Thursday, October 29, 2009


Once again, no i'm not pregnant!

This is for my awesome business! (Again) But you should still be as excited as if I were pregnant!

I thought about doing this when I first started but I didn't want to get ahead of myself, but as I was putting in my order tonight I got confirmation that I should definately start! I'm going to start doing cake toppers! I know monograms are huge right now and that's why I wanted to do it in the first place. They are going to be fancier than my normal letters and come in 2 different sizes 4" and 6" and stick right into the top of the cake. I want to make them with crystals, rhinestones, pearls or anything to match the decor. I ordered one and will make it to show you how cute they are (or will be anyways!). I still have to figure out prices etc so i'll get back to ya on that. But ya, I love having fun new announcements for my business.
You can see more details on the site HERE!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots to say!

I'm going to do this in 3 different posts so it's more organized, so make sure you get it all!

So this last Sunday the nursery invited Jayci and Presley to come in for the first bit and last bit of nursery, everything but the lesson and snack to help them adjust to it. So I got thinking about how I can get them to tell them apart easily. So I thought of bracelets which I always make them but somehow they pull them off and break them, so that's pointless. Then I thought about getting them ID bracelets but those are a little pricey and more for like Christmas. ;) And then it hit me!! So I finally convinced Dustin and in we went....

We got their EARS PIERCED!!

Jayci before
Jayci after, a little tears but she got over it in seconds as soon as she got a sucker
Presley before

Presley after! She wasn't too sure what just happened.

Presley after with daddy

Jayci's new bling!
Jayci (left) got white flowers and Presley (right) got pink. We always put Presley in pink for people because they both start with "P" So we did the earrings the same way! I LOVE them! Who knew they could get any cuter!!

Keep reading, there is 2 more posts for ya!!

Sunday pictures

Since Dustin had 4 days off (which flew by of course) I wanted to take some pictures. I haven't been the best at taking pictures lately, obviously. So here ya go!
Before Church, all cute in their new skirts and I love the touques we got them.

Presley in the pink, Jayci in the brown.

Havin some fam time
Jayci trying on daddy's costume
I wanted a picture with me and Jayci and Presley, but they weren't feelin it...

Kyla, she is seriously changing latey and looking so grown up.

All my girls
These two are crazy and they just love each other.

Halloween Party!

We had our Halloween party on Saturday and it was awesome! There were 17 people including us and we had a blast! I wish we had a bigger house but it was still so fun. I'll definately do it again. We played Mafia almost the whole time and of course visited and ate food. Everyone brought awesome food and I made all dessert type stuff. I was so glad everyone dressed up. It was great! So i'll just post pics and tell you as I go.

Here is my food set up before everyone got there. I did candy apples, cupcakes, oreos (with chocolate on them) and of course Halloween candy.

Emily and Greg
She just had a baby so she was a "mom" and Greg came late from work so he wasn't dressed up

Pam was a Geisha, Tom was super sick so he couldn't make it
Dustin and I
The grim reaper and GHOULDilocks. I hate this picture but it's the best I have of us, I should of took more.
RoxAnne and Ryan
bubble bath and Nudist on Strike

Becky and Kimball
Coco Chanel and Indiana Jones

Tim and Lindsay
Chef and Bun in the oven, her due date was the time on the oven and she made this costume!

Curtis and Elysa
Zorro and "Elysa" (and Violet came!)

Todd and Rebecca
Thing 1 and 2, she also made these and I love them!

Jill and Travis

And some other pics, this was the other decent one of us.

Playing Mafia, we had so much fun! I love this game!

Chillin and eatin, what else is a party for!

So there ya go! 3 big posts with lots of pictures!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Then and now

Lately my days have been a challenge with these little girls. Kyla has been bugging the babies a lot and they cry. They cry a lot. They are clingy and whiny and fussy. It is hard to get anything done around here. I'm lucky if I get the dishes done. Kyla thinks it's funny to pull the gate down off the stairs and the babies love it so they all run (well crawl) up the stairs and destroy the rooms, so up and down I go carrying both babies at the same time. I have gotten Kyla into trouble for it so she knows it's not funny. But now the babies have figured out how to knock over the gate themselves and climb up it. Next they get into the bathroom...well we all know how that goes! So in and out of there about a hundred times a day. This is only a couple of things that I do numerous times a day ontop of all the other awesome things that went right, like the birds destroying our garbage in the backyard, or the whole bag of frozen peas I spilled all over in the fridge and all over the kitchen, or the migraine that came out of nowhere and made me want to kill myself. Or trying to clean the glass on the tv stand with the kids putting their handprints on it while I wipe. Plus everything I do I have at least 2 girls literally attached to my legs (no joke), while crying....and fighting. As in pushing and pulling eachother off me. Oh goodness.

I feel like i'm not living up the the expectations of what a mom should be, but really i'm exhausted and have accomplished nothing but a big mess. Please tell me i'm not alone! Tomorrow is Dustin's LAST DAY!! We should have a party!!!...oh wait, WE ARE! We are having a halloween party on Saturday night at our house and there is a lot of people coming and I am so excited! So i've been trying to get ready for it, one day at a time.
Monday, I cleaned off the fridge and microwave and wiped walls and doors. Which were discusting and I can't believe I didn't notice them before! Tuesday I cleaned the house spotless, which was pointless because about 2 hours later it looked like I did absolutely nothing. Am I the only one with a house like this? Is this normal? Where is the wonder woman they say I am who should be constantly cleaning up messes? I have said this before, I hate messes. But I also hate cleaning constantly! Today, well I dusted and thats it. My floors need swept at least twice a day, and the vacuum comes out daily. I never knew what it was like to have two kids, so I can't compare to that, I got three. Life with Kyla was easy, it was fun and I said a lot that it was, well.... boring! Well it is definately NOT boring now is it!!
Anyways there is my rant for the day. I'm grouchy so this is very uplifting for you, are you exhasuted yet?? I am.

so happy.....
ps: I promise after the weekend i'll have a million pictures for ya!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Change is good. This is a small change. I'm going to change how I go about blogging. Instead of a regular weekly post on the biggest or most important thing that happened, i'm going to concentrate more on the little things in our life. The important things. The daily things.
Most of you know I have a crappy memory and I think it's only getting worse. This will help with that, it will help me remember those daily things that become a blur at the end of the week. Now I can definately call this, my journal.

Here it goes. (Today will be short and sweet)

Today has involved,

-a makeover by Kyla, who told me my hair was messy and knotty. (I guess she noticed, I haven't showered since Friday) probably tonight. I'll do it for Dustin I guess. These are the days I don't look in a mirror.

-A floor covered in crackers and popcorn.

-30 minutes of working on orders, then the babies woke up.

-Watching a new movie from my dear husband for my birthday, Bride wars. I've watched it about 5 times since Friday. This involved me with all 3 girls at my side on the couch, sharing a big bowl of popcorn. I felt blessed at that moment.

-me missing Dustin badly, and counting down till Friday.

-A little Jayci running up to me for a big hug, I picked her up and squoze her tight. These are the best things in life. Then I felt a naked bum. I guess she thought she needed some air.

-Playing on the floor with the girls and chasing them around the house, this is daily. I love sitting on the floor with open arms and not saying a word to see who notices, and within seconds I have 3 little girls who run and jump into my arms. I love this.

-Listening to loud music dancing our hearts out, this is also a daily ritual. One day i'll get a video for ya.

And now i'm about to cook some dinner, a caserole. Because it's easy and I procrastinated today. Actually I procrastinate a lot, you will come to notice this as I let you see more into my life. This could be dangerous.

These girls were cuddling and I actually caught it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A break

Yes two posts in one day, I must be bored, tired or just lots I want to say.
This break i'm talking about isn't from being a busy mom, it's from my other job. Lately I have been really overwhelmed, mostly this week. Not with the kids but with the responsibility of having 20 orders coming in this week. Yep 20. That's a lot of work. Maybe it also has to do with the fact Dustin has been working a lot so I have been taking on a lot around the house also, which is ok but I don't have time for anything else. I absolutely love what I do, and I know it's what i'm meant to do but maybe a little break might be good.
I take a lot of time on each order so it's perfect and treat it as if it's my own. I don't always have a sitter so I can run to the store and get supplies, so I have to haul the girls downtown with me and spend an hour going through stock to find the perfect stuff for each order. I have found myself becoming lazy with my work. On the average I have around 15-30 orders a month. So it takes up a lot of time and dedication.
Let me break it down.
I now work in the basement, and sometimes I would go down for quick work while the girls ate, or played, or napped. Now they are into everything and Kyla doesn't help with that lately. She was so good before but she loves to play with the girls and that means they become mischievous together. She takes the gate down and lets them upstairs into our rooms, and yesterday they pulled the curtains right out of the wall, perfect. She thinks it's funny and it's not a huge deal but I can't leave them for long.
It's gotten to the point now that I think, do I shower, do dishes, clean up/house chores, play with the girls, plan our Halloween party, work on my relief society lesson, work on Christmas gifts, catch up with my sisters and mom on the phone, etc....or work on orders. What do you think comes last on that list? I definitely still want to do it, but maybe a little break will do me some good and get rejuvenated. I also need to work on my health, which also isn't the best right now. So that doesn't help with me feeling up to doing orders.
So here's my thought. I'll finish the orders I have and continue taking orders until October 31st, which is my cutoff for Christmas orders. Then after that I might take a break until after Christmas and then get going again.
So that's my latest thoughts, I don't know what to do...

ps: sorry for the lack of pictures...I'll make up for it next time.


Well at least that's how I feel when i'm in public with Jayci and Presley. I get this at least 10 every store...
"Are they twins?"
Umm no, they are complete strangers in the same clothes and same headbands and they ironically look identical. Weird eh?
Or at least that's what I feel like saying.

It takes me twice as long to go grocery shopping because we get stopped so many times. Really, it's crazy how many. I honestly try not to make eye contact with anyone or else they stop and ask a million questions about them. Kyla sits in the cart thinking, "Hello? I'm here too!" Poor girl, she seriously tries to put on a show to get their attention too. Obviously she is just a 3 year old girl and nothing special to them compared to the "Twins". But she is the older sister who constantly has to battle for attention over the girls. A lot of people do acknowledge her once they notice her and ask her the big sister questions, which is good. It's not a problem at home because I definately give equal attention and that's a big deal and we have to be careful not to ignore Kyla in the midst of being entertained by two who are doing the exact same thing all the time. Also who are constantly learning and doing new things and it's super exciting.
I love the other comments I get,
"You must be wonder woman!"
Well I definately don't feel like wonder woman. I am just a regular mom and I honestly think I have it a lot easier than a lot of other moms out there. It's more fun and entertaining if anything! I've just learned not to worry about the little things. So what if the dishes don't get done, or the load of laundry doesn't get folded, or we eat Kraft dinner for supper. I hate messes I really do, but it's not worth stressing over if i'm already tired from taking care of the kids. So who cares right!
"I'm glad it's you and not me."
I don't get this as much as I used to and I always think it's rude. Yes, I got pregnant knowing it was twins and it's exactly what I wanted and expected.
Actually I never wanted twins and I did feel bad for those who had them, and they were always weird moms with a bazillion kids and weren't cool. lol Well the second I found out I was pregnant with twins, my entire view changed instantly and I couldn't be more excited. I am no longer cool I guess and yes I can be little weird. So I do fall into my own stereotype. Meh.
I am so blessed with these little girls and I love every chaotic minute of it. The lord knew what he was doing when he gave me these girls.
"oh the poor dad!"
I laugh every time when people say this. Ya poor him with the hormones and pms and makeup and hair. I think he'll love it. When I think of this I think of my sisters and I. I have 3 younger sisters and no brothers, and my dad always said how blessed he was and he never wishes or regrets they never had a boy. I already know Dustin feels this way, but maybe he will get lucky with one boy. ;)
"Are they yours?" or "They aren't yours are they?"
Yep, I definately pushed them out, I remember. People are so shocked that they are actually mine. I guess I am young to have 3 kids already, and maybe I look "cool" ;) I'm not gonna lie, I never thought i'd get back to my original size before getting pregnant. So that's always a topic they bring up. I'm not one to talk about my weight but I am a normal girl who eats really crappy actually and I am who I am. Anyways that's another post for another time...
So yes these are my kids.
Well those are the most common things people say. As well as, "they are beautiful!" or "cute headbands, where did you get them?"
Yesterday I got stopped about 15 times in walmart, plus everyone else who stared at me when I walked by. I don't hate it, and I don't love it. It just is what it is I guess and I have lots more years of it! I just keep going like, yup this is me and my girls and i'm proud of it! I'm definately used to it, but my friends and family get a kick out of it forsure. It's like when you have a tiny newborn baby and everyone stops and "oooh's and ahh's" but ALL THE TIME!
Well there is a glimpse into my life as a celebrity!
Anyone want my autograph??

Thursday, October 15, 2009


They have started, the Stop. Drop. and Roll. Well it's more like fall, kick and scream and whack your head on anything around you. Your typical, all out tantrum. Jayci and Presley have begun this stage and we are just loving it.
They fight over everything, toys, books, who gets to sit on mom, and anything else for that matter. Kyla definately gets in on it when she can, like any normal big sister would. Well I decided today they are not too young for timeouts. So once again they were fighting, like physically fighting, so I peeled them off eachother. (like animals) and put them like this...
that's right. I'm the boss.
and this happened...
and within seconds it all turned into this...
and this... Yes they are laughing. A lot.

I was trying to be serious. Moody much?? They have PMS and they aren't even 2.
ps: I am surviving, 7 more days left!! Until HE is off! Tomorrow is my birthday so we're actually going on a date that is way needed. I don't even care that it's my birthday I just want to see my husband. He keeps me grounded and makes me happy. Lots of fun stuff to come but until then, it's a boring life of a mom and 3 little beauties and our wonderful house full of hormones.

Friday, October 09, 2009

You want it? it's yours!


Well not for free. But for only $30 you can have this super cute Halloween decor! (I sound like a sales person) I guess I AM trying to sell it! It has to go!
I found it cleaning out my craft show bin and forgot about it. So the only thing different on the one you'll get is the B is a different pattern but same color. So e-mail me or comment and i'll ship it today!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Random and family pictures-ish

First. Thank you SO much to everyone who responded to my last post. I couldn't believe the love and care from all you. I really do appreciate you guys showing me how much you support me. I decided i'm just going to keep going with what i'm doing and not let it affect me because this is what I LOVE to do and I know this is what i'm meant to do, so nothing will hold me back from it. I love you all to death, thank you!

Another thing, I MAY be going private, I have over 300 hits a DAY and the same people always comment, the important ones, so who are these other people?? Seriously over 28,000 people since March!? I kept it public for business sake, but i'm busy enough for now and people can follow my business blog if they want to keep up on that. This is more for family and friends and people who love me. Oh I mean my family.
So I dunno i've been contemplating it for a while, i'm 85% sure I might. We'll see.

Well i'm sitting here on my couch bored out of my tree, so i'm blogging. Which is weird because I could be working on orders, or doing the dishes, or laundry, or anything for that matter. There is always something to be done in this house. Anyways Dustin is working so we (Kyla and I) tried to watch conference this morning but it cut out and then wouldn't work, so I decided to watch the relief society broadcast I missed last week. Then Dustin and I can watch conference tonight together. It just "feels" like Sunday and I should do nothing, which i'm totally ok with.

I went to put conference on and told Kyla Church is on tv today, she said "No... I don't want to go to heaven yet." not too sure where she got that from but it was cute. So I had to explain. I've been teaching her a lot about the church, who Joseph Smith was and how he built the first temple and who Jesus Christ, Hevenly Father and President Monson are. She is so in love with the temple so I also told her how we all got sealed together forever and she loved that. She is so smart and I want her to be a smart girl going into sunbeams in January because I know she can be that girl.

So we attempted family pictures last night. Dustin is working 24 days in a row, because he picked up some overtime on thanksgiving weekend. Which I don't care about because it will be perfect for Christmas. So he catches the bus at 5:30am and walks in the door at 6:30pm so the only time was last night. Jill took them for us, I just wanted some simple pictures of us in the leaves and she has a good camera. Fall up here lasts about a week, and Jill leaves tomorrow for a week. So it was now or never. Anyways by the time we rushed out there it was a little too dark so she had to put it on night settings. So everything showed up blurry, there were a couple decent ones but nothing I loved. Besides it was FREEZING and all our kids were frozen to the bone. Jill even had to drag her kids out because there were no sitters. We were out there at most 20 minutes and my hands were numb! I think it was too forced and not meant to be. So we'll try the snow. How cute will that be all dressed in "warm clothes." I actually am excited and think it'll be pretty, especially up here, there are so many trees and it's so beautiful in the winter. Maybe we'll be lucky and by the time we do them (Dustin's next day off, the 24th) there may not be snow. I'm crossing my fingers. Here i'll show you the best ones we got, most of them are of Dustin and I, that's all that matters anyways. I wasn't going to put any of them on but they are pretty cute, considering the darkness and blurryness.

This is normal.
I had to show you this one, check out Kyla...

So what else, i've just been working and being a mom. The kids are busy as always, getting too smart. Climbing EVERYTHING. My house is literally empty because they destroy and play with everything. I'm going to redo this place so I love it and they can't wreck it. I guess that's what they call baby proofing, although I never had to do any changes until now and they aren't babies anymore...
Well life is going to be pretty low key these next couple weeks. I'm sure i'll tell you all about it...