Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm smart

I'm pretty sure i'm half genius or something.
I come up with all these ideas in my head and then realize they have already been thought of AFTER I think of them! Such as cell phones that you talk to and it'll text what you say! Seriously earlier this year I thought of it! Now I have that exact phone. weird.

I do have dreams that come true too. Dustin thinks i'm a freak. For example the other day I had a insanely real dream that we missed swimming lessons and I was mad because it was their second last lesson etc. Well I woke up that morning got everyone ready by myself and in the car, started to drive and had a flat tire! Completely flat. Well lessons are downtown and only half hour. There was no way we were making it. So we missed it and I had the same feeling of "well this sucks"! Weird eh? I have dreamed of people that I have never met but then will meet them later, like months later etc. I get a lot of dejavu and majority of it is from a dream I had! Like moving here and stuff like that. Don't judge me. ha

Ok onto why i'm brilliant.

I've been really into the leg warmers so I got some for my bday and I love to wear them under my boots. So we had family pics for our Christmas cards and I couldn't  find the right color I wanted. I was sitting at my vanity getting ready and I thought, why don't I just cut off the sleeves of a sweater and use them as leg warmers! Dustin had the perfect one that he never wears, so i did it! I felt so smart and proud of myself. I never did any resewing on them yet but I didn't care because the fatter part was at the bottom of the boot anyways and I wanted them looser fitting. I'm going to go through our closet and find more! If I use one of my shirts they could be more fitted etc. So then a couple days ago i'm on pinterest and saw tutorials for doing that exact thing! Well the ones are there are all fancied up with buttons/lace etc. I made mine to make do for pics! Dustin was glad they were free.
So here is a pic of the sweater before (but you can see where I cut because I never took a real before picture) and then here is our family pic of me wearing them!

Cute huh? I love myself sometimes.


Heidi G. said...

Very cute and creative! :) How fun to discover and make something to be proud of!

Hey, will you add our grab button to your site? We're just reminding all that if they want to stay listed on our site - they need to have our button on theirs!

Heidi G.

Christine Peterson said...

Dustin is gonna see this post and think "that's my favourite sweater!" haha j/k. Very cute!

The Ririe Family said...

this is actually on pintrest too! I'm sure you've seen it! Annnd I'm sure you thought of it first! ;) Your a genius mindy!

Amber said...

That is such a cute idea!

smartypants said...

You are a stuck up, self absorbed, immature, brat. You really think your something else don't ya? Firstly, you didnt come up with text to talk cellphones. They have had that since the first iPhones came out genius. Secondly, easy on the bronzer, you look like an older version of Snooki.

Brandon and Kristy said...

wow I love how some people don't have a sense of humor and have to cut beautiful people down to make them feel better about themselves! seriously.. to the "smartypants" comment.. who ever wrote that, .. if you don't like it don't read it and if you read it and don't like it.. don't comment!!

your gorgeous min love ya!!

Brandon and Kristy said...

ps.. the leggings idea.. awesome. i havn't seen it before and ill for sure try it!!

Lynn said...

Negative people are only coveting what happy people have.

I recall someone once telling me...
"Whenever you are doing something right....that's when all the critics come crawling out of their holes like little rats or cockroaches."

Ignore Smarty pants. Wow. Who's the immature brat, eh?

Check this out Mindy:

Here's to a better day.

I know what mean people say can really affect us....but try not to let it. Just keep in mind that there must be something terribly wrong in that persons' life.

Chin up Mindy! You are awesome. Don't let the sad voices out there tell you otherwise. Hugs!

Amber said...

It says smartypants has only been a blogger since this month. So I honestly think the person set up the account to get a rise out of people. Don't give it a second thought. I have already moved on. I read your blog! And I wish I had the talent you do with fashion. I'm lucky to get on a matching shirt and pants, let alone accessories.

Johnsons said...

Some people have no life...what is the purpose of cutting someone else down? I like reading your blog and I like the honesty :-)...don't worry about haters...they have no say over you or your life.