Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Pictures

So I can't wait any longer or else it'll be next year. I don't have a scanner and so I took a picture of the pictures, so the quality obviously isn't great at all. It doesn't do them justice but this is our new family picture and the twins together. LOVE them!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I honestly have never been happier and I love my husband and my girls. I am so blessed with living in Fort Mcmurray and we LOVE our life. I have said before that I have the best marriage and I am truly married to my best friend, we talk about anything and everything. I am so grateful for my friends, everyone needs the love and support of friends. I love you all.

Not too much has happened lately for me to blog about and I haven't took any pictures. I just deleted my memory card, so be prepared! I am even going to take some videos of Jayci crawling and the kids just playing around. We'll see if I can get them on here too. Dustin and I took an overnight trip to Edmonton with just the babies and us on Sunday night. I had a specialist appointment on Monday morning and we did some shopping and then came home. It was so nice to get away for even a day! It felt longer thats forsure and it was fun! That's honestly all that has happened lately so i'm sorry for no pictures. I will try and get some on in the next day or two because I do need to be better at taking pictures. I think it's because I hate my camera, maybe i'll get a better one soon here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

oh my giveaways

So I want to win all of this cool stuff, seriously if I don't I probably will go buy it! So go get a chance to win cuz they even have a KITCHEN AID!!! I have wanted one forever!! So either click on the birthday bash link on the right or click here

Monday, February 16, 2009

how cute am I

Happy Valentines Day!
So for Valentines I wanted to do something different, I usually do something little but cute. Last year I cut out pink and red hearts and plastered our house wall and on each one of them was a different reason why I love Dustin. I know i'm a good wife that way. ha no he loved it. Well this year I decided to get creative and write a poem! I've never written a poem before, ever. So I will definately share with you all cuz I really was proud of it!

In the movie of our life

In the movie of our life
Staring just you and me
I agreed to be your wife

Cuz you said “Marry me”

It’s almost been 5 years

And I know you all too well
Here’s what I’ve grown to love
It’s a story I will tell

We met through a friend one night
You were quite good looking I’ll say

You were a basketball star

And not from the KKK!

We tied the knot in spring
The best day of my life

We were married for eternity

I promised to be the best wife

We moved around alberta

To find the perfect place

You brought me to fort mcmurray
So there wasn’t a welfare case

We discovered some things we’re good at

I guess I like to give birth

Hey we’re doing what we’re told

They said to replenish the earth!

You are such a hard worker
No matter what the task

You never complain or say no

To anything I ask

You have some great goals

One is to have some toys

But maybe if your lucky

You’ll get some baby boys!

We get a long so well
And there is no better half
You know just what to say

And you always make me laugh

I love you way too much

You are my perfect mate

Except for one small thing

How you always make me late!

We’ve only had a few scenes
There is so much more to write

I can’t wait to see the whole story
I’ll be front row opening night.

I love you. Mindy

I also bought a little something for Dustin. Something I knew he would love...Thank you La Senza! We had a great night just spending time together. We did go out to dinner but I didn't really want to do anything else but come home and just be cute together and of course full of love love love!

Well that's my Valentines post! I was going to put this on here on Valentines day but it wouldn't load. So here you are.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jayci and Presley

So I haven't ever really done a post dedicated to the girls and what their accomplishments have been. I guess with all the other babies out there it's not hard to compare and I kind of have a hard time with how behind my girls are compared to everyone else. Being 7 weeks premature, they are about 7 weeks behind on development which is totally normal and my doctor told me to expect it. I have a hard time not blaming myself for going into preterm labour and so I feel like I could of done something different to go longer and that they would be on track for development. I guess it was around 4-6 months where I noticed they didn't really do much and just felt like newborns for a long time. I love my girls no matter what they are doing but I have a hard time with other people who don't understand the prematurity part of it. They say it can take up to a year old to catch up and lately they have been doing so much! I am just that much more excited to see them do something new when they do it!
For starters this has all happened since Christmas. 3 weeks ago they started to roll, and a week later they were all over the livingroom. Last week they started sitting up all on their own and have now mastered it. They are so strong, they even pull on things to try and sit up on their own. Jayci is up on her hands and knees and even rocks back and forth and Presley is soon to be right behind her! They are starting to accept more foods and have taken to solids very slowly. Since 6 months old they have only really liked pablum and would gag on everything else. Now they are starting to like mostly everything. They are eating 3 times a day and still nursing as well which I am so lucky to still be able to do. They both say dadada and bababa. They both weigh just over 16lbs (15-20th percentile) and the nurse said they are developing right on track so that was so good to hear! They are so much fun and I love how they are getting little personalities. Oh and they turned 8 months old on the 27th of January, time flies! So that's the latest on what they are doing! (Presley is on the left and Jayci on the right) There is nothing better than seeing those big contagious smiles all day, and they are literally like that all day! I couldn't be luckier!
Last night Dustin was playing with them on the floor for a few minutes before he had to rush off to volleyball. They were both just loving the attention from dad and so happy. Well he had to go so he got up and walked towards to door and they both turned right around and looked at him walking away and started crying! They were so sad! It was hilarious and I said, "aww daddy look what your leaving!" it was so cute though they had the most devastated looks on their faces. They have never done anything like that! I wish I had a video camera and soon i'll have some videos on here.
Ok I have to tell you what just happened, literally, right now. Dustin is not home...again, he is at Scouts. Anyways I heard crunching outside my front door, almost like footsteps on my step. So my heart starts pounding and i'm thinking that a creep man is gonna break in! So then there was a quick knock at the door and of course i'm already freaked out so I didn't want to answer it. I went to my front window and peeked out and couldn't see anyone, but this was after a few seconds of hiding in the kitchen. I have to tell you I tend to get myself worked up and freaked out easily, especially at night at home, alone! Anyways so I called Dustin and told him and he said to go upstairs and look out our bedroom window but I still couldn't see anyone. He said to not worry about it and that they are gone. Well I was all freaked out and didn't want to go in the livingroom thinking they can see through my window. I kept thinking about what I would do if someone broke in and if they hurt the kids etc... I know I have issues. Well I called Dustin again to see if he was gonna leave and he said no because they were busy and I should call my mom or sister to get my mind off of it. (Thanks hun) Well....I turned off my livingroom light and tried to peek out the window again and still no one, so I finally got the guts up to open the door a crack. As soon as I opened it, this guy jumped out from behind the tree!!! Jokes no one was there, haha just a bunch of cute paper hearts taped all over my door with the cutest things written all over them about how awesome I am!! and to top it off there was chocolate on the ground! haha oh man I felt retarded. So I called Dustin and told him to stay and I was fine, he of course laughed at me and was that he was on his way hom. Well that was my heartattack for the night!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

This is the first bath with the twins together! They loved it!

And as always some random fun ones. I love this picture, she always has to hold them right when they wake up. She is the best big sister and loves them so much.
This is how Kyla watched the Superbowl, she even had to have the toys hanging. so funny.

Just playing on the floor, they could be happy just rolling around forever! They are so good at entertaining themselves, especially when they attack eachother. I have to go in and seperate them already!
I can't believe how big my baby girl is getting and she is so pretty. We have so much fun together. I just love her so much.