Tuesday, July 17, 2012


On Sunday Dustin decided to take us on a last minute overnight camping trip! We have a lake about 15 minutes out of town and a campsite there and it's actually pretty nice! We also did it in a tent! It went pretty good actually, the girls didn't go to sleep until 10 but they all slept the entire night till 6am, including Laken!
We didn't get out until about 4:30 but we had so much fun, I LOVED it and the kids were in heaven! I love camping.
I have a ton of pics so I'll write as we go...

 Laken loved every minute of it! This little girl is always in her own little world and so adventurous! She is so happy doing anything and rarely acknowledges anyone else, she just wanders around happy as a clam. 
She's hilarious. She's also 15 months old by the way... I know, crazy!!

Getting ready for weiners and s'mores!

Check out Laken smiling for the picture. ha

Is that good Pres?
ps: Jumbo marshmallows...bad idea.

Jayci clearly enjoyed hers as well.

Daddy starting a fire!

This ones blurry but Laken was in and out of the tent constantly, she loved it.

Love that I caught her doing this. She sucks in her cheeks and it's dang cute.

The morning was a little chilly

 We did have a little accident. Presley was standing on the back of the stroller which Dustin told her not too, and she didn't listen so it fell backwards and she landed on a rock and almost had a huge hole in her head! It was so close to breaking the skin and the biggest goose egg! So we iced it forever and she was fine. Lucky girl.


The girls being themselves.

This was hilarious.
Laken finally fell asleep for a morning nap and we weren't sure what to do so I came up with playing a couple games. We played Telephone and Dustin and I were dying laughing. Then we played animal charades. That was also pretty entertaining. It was lots of fun though!


Rabbit or Kangaroo. They kinda looked similar so it was pretty tricky.

Butterfly! Great wings!

Daddy and Kyla fishing!

 Then we took them to the beach! Man Laken was in heaven. She was getting SO dirty and loved the water and being covered in sand and twigs and anything else on the beach!

Kyla found a couple sea shells!

She would throw the sand on her head and back, she was covered and LOVED it! ha Crazy kid. She is fearless!

These two little rugrats are a little wussy. They would freak out over the bugs if they got too close to them, or when they had sand on their feet... 
They were also a little tired from going to bed so late so we ended the beach day early. We left with both of them crying and freaking out. At least we made for some good entertainment for the rest of the people on the beach! 
You're welcome.

Kyla. Way too grown up. She is awesome.

And that's it! A fun filled 24 hours! We won't be taking any holidays so I think we'll have to go camping a few times out there before summer is over!
I also have to say how much this trip made me realize how happy I am with our little family. I love that we can go and have fun with just us and our kids! We laughed a lot and it was so nice to be together! The girls are so grateful for everything we do for them and i'm excited to do this for many years to come!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Tar Sand Beetle

So it is scorching hot here this week and yesterday was day 1 of the hot weather so we enjoyed it with our favorite people! The Anderson's! We had soccer in the morning and then went over for BBQ mini pizza's and running through the sprinkler. I love being in the sun so I'm going to try and get the kids out ever warm day we have this summer. I promised myself this past winter that when summer came we'd be outside everyday possible and not take one warm day for granted!
So that's what we are going to do!

Laken looks tiny in this picture way down there! 

Cooling off with some freezies!

 So the reason for the title of this post is to tell you about the dreaded tar sand beetle, or June bug or whatever you want to call them. But they are ugly and you can hear them coming from a mile away. They sound like a helicopter and every one is afraid of them! They land on you and they'll take a chunk out of your skin. They cling to you too, you have to pull them off you! Kyla said she had one on her neck at school and she said she just pulled it off and threw it. I asked her if she screamed, she said no, I just pulled it off. ha

Here is a closer look of what they look like. They live near the oil sands, so we have a ton here!

 So yesterday at Jill's there was one on the window and luckily it was right when I was going to take a group shot of the kids cooling off in the shade.

Because I got to capture these amazing shots. They bring me so much joy.
This is when they first noticed it... The rest are just great.

Just pure horror in these kids faces! Especially poor Tobin! ha
 Kyla was just yelling and being a goof, she actually isn't really scared of them so hence why she is smiling and yelling. ha

Should be a fun summer!! ;)