before family pictures and a wedding! Thankfully it's hopefully gonna get fixed tomorrow. Perfect timing for the wedding i'll say. Just pray for me. But trust me i've been stressed enough about that alone! Then Dustin called and he has to work late tonight and midnight late. And he already came home at 1am this week. I don't not want him to work cuz we are going on holidays so he is making up for that time, but getting ready for this holiday is a lot by myself. I'm tired.
I'm so excited to see all the family. I wish it could be more relaxed but someone decided to go and make it a Christmas wedding! ;) Last time we were there it was rushed too, so I hope we can have some fun time in all of the chaos. We will be back Sunday the 21st and then the 23rd Dustin's family comes and will stay at our house untl boxing day. We are having Christmas at Jill's this year. Which wasn't the best year for her to decide to host it. She is due with a baby in 4 weeks and has been in the hospital already with contractions. So pretty much she'll just be providing the house and we'll do everything else. Who knows we might have another baby this Christmas! Well I think that's all I want to write about cuz the more I write the more miserable I sound, sorry. I thought i'd just write something for now until we get back and I actually have something exciting to post about. Here are some pics of the girls this week.

I love these little people! They make my days a thousand times happier.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Nifty Stuff!

So I realize this is twice in one day and 4 times this week...i think. But I guess I have so many important things to tell you all about! Well I guess I think they're important. I really am busy, I'm just quick at posting I guess. I found this site called why I have not heard of it before I don't know, but it's awesome! You may have heard of it but if I find out you knew and you didn't tell me, well....i'll forgive you and who cares cuz I never would of bought anything anyways! If I were with the latest trends in baby stuff this is where I would go. Here are only a few of some cool things I found there.

Now I have seen this chair before but I love it and want one....I mean two, it's $299.00 so thats $600.00 for me! Just pocket change...meh Oh it comes in like a zillion colors and so it can match your table! cute eh? It's a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. Stokke has some cool stuff on their site, go look at that one too.

Here's another funky looking one, I like it too but probably will never buy it. I'm gonna buy the other one instead! ;) you'll see! This one is $259.00 so good thing I chose the other one eh? ha

Check out these spoons! who invented these?? I don't know if they are awesome or someone is really lazy and made things way more difficult. I think it would be fun to try though...hint hint Christmas is coming! Anyone??? I would prefer the high chairs but ok i'll take a spoon instead...oh ya I need two by the way. Anyways they have the food in them and you squeeze it out onto the spoon part! ha what some people think of eh! oh these spoons are $7.99 each
And this is just a cool looking bouncer it's on sale for $99.00 so not too bad, they have a few neat ones. But ya go check out the site if you haven't seen it. I love it! Oh if I were rich. Ok I thought about that. I guess if I were rich I would probably buy the cool stuff and then find cooler stuff and wish I'd of boughten that instead...i'm a very indecisive person ya know. I'm glad I helped waste time for ya! It was worth it wasn't it!

a little something cute...and no it's not a picture of my kids, that's what I thought too!

I get a weekly email from about how the babies "should" be progressing and it's fun, but they sent this to me today and I thought it'd be cute to share!
How to babyproof:
• Throw away the pennies. Just throw them away.
• What are those things anyway, the ones under the sink? They look dangerous, but you don't even recognize them. Oh! They seem to be "cleaning products"! Get rid of them.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to bathtub faucet, coffee-table edges, tile floor, and dog's teeth.
• Use duct tape to attach bubble wrap to baby!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I need help

Ok so I have been so blessed with how great Kyla caught onto potty training and not having one accident....but I have mentioned this before she won't poop! I'm gonna call it #2 cuz we used to call it the when we were kids and it's funny! Kyla has always had issues with the #2, she hides! Everywhere! Under tables, blankets, in cupboards, behind couches, upstairs, etc. the list goes on. She also has had some constipation problems, she gets constipated really easily so I have to limit her dairy and give her lots of fruit etc. Anyways so she has been potty trained for over a month now and when she has to go #2 she has a hard time getting it out so it's like nothing but enough that I have to clean up a mess! And then a few hours later she does it again! Anyways I am needing some pointers on how to get her to poop in the potty! Help me cuz I am sick of cleaning poopy panties!!!!