Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random phone pics

So here are a bunch of random pictures from my iPhone. I am loving how convenient this thing is!

Mom bought the same boots and me but in the darker brown. I should probably get both colors. I love them both.
And since I can't figure out how to comment in between the pics, i'll write about them here!
Laken is 7 months! That pic was the day she turned 7 months old! She's getting so big. Love her.
The next one might be my new favorite pic. Kyla pushed Laken's highchair to the window to show her the snow we got last night. So cute.
Next, was morning snuggles from my 3 girls, I couldn't get out of bed that morning! I could sleep all day, i'm pretty sure of it.
The next few are self explanatory.
I wanted to share Kyla's class pic. So funny. She said the cutest people got to sit in the middle... love her. and I definitely agree Kyla ;)
So Kind of annoying I can't type anywhere other than here but you get the idea. I am a fan of random pics in posts, so enjoy. :)


Jeff and Brit said...

IM THE FIRST TO COMMENT! Thought you would be proud ;) Love the pictures! Laken is getting so big and I probably say that all the time but it's crazy how time goes by so fast! Love the iphone eh! That camera is very convenient! Love ya!

Moxley said...

Hey Mindy
You most likely don't know me- but I totally read your blog- and kinda pretend were friends. :)
I just have to say- I am glad I am not the only parent who grabs the camera/iphone for a quick photo- before "helping"!