Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween part 1- Pure Evil


We went to a Halloween Party at Jills and I originally bought the Alice in Wonderland costume because it was simple and cheap from walmart. But I wasn't thrilled about it and I think people need to be scary things on Halloween because it's more fun that way! So I vamped it up a bit!
So....Someone killed Alice... 

The Ladies at the party!
Left to Right
Jill-mummy, Sharisse and Michelle- pink ladies, Me obviously- dead Alice, Mandy- vampire, 
Carolyn-plug socket, Julie-mummy, Becky- Poison Ivy

 The Gents! L-R
Travis- a zombie, Kimball-wolverine, Don-the plug in, Dustin- phsyco, Matt- cop, Dean- vampire, Jay-mummy

So what do ya think??
If you don't dress up for Halloween, you are a LOSER!! 
Just kidding, kind of.


Alison said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Sharisse looks hit as a pink lady! And so you know I won't be a looser tomorrow cause I'm dressing up for Leelas school. Oh, the things I do for my kids! Lol

Alison said...

Hot, not hit. Lol

kelsey said...

thanks for the nightmares I'm going to have tonight. sheesh.

Megan LePard said...

haha! awesome costumes!!

AKutarna said...

Your costumes were pretty much amazing!

henline crew said...

I don't dress up for Halloween. I've never been big on Halloween but I like looking at everyone else's costumes. Yours rock! It's too bad I am a loser!! :( haha

noelle said...

I'm such a blog stalker, but I totally love your costume! Awesome. Also, what's your secret to looking so great after FOUR kids?! or is it just good genetics? Either way, I'm jealous.