Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a little biased

This is one of my latest names I made and I love it! I just had to share with you. This was for a good friend of mine and she is expecting their first baby girl. The nursery is hot pink, baby pink and lime green. So cute! I knew I was going to love making this one. Also the name is my ultimate favorite name that I have loved since I was little. We ironicly loved the same name. As you can tell, I like uncommon names. Presley's middle name is Taya. I didn't use it as a first name because I knew a relative on Dustin's side of the family who called their little girl Mataya and call her Taya for short and I didn't want to have the same first name in family, even though it wasn't really even the same name. Anyways i'm weird like that, and I make sense to me! ;) So ya here is her name! Congrats Teddi and Daniel i'm so excited for you!
(click on it to see it larger)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is my life and I LOVE it!

note the house in the for real, who lives here????

Monday, May 25, 2009

A breakthrough!

I have figured it out! The cure to the tantrums/not listening etc. Kyla has really figured out how to push my buttons lately and she gets really mad then I get mad, then she gets madder then I get's a lose-lose situation! I used to try and put her in a time out on the stairs, but she wouldn't stay ever, she would fall down them freaking out and I would put her back a million times and I even would sit there holding her (she is one strong little 3 year old by the way, or maybe i'm just really weak...) So if she didn't stay after all of this she got put in her room. Eventually I gave up putting her back and I just gave her 3 warnings to stay and then she would be put in her room, it was the best thing if she wanted to stay alive! I got the child proof handle so she couldn't get out and I would put her in there until she calmed down. She can be quite fiesty one and 3 minutes just doesn't do it sometimes! Anyways, she recently has figured out how to open the door! awesome. I was SO done, I was at the end of my rope and completely worn out. I didn't know what to do and I felt like I had lost the "control" and she was starting to make me feel bad because I would get so mad, then I would cry cuz I was so frustrated and confused as to what to do, then she would cry harder because I was crying and she hates it when I cry! Something needed to change, fast. I was talking to my mom and she said when my cousin was little she was the "stop drop and roll" kind of tantrums and my aunt and uncle would just walk around her as if she wasn't even there. So I thought, why not! Let's try ignoring her. So here is the lowdown on how Kyla gets into her tantrums. Most of the time it's because she doesn't listen and when I say no, and if she doesn't like that I either turn off her movie or whatever, or I take away what I said no to in the first place, or I do something she doesn't like in reaction to her not listening. Almost something to let her know she is in trouble. Of course this gets a huge reaction and the tantrum starts.
So I walked away into the kitchen and I said "Kyla go sit in your time out" really calmly. Of course she didn't, so I just walked around like nothing was happening and cleaned up, well she was freaking out on my leg pulling at me, no literally like hanging on me, so I said it again, "Kyla go sit in your time out" Well I kept on ignoring her like she wasn't even there and she did NOT like that. She was yelling, "mommy talk to me!!" over and over. So after her saying this like 10 times, and long enough for her to realize I wasn't paying attention to her tantrum. I said "Kyla, I'm not talking to you until you go sit on the stairs." and then this happened again, she cried, I ignored it and she freaked out "mommy talk to me!" I said it again, "not until you go sit on the stairs" What did she do, she ran and sat on the stairs!! NO way. I couldn't believe she went. So I let her sit there for about 30 seconds and then I went over and talked to her and ask her why she was in trouble etc. I had her appoligize to me and she gave me hugs and kisses, which is what I normally do after going up to her room. And we were good! So I was hoping this would be a new trend, the next day a tantrum came up and the exact same situation happened, the freaking out, the ignoring, the "go sit in time out." Except this time she ran to the stairs the second she figured out I was ignoring her. This has worked everyday since!! But now the second I say sit in a time out she runs and sits and says, "mommy come talk to me, I'm happy" Of course she is still upset and crying but whatever!! It's incredible! Why didn't I think of this before! Thank you mom!
Honestly it has helped ME to not even have to get mad, which is what I was so worried about. I didn't want to be the yelling mom. I didn't want the twins always watching me get mad, I wanted to be the laid back, happy mom. They say your kids will act how you act. I always wondered how people can stay so calm when their kids is pushing every last one of their buttons and now I know how. You ignore them! Now I am back in control!! I feel like the mom again! It's truly amazing. This may not work for everyone but it worked for me, so if you haven't tried this I recommend it.

Now to get her to poop in the potty.....
Any suggestions? I have tried EVERYTHING.

Here is two pictures for fun, Kyla was sitting rocking Jayci in the chair and she was just sitting there loving it. It was so cute. And me and the little girls at the park on the weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm ready!

A few people have said oh your probably so busy, or don't worry if you don't have the time etc. But I want to be MORE busy!! I need to be busy!! I get bored really easily! I have amazingly happy girls and I still am able to keep up with my house and the kids and my calling as a Relief Society teacher. Somehow it's not enough. I have even thought of having another baby!! Yep I really want that boy! TOTALLY kidding!!! Ya right!! I still want my sleep! Maybe in a year we'll talk!! lol I love having this business because it's something for ME. Something I can be proud of that I have accomplished. It's more than just the money, which definately is a bonus, but that's not why I love it. I know being a mom is a huge accomplishment but you know what I mean. I love the feeling like i've accomplished something more than just my day to day mom routine. (Is there another word for accomplished because I have used it like 3 times??) I knew I wanted to work from home somehow and with something fun. I LOVE doing this. So as I said before, don't hesitate if you are wanting to make an order because I am so ready!! BRING IT ON!!! :)

This is one of my latest orders and also one of my favorites.
Oh I guess you need to go HERE to get to my business. Or just click on The Burnt Daisy link on the left.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There are no words...

I guess we have a family talent. I had to upload them large so you get the full effect! I'm so proud.


My blog I mean, I got a blog makeover. Yes I am blogging about my blog. I finally got 3 columns and I LOVE it! I had so many things on the one side it was kind of getting rediculous! So now it's much better and I also am growing on the white blogs. I'm kind of getting tired of all the cute layouts, I can never decide and I haven't found one I love in a while so white it is! I have a few blogging friends who have white ones and they are just so clean and then I was thinking of making a cute header to give it some personality but this is what I came up with so far. It takes a lot of time! I kind of like it though. Anyways i'm sure i'll change it a million more times. Thanks to Angie for making it way easy to make it into 3 columns! Just to warn you though, when you redo it all your stuff on the sides will be deleted and you'll have to add it all over again. That was fun. Especially all 41 blogs I read! Well Kyla is pestering me to go shower, I guess I need it? Or she just likes her alone time when she can enjoy her tv without me or the babies. Well let me know what ya think? Should I keep the white or get some color? Not that you really care, but too bad tell me anyways. As i've said before I am VERY indecisive!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Ok so I did this post with just pictures and as I thought about it I decided I wanted to add to it and write a little something about being a mom. I have so many words I could say and I just want to keep it simple.
I LOVE my job. I love my bosses and I have an amazing assistant manager to help me get through the harder days. I never imagined this is how my life would be. I never thought i'd end up with twins, yet alone have 3 girls in a row! I always said I would never want twins and even when my sister and I announced our prgnancies during Christmas I clearly remember her saying how she would love to have twins. My response was, "pfff I don't!" ha But the second I was told (1 week after Christmas) by the lady that I had twins in there I was, well first shocked but then I was so excited. We left the ultrasound with so much excitement and knew we had to make some changes in our life. I've always liked to be a little different than everyone else and this was just one more reason to be! Kyla is the sweetest little spirit and has such a soft heart. I love it how she will listen to me when I talk to her and I love how she will take any moment she can just to get her mom time in. I absolutely love these girls to death, you all know that. I have an incredible husband who helps me left and right with no asking or complaining while he does it. I even said how today didn't feel much different from any other day, which goes to show how awesome he is on a regular basis. It definately feels like Mothers Day everyday with him. I could go on forever but in short I honestly think i'm so blessed with the life I have and I can't wait to be the mother of maybe one or two more spirits (maybe a boy in there somewhere) ;) I love being a mom!
Here is today! Out of 50 pictures, these were the best!

Ps: i'm in the process of changing my blog, so it's not the best.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Weaning, oh goodness

Ok so I am starting to wean the babies from nursing and they are NOT taking it well. I tried weaning one nap at a time and we're down to two naps without and they are so fussy! Even one nap was hard and I tried just leaving them because people have said, if they are thirsty they'll drink it. But they don't really. I have the Nuby sippy cups for them with the milk and Presley drinks out of it better than Jayci. They both just kind of bite it and let it drip into their mouth so they don't really "drink" it, and they don't drink hardly anything. I am going to the store today to see if they have any other type of sippy cup that would work because I think these ones might come out a little too fast for them. They are the bigger ones that I used to give Kyla, so I want to see if they have a smaller version with handles or something that doesn't come out as fast. I've tried these ones and the littl Gerber ones with handles, which they can't quite figure out how to suck with the stopper for the "no drips" in it and if I take that out, I have milk EVERYWHERE. They also just don't seem to really want to drink it. I am so ready to be done nursing. I nursed two babies for almost a year! They will be a year old on the 27th and as most of you know that was my cutoff. They are just getting stronger and they rely so much on it to go to sleep etc. I am still having a hard time thinking i'm not going to be nursing my babies anymore. To me nursing has been a huge deal and I think it's because since I do have two babies at once it's hard to give a whole lot of attention to each of them, such as cuddles etc compared to when I had just Kyla and all my time and attention went just to her. I also have Kyla to give attention to also, so I think it's that special time I have been able to have with each of them in the day, just me and them. Kyla was 8 months old when I weaned her and she did great and took the bottle very well, so the transition to sippy cup was actually pretty easy for her. But I don't want to get these girls on a bottle and then have to wean them off that in a month. They also won't drink out of the bottle any better than a sippy cup so it's kind of pointless. I may as well just go straight to the sippy cup.
So what do I do? Does anyone have any great advice to get them to take the milk better or for the weaning process overall? Please help.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

new names!

I am just finishing the last of a bunch of orders that were behind because of shipping problems etc. I increased my wait times for future orders incase it happens again. I want to post pictures of all of them on the site but i'll wait until everyone recieves them first. I'm mainly telling you to go see them because they are for Jayci and Presley's room, so tell me what you think! They are The Burnt Daisy site!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Park and lots more

It was a beautiful weekend so we took the kids to the park for the first time this spring and they loved it. I have a hard time going by myself during the day with the three of them so it was nice to have Dustin there. We might be making it an evening ritual, along with going on walks. We even had a little picnic.

My gorgeous Kyla, played and played forever. She was so happy.

Jayci left, Presley right


I found Presley going nuts on something in her mouth the other day and I looked and she had a whole strawberry in her hand. She was sucking so hard on that thing! So I stuck her in the highchair and gave her some more. I usually cut it up or put it in the little fruit net thing. But she loved being able to bite it with her one tooth. The other one just cut through a few days ago so they're comin...finally.
Jayci, she had a death grip on my hand and trying to shove it in more.

Kyla wanted her picture taken of eating a strawberry too.
Presley with her dainty little bites. That's her!

This was how I found Presley, again. She ate an entire chocolate chip cookie! Thanks to Kyla for leaving the bag of them on the floor. My girls do not get sugar ever so she was lucky. (and in heaven!) Little stinker.
And this is Presley's new face she makes, all the time. We love it and think it's hilarious! She also breathes really fast out of her nose when she does it. Who's kid is this?? I guess Presley has done more lately, sorry Jayci! Although she has mastered the stairs, if I didn't tell you that yet. That's about it! Lots of pictures for ya, take it all in!