Sunday, June 26, 2011


For those of you who are like me and out of the loop of the latest coolest things. I just found out Pinterest is it!
I'm addicted. It's so simple.
ie: You like something online (a tutorial, a hairstyle, home decor, anything!) you click on a tab in your toolbar called "pin it" it shows every picture from that page your on, you click the photo, you pin it and it saves with a photo on your page and will link right back to that page when you want to go to it! If it sounds confusing, then forget you. Just kidding. But, it's like bookmarking a page you like but way cuter and simpler.

Annnyways, you can go check out mine to see what I mean but I want to let you all in on this because I wish I would of found it sooner. You can follow mine if you'd like, I just started.

Your welcome. Again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twins are the best

This is my new favorite picture. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random List

I decided to just write down point form of some random things, it seems easier. So I titled it, "Random List". Original I know.

- my kids don’t sleep in at all when Dustin’s off. But that’s ok, I don’t get up with them, he does. Don’t judge me.

-Kyla is done pre-school this week. It’s crazy how fast this year flew by. She’s excited so she doesn’t have to miss out on our park days anymore. I’m looking forward to not having to drive anymore!

-You know the saying "retail therapy". I truly feel that when I buy something I love I get a high. It's way exciting. Therapy is a good thing, and what better way to get it than SHOPPING.

-Dustin is easy to make fun of, and he never has come backs. It’s great.

-I have accepted the fact that I am not happy when the house isn’t clean. So we clean it a lot! Then I’m the best person to be around. Pretty much.

- I need to take my girls 3 and 5 year pictures. I've been planning it for months. I’m slowly getting there. I bought the accessories. The most important part.

- I own a lot of hair accessories.

-Laken is the BEST little girl and is still sleeping through the night. She’s 10 weeks old, and tiny. She only weighed 10 lbs at her 2 months shots. She is starting to laugh a little and smile so much. I love her way too much.

-I love the movie burlesque. Maybe more than love.

-I’m being deprived of shopping, and I’m not taking well to it.

-I’m pretty sure Jayci is going to be a famous singer, she is ALWAYS singing! I have high hopes for my kids. Kyla wants to be a superstar, among other things. Totally doable.

-People in fort mac don’t know how to work 4 way stops. So they put in stop lights instead. We have a lot of stop lights now.

- I love watching The Real Housewives.

- Ashley is retarded and should go home. If she seriously lets Bentley come back, she has issues. I hope she is watching the show in embarrassment now,  after all, she was warned in the beginning. Did she forget that one MAIN point?!

-The twins are terrified of bugs and they are all “spiders”. Jayci reacts to mosquito bites. It sucks.

-I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. Not quite my goal, since I gained a little right before being pregnant from my thyroid. But i'm pleased. No I don't work out. I hate working out. I decided after 3 months I'll start doing something though because it's healthy and all that crap.

-We had our first family home evening last night. I chose the lesson. It was on listening.  I’m thinking the next one will be the same.

-I’m terrified of winter, I am thoroughly enjoying this weather!

- I figured out how to make my pictures extra large on here thanks to Jennie and i'm loving it! It was super easy. I can explain it next post if you request it.

- I just realized I have over 300 posts on this blog. Maybe it's time to make it into a book. 

- I could live off of maltesers and pepsi slurpees.

- I hate when people say “holy _____ batman” and I hate that I had to even write it just then.

-I read in a magazine things you should never stop doing, the FIRST one was, listening to the spice girls. Just saying,
-I must be amazing because I don’t just listen to them, I choreograph dances to them!

-Maybe I’ll share some more because I should have wrote the article it could have been better. These were the best ones.
Your welcome.
    Doing the “beep the horn” gesture to truck drivers
    Holding your breath when you pass a graveyard
    Dressing festively for every holiday
    Choreograph dances (I should get extra points)
    Treating September like it’s the beginning of the year and buy new clothes
    Picking your outfit out the night before as if it were the first day of school (I always did this!!)
    Taking a year book photo of yourself, every year.
And the rest are pretty gay. Or I don’t know what they’re talking about.

I liked the random list. It was easier. You should try it.

I love the details of this Fathers Day picture.
The baby puke, talk about good timing. Laken being naked makes it that much better. Dustin not even noticing while opening his card from Kyla and Jayci's evil expression. It's a good one.
Okay, this one is better. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catch up

I'm sitting here on my couch with strep throat, so what better thing to do but catch up on the latest random things! But first let me tell you about the idiot doctor that wouldn't give me the time of day 3 days ago when I had no choice but to go to the hospital to get checked. You see, in Fort Mac the wait to see a doctor could be a week or so, and it was, when I woke up feeling like crap with a sore throat and the night before I had hives on my arms I knew I had to go in sooner. So I went in to emerg, which we all know how much I love to do, and he took forever (as usual). So he came in and and said, "go see your family doctor and get allergy tested." seriously? he said to keep taking some reactine, so I asked if I could even take reactine while nursing, he said "call your pharmacist and ask" What?!?! He didn't know that?? How did he get his degree? He didn't look at my throat or anything, so I told him that and I maybe thought I could have strep or something also, and he said "well I guess i could take a swab" then he left and said it wasn't an emergency and to go home. RUDE. I was almost bursting into tears I was so sick, and I had Laken with me and I was by myself. Anyways so today I was feeling worse, so I went to my family doctor and he actually got the results this morning and looked at my throat and said, "oh wow, you are really sick" Well duh, I knew that. So he put me on a load of antibiotics, thank goodness. I've been suffering for 3 days in pain!
Ok i'm done venting now. But isn't that doctor retarded?? All I know is the next time he comes in to help me in emerg, because we all know there will be a next time, i'll kick him out and tell him he sucks.
That's all.

So! What's next?
We kind of celebrated the twins birthday way back when. I feel so bad. We were going to have a big picnic with some friends but Dustin ended up working so we had a picnic still the day of their birthday with our friends but none of our husbands were there. They loved it though. We did have ice cream that night with Dustin and they opened a gift. Then we bought them bikes and we have one present we bought forever ago and still have to give it to them. Ya we really suck this time. Oh well at least they are young and don't really care.
It may have been a little bright out.

Ice cream with dad!

I got a new calling! I'm on the Relief Society Meetings committee, and i'm excited about it. I love planning things. It's what I do! I actually planned the activity for TONIGHT and can't even go! Sucky deal.

So on Saturday guess what I did? I took all 4 girls BY MYSELF to the big festival down at Mac Island. I am crazy. I don't want to use the excuse of having 4 kids to miss out on stuff. I hate that. They loved it and by the end I was so done, ha. It was crazy in there but it was 20 bucks for a family, or 5 bucks per person, and no one is free not even Laken, AND the adults have to pay (you know how we all jump in the bouncy castles and fish in the fish pond for prizes). So we were getting our money's worth. We went with Becky and her kids. We survived and that's all that matters. 
Face painting! We got in line right away because I knew it would be nuts, and it was. Smart mom I am.
Jayci (purple shirt) wasn't a fan of the obstacle courses.

The end. For now.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Steph's grad!

My youngest sister Stephanie had her grad this last week! It was so much fun and she looked gorgeous in her big pink dress! All thanks to me though, since I did her hair and makeup. ha. Steph is so beautiful inside and out and whoever marries this girl in the future, emphasis on FUTURE, is one lucky man. It was the busiest week ever. We stayed at Jeff and Britt's and had so much fun seeing everyone. All my sisters were there and it was so awesome seeing them and my parents!

See. She is gorgeous!

The girls!

Me, mom, Steph, Britt, Krist

Steph and Dad

The whole fam

Dust and I at the ceremonies

Other random pictures from the week...

The girls getting ready to go into the hot tub!

Kyla and Laynie, she loves her.

Great Gma Purnell and Laken

Great Gpa Purnell

Adorable Deklin, this kid is way too cute!

Grandma Petersen, Presley, Jayci and Kyla

Sleep over at Gma's house!

We went to Taber for a couple days after the grad to see Dustin's parents but my battery died on my camera and smart me forgot the charger. So I only got 3 pictures in total. Sucky. But we had fun and it was actually hot and sunny on the Sunday while we were there instead of pouring rain like it's been. We must have brought our warm weather with us! It's been so nice here other than the smoke from the fires. But it's been in the 20's every day! (Except for a couple days while we were down south it was colder but who cares because we weren't here!)

So we took the kids to the park one day, Haley made them all kites, Dustin took them on rides on the lawn mower, we went to the Purple Cow which is an ice cream place that Dustin's parents used to own in Taber, and they also played outside a lot!

So here are the 3 pictures.



And me and Laken.

Dustin's sister Jody took a picture of us at the purple cow on her phone so i'm waiting for her to send it to me and I took a pic of the lawn mower rides on Britt's camera, since she forgot it in my purse, thanks Britt!

So it was fun! It's always good to get home though, back into the routine of things. We half celebrated the twins birthday before we left and need to actually celebrate it, so that's next!