Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Really Good Stuff!!

We got Dustin's marks in the mail and he passed! He is SO happy and SO relieved. It's a big deal because he was So nervous. He seriously thought he did bad. He always second guesses himself, but I knew he would pass. I didn't doubt him for a second! Now he goes back at the end of August for another year. (Well 2 months) and then one more time after that, probably in April, and he'll have his ticket. But he has to have a certain amount of hours between his last two years of schooling before he can actually get his ticket. Then life will be awesome! AND I CAN BUY A HOUSE!!!!!! (hopefully) I just want space and a yard, and a playroom for the kids! Nothing too big, because I don't want to clean it. Actually i'll just hire someone, really I will. I'm so that person who would. I think. It shouldn't be too expensive, it'll only be around 600 thousand for starter family home up here. ha "only." The wages up here make up for it and it's doable!

So Congrats hun!! Love ya!!

We are heading South for the July long weekend. Kind of a last minute plan but we are excited. Dustin has 5 days off and we wanted to do something fun for it. Why don't people travel and visit more often?? I thought about it the other day. All you have to do is drive there! So just go! The kids get so big so fast, so why not!

Plus I really want to see Britt pregnant before she has the baby. I wish Kristy lived closer so I could see her too. I'm super thankful for Skype for that reason! Last time we were both pregnant at the same time. We both announced at Christmas and didn't see each other until after we had the babies, so it's weird I have never seen her pregnant. I think it's so fun to be pregnant with a sibling though, or even an in-law because then they will be close cousins forever. I loved having cousins close to my age. I see Kyla and Emma together and they are best friends. I love that.

Anyways that's my news for this week. Have a good weekend, and Happy Canada Day! (on Thursday)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Bugger

Guess what Jayci learned how to do? Dangit.

Last week I went into the girls room because Presley was freaking out at bedtime, (usually because she drops one of her animals or her drink) so I leaned in to give her a hug and calm her down and I heard a couple quick bangs behind me. I turn around and Jayci is out of her crib! It was kinda hilarious actually. She was so fast!

So tonight we hear them laughing and playing after putting them to bed and I knew Jayci was out, so I went to listen by the door and I could hear her walking around the room. I hoped she would just climb back in her crib. I peaked in and saw this...

Yes she is standing on her, and yes they are both laughing.

Don't mind the snotty nose on Jayci. Like you know which one is her anyways, other than the snotty nose I just told you about....

Then I told her to get back into her bed, so she did....

Well I guess this is what happens when you have twins! It's way fun for them! Not so much for us. This is why I have been dreading even thinking of putting them into beds. Now what? Do I have a choice? I was thinking of turning their cribs into toddler beds just to see how it goes. We were going to eventually sell the cribs and put that money towards two toddler beds. By the time I have another baby i'll just by a new crib, since that will be a while. We were hoping to hold off until Christmas, just because a crib is so much nicer, they are trapped and that's the way we like it.

By the way, Presley is ticked she doesn't know how.

Wish me luck, I have no idea what i'm doing.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I finally did it

After talking about it forever, I decided to go for it. I chopped my hair off. I absolutely LOVE it! Ya the long hair was "so pretty" but would you want to do that hair everyday? I sure didn't. I only loved it when I curled it and did it cute, which was only on Sunday's for church....every other time. Not worth it. So I hacked it. It's so fun and easy and perfect for summer and perfect for me!

So what do you think? Am I sexy? I think so.

So this weekend is a bit crazy! Dustin has his last day of school tomorrow, and he is writing his final! I know he'll do great, he's worked hard. You know how I know? Because I lost my husband for 8 weeks somewhere. He would stay at the school until 9:30 at night majority of the time and take help from teachers at every opportunity. He has done so good on every test so far and i'm a proud woman. So good luck to my man tomorrow!

Also Dustin and I are taking a quick trip down south to take care of our new renters in our condo etc. So we aren't taking the kids and it's super quick. It'll be kinda nice to have just the two of us before he goes back to the dreaded work. SUCKY. Although we do need the money so I can't complain. I just hope we don't have anymore 18's and 24's. If you don't know what that means, then you suck as a blogger friend and don't read my other posts.

So after we get back (Sunday night), then Monday we are going to spend the day at the spray park with the kids. It has been SO nice here. Like 25 and above and it's supposed to be like this for the next two weeks. I am LOVING it. Especially since southern Alberta is getting flooded out. First two snow storms and now flooding, and we've had nice weather every time. Looks like we moved to a great place! Tuesday Dust goes back to work, and our life is normal again. Well for 2 months, then it's school again.... Well i'm gonna go work on my tan, which is turning out quite well I must say.

Peace out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bored and Bikini's

That's what i've been this week. Like, going insane bored! I've been sick for a week, a stupid WEEK with some random nasty head cold that WON'T get better. So I have no energy to do anything but i'm SO bored!! You can only clean and cook so many times, besides who wants to do that as a choice when their bored? Not me.

And guess what? Right now......you guessed it, i'm bored! Dustin is out running (cuz I don't do that, always hated it and always will) kids are in bed, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Can't watch tv, because i'm recording a show and can't watch another show while it's recording. Stupid old shaw PVR's, i'm going to call and get their new ones which are way better. I got the shaft one. Anyways and i'm sick of browsing online for random things because that's what i've been doing all week! So which brings me to blogging. I'm just going to write and whatever comes out, will be.

Dustin has one week left of school. Did you hear that?? ONE WEEK! I am so freakin excited. School is NOT fun, who ever thought it would be better than work is crazy. (Me) We don't get paychecks, only EI which who the heck can live off that? And I never see my husband! He is gone at the school studying all. the. time. It's gay. Anyways so i'm excited.

Kyla is hilarious lately. I don't know what she's been watching or thinking about but she has been asking me some pretty deep questions. Let me list some

Kyla- "What's in our bodies?"

Me- "um bones and blood and our stomach etc etc"

Kyla, "what's in our blood?"

Me- "uh....iron?"

and that ended that conversation

Next conversation,

Kyla "Where do our tongues go?"

Me (Dustin was there beside me) "um way down our throats into our stomachs"

Dustin "HA, what? No it doesn't!"

Me "whatever"

Next conversation

Kyla (after coming out of the bathroom and looking really confused) "Mom what should I do with my clothes when I get bigger?"

Me- "um we'll put them in a box and Jayci and presley can wear them too when they fit them"

Kyla- "ya but what should I wear, should I just wear your clothes then?"


Me "Kyla daddy bought you new batteries for your computer, so you can play it now!"

Kyla "yay i'm so excited! That's my favorite part of daddy."

At least he's good for something I guess...

Some other random things

"What's in our bones?" (Not sure where all these body questions are coming from)

"Mom what was your dream about?" She asks this ALL THE TIME. and then she proceeds to tell me hers "Mine was about Emma falling out my window"

Me "Oh that's not a good dream." what the? how does she remember dreams or even know what they are? Crazy kid.

So those are some things she says, I keep writing them down lately because i'm always so confused at what she asks and I never know how to answer. She really makes me think!

The pictures finally worked.
Kyla got invited to a little friends bday party at the spray park and the kids loved it! I love the little girls in bikinis! Especially the little belly's. Hey you got it? Flaunt it right?

Kyla and some girl friends.

Emma, Kyla, Leela and Jayna.

Well my husband just came through the door so i'm going to watch my show, whether he likes it or not. Later homies.

Monday, June 07, 2010


I swear the DAY Kyla turned two, she changed into this little miss attitude. I was like, "where did my sweet girl, who listened to everything I say go?!" She was SO stubborn! She never stayed in her time outs on the stairs, or anywhere. Ever. It came to the point where I had to lock her in her room for my sake and her safety! I'd have to have my housecoat tied from her door to the bathroom door. She would NOT calm down, and she'd scream and kick the door. Hard. There were numerous phone calls to Dustin with me in tears, not knowing what to do. I went over and over about what to do, I tried a million things, I can't even remember them though. Dangit. But some days I just wanted to beat her. Don't judge me, you all know what I am talking about!

I even tried spanking when I thought it called for it, but that didn't even phase her and it hurt me more than her. Actually one time I tried swatting her and she was freaking out and whipping everywhere I missed and bent my finger really bad and actually thought I broke it. Remember this? Ya that's what REALLY happened. That doesn't make me look like an abusive mother at all.......

So that was a hard time to get through and she is still really stubborn and has a hard time listening. Which I assume is normal for most kids. I got her figured out pretty well now, but man she still drives me nuts sometimes.

Breathe Mindy Breathe.

So I thought I was blessed. My twins would sit on the bottom stair for their timeout and would STAY. They wouldn't move until I said, "ok go give so and so a hug and say sorry" and they would! It was pure joy. I loved timeouts. I felt like I actually had control. It was awesome. WELL, don't get too excited Mindy because it's all crap, a huge load of crap. Jayci and Presley throw tantrums which is whatever. I would just sit them on the stair and they would stay, the were freaking out, but they would stay until I said. Until last week..... I had a minor panic attack. I sat her down (her being one of the twins, I can't remember who though) and she flails off the stair rolling around on the floor and then gets up and runs away! I tried to put her back like 4 times and she kept doing it. Finally I gave in. Bad idea I know. Remember don't judge me. And this happened all week with both of them. No one was listening or staying or hugging with kisses. All my order had went out the window. What. the. crap.

They DID just turn 2. Weird.

So on Saturday I was sick and Jayci was throwing a tantrum because her and Presley were fighting and I put her in a timeout because she was the one hitting. Dustin was gone because he took Kyla for a little bike ride. So I said, that's it, I'M winning this time. So I sat her down and held her there. She was freaking out and I was sick and didn't want to fight so I picked her up and took her to her room and shut the door. She was screaming and kicking and hitting the door.

It was like a dejavu nightmare! No, No, No! I do not want to be doing this again with two of them!

I just need to be firm and stick to it. I watched Dr. Phil and he had a lady on there who wrote a book on Parenting I actually want it really bad. It's called The Big Book of Parenting. Super good. And she said why do we count to 3? Why do we give them that chance, they should just learn to do it the first time you ask. So i've been trying to do that and it actually is true. Why count to 3? Just do it when mom says! She said that moms give in because it's the easy route. I totally understand that. It's less stressful for US. I agree. Just things you don't think about, and she has a great way of parenting. Anyways I can't wait to get it. I really want it.

What works for your kid(s)? I love to hear how other people parent, it just gives me a different view of it. I love it. So share away!

Kyla I need help with too, she pesters the little girls and they are crying and freaking out because she is bugging them. So I get mad at her and she just laughs at me. Seriously.

Please pray for me, actually pray for the kids. Who knows how long they'll be alive.