Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Santa

I'm so proud of myself how on top of things I am this year. I already had the girls write and mail out their Santa letters and it's not even December. ha.

Kyla asked for the leapfrog leap pad, which originally was an iphone but we said um, no. So then she saw the leap pad on and asked what it was and she was set on it. So we'll see if Santa can find one that isn't sold out! She also wants a make up set, which originally was a vanity but we talked about it and she doesn't really have room for a vanity so just a make up set with a mirror will be great. And then of course a Snow White princess dress.

Jayci asked for an Angry Birds "stumpy" (they always call little stuffed animals, stumpys, ha), so funny. They both saw them in a flyer and wanted them so bad, it even made the Santa letter! She also wanted a Cinderella or no, Sleeping beauty princess dress and new princess dolls. She couldn't make up her mind. I even had to fix it on her letter. (Picture down below) But yay more princess dolls! So they can fight over them more...

Presley was pretty much the same thing as Jayci but a Belle princess dress.

Laken didn't write a letter obviously but she wants some toys and clothes. She told me.

So I actually have them almost all done! That's right we bought stuff!! I was so excited! I also had Jill pick up a few things in Edmonton for me and have a few people looking around for a specific "out of stock everywhere" gift! This weekend I will go get Dustin's stuff, he is easy this year thank goodness. I did plan it out a while ago so that helped.

I had a hard time coming up with stuff for me but I finally dug deep and came up with some things. Mainly clothes as always... accessories and some other random stuff like a house and boots.


Loving Presley's (in pink) bed head from the morning sticking straight out. These were taken at 5pm...
I may not brush my girls hair everyday but we do write Santa letters! 
What do you think they'll remember when they are older?? I'll answer that, for sure the letters.

 This picture is my favorite. Jayci (left) accidentally bumped Presley and this was her scolding her for it. "Jayci, you just bumped me, don't do that again." Hilarious.

And we can't forget Laken! She can bounce the crap out of her jolly jumper. She loves it.

And tell me she isn't the cutest? This hat is my fav, it's one of 4 my friend Alison made her. I am in love with it! Oh and the baby too!

Today is a sick day for me. Actually day 2. Not sure what I have, just feel weak and achy and gross. Oh well, the girls let me sleep in and they even cleaned the living room for me! They really are amazing girls, most days. ha. I love em.

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kelsey said...

They have leap pads on Amazon. . . for like, more than double what they are anywhere else! Yikes. I'm glad Norah doesn't know to ask for stuff like that yet. Lol.

The Santa letters are super cute, and you're right, that is what they'll remember. The twins' hair is so long!