Friday, April 15, 2011

Laken's arrival

First of all, thank you so much for all the congrats and help and kind things people have done for us over the last week. I am so happy and so blessed and things have been so perfect.

As dramatic as things have been the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy, the delivery went so smooth.

Here is Laken's birth story.

Friday morning I woke up with some contractions, again. I had been having them since the "false" labor the first few times but I wasn't sure so Dustin stayed home just in case. Then they stopped. Of course. I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon at 3:45 and he decided to strip my membranes, which killed by the way. So pretty much immediately after the appointment I started getting some contractions and they kept coming. I decided I was NOT going to the hospital until my water broke or the baby was crowning. Ok kidding about the crowning part...sort of, but I had to be in a lot of pain before I went in because I was not getting sent home again! I was so exhausted of constantly thinking I was going into labor over the last 2 weeks and then it would stop. Well the girls were already at Jill's house while we went to the appointment so we went there and she fed us all dinner. While I was eating the contractions got pretty painful and I knew it was really it, but I still wasn't going in!

We decided it was probably going to be tonight so we figured it would be best for the girls to stay at Jill's instead of bringing them in the middle of the night or later that evening after going to bed. Thank you Jill! We came home and got their stuff and went back to her house and hung out for a couple hours to wait until I was dying in pain. So they were pretty strong contractions, lasting about a minute and about 3 mins apart. Normally this is when they say you'd go in, but they started like this, and this is exactly how my other labors were from the very start. I don't get those small ones that gradually get worse and closer together. Mine start strong and close. So it was about 9pm and I was getting really exhausted so we went in. She checked me...I was 4cm. Which the doctor said I was only a 2 at the appt. But a couple weeks ago I was a 3-4cm? So really I had no idea what I really was at, but now we we're going by what the nurses said. So she wanted me to walk for an hour to see if I would still progress. I was so tired. So we walked, called people, and Dustin laughed at me and my determination to get this baby out. Then we went back, I was 5cm and my waters were bulging! So I was in! This was it! We were SO happy. I didn't care when I went in, I could have went to the end of the pregnancy, but man I was so tired of this false labor and being in pain that I was so ready to be done. It was wearing me out.

Dustin excited it's time!

a lovely contraction at 1am

So they moved me into a delivery room and I told them I didn't want an epidural so we just waited it out and they suggested to walk more and my water would probably break on its own which I really wanted this time. It was about midnight and Dustin pulled out the video camera to take some video, and the battery was DEAD! Are you kidding? It had 4 mins left on the battery. I charged it up to be right ready to go but totally forgot we used it at Kyla's bday party that weekend! I was sick. So I told Dustin to run home and get the charger. Ya we're crazy. So I just sat in the bed praying nothing would happen before he got back. He got back within a half hour and I was still good, in pain, and exhausted. So he gets back and holds up the cord to plug it in and realizes he only grabbed one part of the cord!! It was seriously the dumbest thing ever! So the camera had about 20 mins of battery time on it because it was so cold in the van so after it warmed up the battery time went up, thank goodness. So we figured it would be good enough. What a waste of time running home. So I was constantly having contractions but they don't check you unless there is a reason too. I was so tired and Dustin was tired, we were both sleeping in between contractions. I didn't feel like I was getting close. I had a feeling it was still going to be a while. So I decided to get the epidural so we both could get some rest before it was time. So they checked me, I was 7cm, and gave me the IV. The epidural guy came at around 3am.

Oh I can't leave the best part out.

So the epidural guy is getting me all ready and i'm leaning over onto Dustin having contractions and trying to hold still and the anesthesiologist says, "ok i'm just going to put the freezing in, you'll feel a poke, and some burning, it's just the medicine going in." All of the sudden Dustin is falling over! and says, "I need to sit down." I look up and he is WHITE, he looked brutal! So we only had the one nurse in there and she was helping the anesthesiologist so Dustin sits down and he starts falling over and then caught himself, and did this a couple of times while i'm trying to talk to him to see if he's ok (while having painful contractions and getting a tube shoved in my back) and I was kind of laughing. He was responding after a minute and was ok and sat up a little more, but he looked terrible. We were all laughing. It was so funny. So he got some juice and I got my epidural and we were both happy! ha. It was hilarious. It wasn't even the epidural part, it was just the freezing! and he was passing out! He is so random when it comes to that he said he was thinking about it when the anesthesiologist was saying it and all of the sudden he felt light headed. What a weirdo.

So anyways, we both fell asleep, well kind of. I was off and on with the stupid blood pressure thing on my arm going every 10 mins or something. A little later the doctor came in and decided to break my water to get me going, which I was totally fine with. He also wanted to give me a little Oxytocin because the contractions weren't quite up there. I didn't care at that point and I have had to do this every delivery before so I knew i'd have to get it again. Anyways around 5:00ish I think it was I started shaking and felt some pressure, so she checked me and I was 9cm. They were some intense contractions because my body was reacting with the shaking, I was so glad I didn't feel it. I'd been through enough I think. She said it would be within the next hour or so, so she started getting stuff ready. So I honestly don't know what time it was but I felt like I needed to push, so she checked me and I was 10cm! She said we could start pushing a little. So I pushed through one contraction and she could see the head! They were a little shocked at how fast I was pushing her out. So they quickly called the doctor and told me to do some slower pushes. The doctor came in and in 2 contractions, she was out. The nurse went to grab the mirror so I could see and she didn't even have time she came out so fast.

She came out at 6:34am, and I remember saying, "oh my gosh" and they put her right on me and I cried. It was perfect. Just seeing her really here after all this time of not feeling like it's real and she was right here on me and beautiful. They never took her off me and it was so awesome. I have never got to hold my babies after they were born, they always took them away because they were premature, so it was amazing. I loved her immediately.

Dustin was videoing and actually got the whole thing, but it's all PG, and you can't even tell i'm pushing, it's crazy. I must be a pro or something. ha. It's the perfect video and i'm so glad we got it. It was so easy and I loved every minute of it. I'm so glad I got the epidural but i'm so proud of myself for getting as far as I did without it.

She was 7lbs 11oz and 20in long , she is beautiful and has brown hair and there is quite a bit in the back. It'll probably lighten, it's the same color as Kyla's when she was born. I think she looks so much like Kyla too.

The other girls just love her. Kyla is OBSESSED with her. All she wants to do is hold her and I don't know how many hugs and kisses Laken has gotten from all 3 of them.

I only stayed over night one night and i'm glad I did. It was nice and the nurses were great. I've had an amazing recovery so far, I feel great! Although I think I do too much sometimes because I feel it after. But i'm not used to feeling like this. I feel so much better than I did fully pregnant and I don't have to heal from anything this time either! Thank goodness!

Going home. I don't look tired at all...

So Dustin has been home all week and it's been awesome. He is amazing and I love that we have 4 beautiful healthy little girls together. We are so blessed and have been trying to soak up every minute with her. Dustin chose her name and I love it. It was on our list and he loved it so much, so it was perfect.

By the way. We knew it was a girl.


I had to know. There was no way, especially having so much girl stuff already that I didn't want to waste any money on boy things just in case, because I totally would have. No one else knew except Dustin and I and it was awesome. It was super hard to keep the secret, but we did it! I'm glad we knew because I increased my accessory stash for her! We might as well stick to what we're good at, right? Girls. And I love every single one of them so much.

She is in love with her and this picture is my favorite.

I also snapped a few of her the day we got home just talking to Laken, it was so cute.

Daddy and all his girls

I think this next picture is my favorite. They all were just sitting there staring at her, luckily I had my camera right there.

So that's how it went down. It was a really good delivery and things have been really great so far. Dustin goes back to work on Monday so we'll see how I really survive then! She is the best baby ever so far. All she does is sleep and eat. Every night so far she has slept 6-7 hours straight! Knock on wood. She is awesome and she is a pro at nursing and I am loving being able to do it again.

So things are great! We are so happy and I am doing good and recovering well, other than the random hormonal moments where I break down over the smallest things. Gotta love that part. I'm so excited for all the family to come next weekend for the blessing and it was kind of nice to have this first couple weeks to ourselves to adjust. We have so many people coming and I can't wait.

We love our little Laken.


Amie said...

She is so darling. Thats so great the delivery went smoothly! I can't believe you guys knew it was a girl, but you are right... why buy boy clothes for no reason? I would never be able to wait until the baby came to know what it was. Enjoy the company thats coming for her blessing. That will be fun for you guys!

Jennie Holt said...

oh my goodness that last picture?? to DIE FOR!! so cute! congrats you guys!! and so glad you had a good labor!

James said...

hahahhahaha!!! Thats awesome that you knew. We did that with Lorelle. We knew it was a girl but told everyone we didn't know.
Glad everything went smoothly! She's so cute!

henline crew said...

by the way "James" is really me. Weird that it did that.

Lynn said...

WOw. This post is absolutely filled with so many memories for me. I love that feeling of being at home for the first time with the newest baby and everybody just soaking it in.

Congrats again! She is one VERY loved little girl. There's nothing like feeling SO blessed. And you are. What a beautiful little family. Enjoy her! And rest when you can.

Jeff and Brit said...

So awesome your labor went so good!!! Your so tough getting to 7 cm no epidural! I love you guys and I love Laken already! We come there so soon and I'm so excited! 5 days! yay! love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

LOL, I can't believe you guys knew. She a a cutie!

The Pratts said...

You knew she was a girl? So funny. I think you told a long time ago that you had heard of someone finding out but not telling, so I kind of wondered if you secretly knew after your ultrasound. But then I forgot about it! Oh, and I think Laken looks a lot like you in the last picture!

AKutarna said...

I love reading birth stories. Laken is so cute! I'm so jealous that you have 4 girls! Glad everything went so well for you.

The Anderson Family said...

Ok so my favorite part that you guys never mentioned was the part of Dustin passing out!!! You never told us that. It's halarious!! I've told you guys before but I'll tell you again... I'm so glad she is here. She is so beautiful and tiny. Congrats again.

Jordana said...

I can't believe you guys knew and didn't tell anyone! I love all the pics of the girls with her, so sweet! That's awesome that you're feeling so good too. I want to come hold her soon, I love newborns!

kelsey said...

I can't even freaking believe you knew all this time and made the rest of us suffer! lol. Jk, that is awesome. Sneaky, sneaky.

Loved all the pictures. Girls are great. I love Kyla looking at her and talking to her--- so cute.

I'm glad everything is going well. Hope it keeps up!

The Harker Family said...

What a beautiful birth story Mindy!!!!! I love the pic of you in the hospital having a contraction! You look so beautiful! Also I loved your details of the labour....I felt like pushing this baby out so bad while reading it...but it is 4 months too early, and well, I only have c-sections! Ha, ha, ha! But your details of the labour were so real that it felt like we were right there next to you! I'm so happy that you have four girls. Ben comes from a family of four boys and it is just perfect! Love all the pics of the girls and new baby Laken. Love, love, love the name! So orginal and beautiful! Congrats again!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful story! Your girls are just beautiful! Reading your labour story stirred up some emotion for me. I just love childbirth and how amazing it is! So glad you got to hold Laken right away. How delicious! Congratulations Mindy and Dustin!

Carrie said...

I love all the pictures - you got some fabulous ones of your girls with Laken! Congrats again - I am so excited for you :)