Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're Here!

Not too sure if i'm excited yet, but i'm sure it'll come. We have been in chaos this week trying to help Jill and Travis finish their basement so we can get settled in our little place down there. We are going to apply for our housing tomorrow and things are looking great for that. We might even get in sooner than planned, so lets keep our fingers crossed. Well other than that there isn't much to tell. We had Easter here on Sunday and had a big dinner as always with Dustin's family. Things have been quite crazy but I know it'll get better as time goes, and it'll be worth it in the end for us. I sure am missing Okotoks and knowing how close I was to family, I guess they will just have to make some more trips up here to see us!

Well I am now 6 months pregnant, i'm pretty sure I am 24 weeks, I kind of lost track in all the move. I have my first appointment on Monday with our doctor here and i'm pretty excited, he has an ulatrasound machine right in his office so we can get one everytime. I'm sure they will anyways from now on. I am hoping I make it at least 10 more weeks and i'll be happy. I have been really tired lately but I think it's from all the change and crazyness in our life right now. I'm just glad we are here and I can relax the rest of the time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kyla's Little Accident

This was her first real accident, and I was always afraid that she would do this. I was baking some cookies for our ward non-talent show and I was having her help ealier in the day. I had to wait for Dustin to get home from work cuz I didn't have chocolate chips. Anyways well it got time to almost leave and I still had a couple batches to cook, do Kyla's hair, get the diaper bag ready, and put cookies into a container. I was kind of rushing around and took one of the batches out of the oven and put it on the counter, I put it a little too close to the edge. (So it's kind of my fault, I told her hot don't touch and she knows but they still forget) Well I turned around and saw her reach up and grab it. She pulled away quickly and of course screamed. I grabbed her and sat her on the counter and ran it under cold water. It must of helped her feel so much better cuz she wouldn't take it out of the water. Which I was glad about. Anyways on her 3 middle fingers it was starting to blister a bit. I put some aloe vera on it and gave her a cold cloth to hang on to cuz we had to leave. Dustin was performing in the talent show so we had to go. Him and some friends did Def Leppard air band, it was quite hilarious and i'll get some pics on here as soon as I can. Kyla wasn't having a fun time at the talent show, she was in pain the whole time. I got a cup of cold water and she stuck her hand in it and wouldn't take it out the whole time. But as soon as it wasn't cold anymore she would grit her teeth and kind of shake cuz it was stinging and want to rub it which I was worried about cuz I didn't want her to pop the blisters. I know exactly how she feels, i'm sure everyone does cuz we've all burned ourselves. I got a glance at her hand and it was blistering really bad, so we decided to take her to Urgent Care. They said she had 2nd dregree burns and that they needed to bandage it up and keep it that way for a few days. We've only had to change it once but thats cuz it kind of came apart. Anyways, not a super big tradegy but it was sure sad seeing her try to be tough when she was in pain. She is functioning quite well with her new stub. It's sad to see her all bandaged up. The blisters still haven't popped yet, maybe today sometime. We now just have to watch for infection and keep the bandage on for a couple more days. Well that was our eventful Saturday night!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hate moving

Well when you grew up in 10 different schools and have moved 7 times since graduating, you would hate it too! Just when I thought we would be settled here and we wouldn't have to move far again. Dustin gets the most amazing job offer, and at the perfect time too. We were really struggling on what to do when these babies come. We live in our 2 bdrm condo and can't afford to upsize, so we were praying for an answer. The next week this job came up! So we knew it was our answer to our prayers. Dustin is so excited and we know it's an awesome oppurtunity for us. Not everyone gets a chance like this. Besides we are young still and we don't have kids in school. We are only planning on going for a couple years then we are definately coming back here to settle! I love Okotoks and really want to reaise my family here so I know we will be back. We are putting our house up for sale in 2 weeks, pretty much the day we move... March 21st! I'm not even close to being ready to move. We haven't packed one box yet! This weekend we will do most of it. I just have a hard time myself, you know since i'm pregnant!! haha I do tend to push myself to hard somedays and then pay for it after. I need to stop doing that cuz it's definately not good for me. I'm just not used to being limited. Dustin is the best husband and helps me all the time. He'll rub my back, cook supper, puts Kyla to bed, gets up in the night when she wakes up and will let me sleep. He's very patient and i'm so grateful for everything he does. Now he just has to pack and move us!! I'm not asking too much eh? haha poor guy, and now he has 4 girls to deal with!! I love him!