Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friends for life

Alrighty. My favorite time if day. Bedtime. It's teachers convention week and I have a house full of kids with croup. So as Juan Pablo would say, "es not ok". 
Plus it's night 3 of night shift for the other half. But we are surviving. On top of this all, I've cooked supper every night. I know right. I deserve a medal or something. 

So anyways I want to do a post of a few things about two of my favorite people. Jayci and Presley. 

When I was pregnant with these twin girls I read a book on, well, twins. One thing that always stuck with me is they talked about them being individuals and how to not group them together all the time as the "twins". I mean of course I call them that here and there but I have always tried not too. When they were born it was fun to dress them in twinner outfits that were two different colors but as soon as they started school I wanted them to be separate people so I no longer bought them clothing that was the same. If I do it's shoes or jackets or something like that but I try not to get the same. I can't handle spending twice the money on the same shirt and pants. I'd rather buy two outfits and their wardrobe has more options. So you can see how it's been great lately when all they ask is that they want to dress the "SAME MOM". Well that bit me in the ass didn't it. Well too bad. So they find things that are similar. 

It's so great how close they are. They are best friends and love spending time together. One time we were sitting at the table and Presley was asking if her and Jayci could have a day with just them and no other sisters around so it could be their twin day. So I planned this entire special day and went all out... Who am I kidding, I totally forgot like 5 minutes later until right now. Whoops. Clearly she did too... 

I was debating splitting them up in school next year but they really don't want to be so maybe the year after. I want them to become separate people and find their own group of friends and see how it goes. This year there are 3 sets of twins in their class! All girls! So they are actually really best friends with the one set of twins. It's awesome. Oh they also have a "friend" named Andrew. They have this little love triangle between the 3 of them. They talk about kids having crushes but of course they don't have a crush on anyone. You should see Presley's face when we ask. Straight as can be with a little "no" and she will not crack. BUT they both draw him pictures and his mom sends me pics of them. I die. 

It's funny how it doesn't really feel any different having twins now. Compared to them as babies hauling around two car seats, nursing two at the same time (for a year), waking up in the night to two babies. All that stuff is over and we just have two girls who look alike and are the same age! The other day I got asked if they were triplets. Them and Kyla... The two girls are so tall. They are in the 99 percentile for their height. Guess they take after their dad and Kyla takes after me. We always said it would be funny to see how tall our kids turn out with us two being so drastically different. 

Anyways this baby won't stay asleep. It's like why bother going to bed when you're going to wake up anyways. It's harder being woken up, right? Ya right, I love sleep. I'm so happy my kids can get up and fend for themselves for breakfast and let me sleep. They rock. We taught them how to pour a bowl of cereal and turn on the tv like as soon as they could walk. So smart. 

Well off to get this boy back to bed then watch real housewives. One of my favs. Getting entertainment out of other peoples drama is the best. Too good. And maybe I'll change my shirt. I've smelled like baby puke for a few hours now. Good thing my husbands not home or he wouldn't come near me. On the other hand maybe I should wear this shirt tomorrow again... 

I'm off. We love these two sweet girls. They really are beyond thoughtful and have the biggest caring hearts I've ever seen. Makes me one proud mama! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Oh goodness. My patience is gone and I'm spent. It's like I'm the energizer bunny and I have no choice to keep going and going... 

Oh sweetie you peed your pants for the hundredth time, sure I'll help you get new ones. 
Oh you don't want that for supper? No problem, you can be done. 
You have no clean clothes? Sure I'll wash them. 
You're fighting with your sister AGAIN? Sure I'll referee that damn chaos. 
You don't like the 100 shirts I bought for you? You bet just keep wearing your favorite 3, no problem hunny!
You want to scream and laugh in the shower while your baby brother is napping, go for it. Sing some songs while you're at it. Or slide around on the floor of the tub. That's super quiet when you do that. You bet.
You wanna argue with me over why you got in trouble? Well I'll just stop and you tell me how I should of handled that. You are after all. 8. You're the smartest in the land! 
Oh hi girls, welcome home from school, just plow through the house and throw your school papers wherever. I'll get to them later, it's all good. Alllll good my friends. 
Your sister had the iPad and wants to play minecraft and you don't like it because you want to play so you stole it and told her she's not allowed. You are totally right. If anyone gets to play, it's you. Duh.
Is your mitten not on right? It's ok just keep freaking out in the grocery store while I get your brother in his car seat. It totally helps. In fact just keep saying it over and over. That ALWAYS works. 

Some days it's like a downward spiral eh? Some days I don't want to have the patience for these shenanigans. That's a really ugly word written out by the way. Shenanigans. 
Anyways, they know how to push your buttons some days! I love my kids, I really do. But man alive. If I could record my days sometimes I'd make a fortune. Not everyday, but some. You just gotta keep going though! No one else is going to do it for ya. No one else can be their mom or dad. In amongst all this chaos tonight, lucky Dustin gets to run off to work while I get to tuck these 5 kiddos to bed. It's more like throw them in, put the blankets on, kiss, see ya. Pure bliss right there. 

Well. Tomorrow's a new day.
got this.