Monday, August 31, 2009


Check out this dream wedding!!


Well MY mom did it. All of it!! And this is in a church gym. Who knew a church gym could look so incredible! What an amazing talent she has. She decorates weddings and she goes beyond people's expectations everytime. This belongs in a magazine! I'm so proud!

If you want to reach her you can e-mail her at
She's located in Southern Alberta.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random stuff...

This is my workplace...
Yup thats it. In all it's glory. Where I have been living for the past few weeks. I originally had the basement set up but since I work so randomly and can't just go down to the basement for hours at a time I moved upstairs with the kids. So pretty much add this onto the regular house mess plus the counter top is usually full of work supplies. My house looks awesome 5% of the time. And yes that's a Kyla cereal bowl, we have to manouver around my chaos to eat.

I have nothing to blog about. Rare I know, I probably could blog everyday but I have some control. I think a lot, I like to think. Shocked? I like to figure everything out. I always try and find an answer or reason to everything. Weird? I also like to write things out. A day in the life of Mindy's head would be an interesting blog. But i'll save that for another time, like later today...

My life has been that exciting. Nothing new other than work, getting ready for the craft show, and everyday counting down the hours till 7pm when Dustin walks in the door. Love that time. Not for the break, because usually the babies are in bed and Kyla right behind them, but cuz that's how excited I am to see him. I'd have to say I have a tiny crush on that boy.

I could go on about how my kids claw me to death and I literally have scratch marks up my arms and legs from them wanting to be held. Or all the hair i've lost not cuz of stress but because they pull it out and think it's fun. Or the dishes I keep avoiding and pretend they aren't there and praying that they will do themselves. Ya I don't have a dishwasher, i'm the dishwasher... cuter than the average style I know, but definately not funner. I could talk about all the orders i've been working on, that I need to put on my site. Or the manicure and pedicure I got this week, I have the best visiting teacher. She does that for a living and every month she gives me one. LUCKY me! I tell her no everytime but she still does it. Love her. Or how I love Hanah Montana and 17 again. I've watched them all week over and over and use Kyla as my excuse to do it. Even though she loves it just as much as me. She already knows half the songs. As do I. What a great useless post, hope you enjoyed it.

Oh here are the best pictures of my work so far I have to show you, I wanted to get a more real picture for size to show people etc. Honestly could you get a cuter model? And she loved every minute of it.

PS: I found this, it's my favorite.

You think my hands are full,
you should see my heart.
:) cute eh

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If I ran the circus

I figured it has been a while since i've actually updated on things, so here it goes.

First things first. Dustin got a new job! Yay! He is working out at Suncor which is one of the major plants up here and he is still doing his electrical which is awesome. Better pay, better benefits and better EVERYTHING! This is what I meant by "changes" a while ago. Finally some answers and we couldn't be happier.

I'll start with Jayci and Presley.
They are growing way to fast. Actually not really. I'd like them to grow a little faster. This is a "difficult" stage and it kind of wears me out. Lets see if I can make sense. This was my favorite age with Kyla and I loved teaching her new things and how quick she would learn and talk and it was just so fun! These girls are a little different. They are BUSY little bees!! Into everything and VERY clingy! It's ok when you have one kids who is clingy, but 2, plus a 3rd who has to do everything they do... especially if they are getting any special attention! So things get neglected around here pretty quick, such as laundry, dishes, normal cleaning and even cooking. I haven't even been doing my business until the evenings because they keep me busy all day. I am not going to tell you it's easy, cuz it's not. It's definately fun though and I laugh a lot off. If I stressed over the small stuff, I think I would go crazy! So here is some of the latest things they've been up to...
-They both have 6 teeth, 4 on top and two on bottom
-They can blow kisses, peek a boo, high five, wave hi/bye, say "thank you, duck, and uh oh." but they won't say ball, bye bye or hi...weird kids and so random
-They fight over everything! It's tug a war all the time with these two. They always want what the other one has. I'm like a referee in my own home, and it's actually all three of them. It just got worse with Jayci and Presley recently. So I take it away. At first it was, great we have to buy two of everything. Nope taking it away is much cheaper!
-They get into everything they can, but lately they have stayed to the main few...movies, tupperware drawer and printer corner, which I HATE. I need some organizing things desperately! That's one downfall to having a laptop and a business/relief society lessons, you always need the printer hooked up. It's funny how they distroy one thing and move onto the next, if you clean it up, they come RIGHT back and do it again. But if you leave it thinking they will play in it again, your wrong. They leave it ALL day long and don't touch it. SO all in all I have to tip toe throughout my house all day around obstacles until they are in bed.

-They are picky eaters. I dreaded this. Kyla is picky and they are the same way. They all eat like me. Which is one bonus cuz I know what they'll eat but it sure limits to what I can make. I need to make a huge recipe book with sections for babies, kids, lunches, easy snacks and suppers. Then m y life would be way easier.
-They are getting so smart, learning how to put things where they belong and they totally know what I say to them which I love. I remember Kyla at this exact point and it was HEAVEN. Except she could talk back which was a little bit more convenient. They are coming along though. Cute kids.
-Faces, man my kids make the strangest faces. This is my favorite "oh, from uh oh" face by Jayci
Presley's signature face
Some weird one she has been doing a lot lately
my beautiful Kyla.

-One of the weirdest things lately is they HATE the bath! YA what?? Since we came home from holidays they are TERRIFIED of the bath. Like shaking and screaming terrified! So everynight one of us has to shower with them or it's a really quick torture dip to clean them off. Not sure whats up with that, hopefully that will pass.
-This was the last thing I wanted to say, bedtime is at 7pm, two naps a day sometimes it's only one lately. I'm dreading dropping to one nap. I like naptime. It sure sounds like I hate my kids doesn't it? I don't...really. Ha, no I friggin LOVE them!!!! These girls are the best, the funnest and the cutest things in my life! We laugh tons and I spend A LOT of time on the floor. IT'S THE BEST!
-Oh how could I forget.....THEY ARE FINALLY GROWING HAIR!!!!! Halle-FREAKING-Luah!! It's not much but it's definately growing. I put some Chia pet stuff on like a charm! Kidding. But it's about an inch long now (in spots, but that counts right??) and i'm getting excited!

Another thing I wanted to add is how I don't like to call them the "twins" I always call them babies, or Jayci and Presley. I think i've mentioned this before too. But I always have wanted them to be their own person. It's definately fun to dress them the same cuz isn't that the fun/perk of twins? But if I do, they are usually in a different color or something is different. I want them to be individuals instead of being known and "the twins" Because they do have names! ;) I don't care if anyone else does and it's not big deal if they do and I definately have a few times, but it just sounds weird. Does that make sense? Am I weird? good.

So i'll move on too Kyla, who I could go on forever about. This kid cracks me up. She calls us Mindy and Dustin now, not mom and dad... Mindy and Dustin. Ya I know. Tonight she went and got the mail with Dustin and their was a Stars lottery flyer in the mail so she started going through it and she's like, "DAD we need a new car." I definately agree Kyla.
Her favorite movies lately are I Robot....weirdo, Spiderman 3, Twilight, and What happens in Vegas. Seriously. I can't even count how many times she has asked to watch I Robot. Isn't that movie a little scary for a 3 year old?? And should she even be aloud to watch What happens in Vegas? Bad mom award for that one. At least I love that movie too, so no complaints here! She loves cereal, as always. Yesterday she at at least 7, yup 7 bowls of Special K! And I didn't even put sugar on it. She is a little boss, it's always...."no Pres, no Jayc." She calls them by their nicknames now. It's actually kinda cute.
She told me the other day I had a "cute body" while I was working out, glad she approves. She also was quick to point out my "owies" (Stretchmarks) and told me to get bandaids for them. she's quite an observant girl. Although I don't think her ears are working lately, we'll have to get those fixed. :)
So those are just a few of her brilliant moments. I'll have to think of some more for next time.
Until then, here is pictures of Kyla and some naked babies...I told you everything gets neglected around here.
Actually it was pj time. Do they not look insanely tall?? I think they grew this week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


HALLOWEEN DECOR!! I absolutely love halloween and I have been so excited to get these made. All the details are on my WEBSITE with more on there. Go check them out and don't forget to get your order in right away so it's here in time to put up for Halloween! Within the next month or so i'll be starting Christmas decor as well, CAN'T WAIT!!

I also will be increasing my prices a bit, which I dont want to do and i've been putting it off a long as possible. But I have to take into consideration my time and effort that it takes to make these letters. I saw letters that were about 6 inches big and only painted one simple color for $10 each so that's when it was confirmed that I needed to do this. The only thing I will be increasing is the 8" letters to $12 per letter, so it's not too bad.

Oh ya and ORDER NOW!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A little announcement....

No i'm not pregnant! I know that's what you were all thinking!!!

This is something so exciting for The Burnt Daisy. I got invited to be in a huge kids craft show in Southern Alberta! I am so nervous but so excited! So it's on Saturday, September 19th from 10-5pm in Magrath at the arena. There is supposed to be a ton of great shops coming from all over. This is a first for Southern Alberta and Mellissa is doing a great job of putting it together. I will be taking orders there and there will be some things to purchase at the show also, including some Halloween decor which i'm super excited about! I hope I can see a lot of you there!

Maybe pray for me to get through this month alive, I have too much going on! Here is my August.
-30 orders to work on right now (5 almost finished) plus more to get ready for the show! CRAZY!
-Dustin's bday on the 29th which I haven't even thought about, normally I am so on top of it!
-Holidays were last week and we're finally back getting back to normal
-I spent this entire week sick which I did not have time for
-I teach the lesson this Sunday
-I am closing up a Scentsy party today which I had on Wednesday
-My Aunt Brenda's wedding is next weekend in Cardston
-and something else I can't reveal yet...
I think that's enough. Oh and I really want to do a post of Jayci and Presley and their latest. I have neglected them lately on here. They are changing so much!
Well i'm off to squeeze a shower in, finish my lesson and somehow organize these 30 orders to get them started. Wish me luck!! Oh and spread the word about the show!! Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer Holidays!

This week was wicked! We took holidays in Penticton BC with my family and camped right across the street from Skaha beach. It was a dream. I honestly don't know why I live in the coldest place in Alberta because I hate the cold and NEED the sun! The summer weather has sucked up here so I was loving every minute in the +30-40C weather. We did a ton of stuff and made a ton of memories. The girls even slept through the night in the tent all week. There was one bad night for Presley but she caught a wicked cold from Gavin so we brought out the meds, took her for a walk in the stroller and then she was out again. I think the worst part was driving home, BRUTAL! It's supposed to be about a 14-15 hour drive and it took us 18! We left at 9am Saturday morning and got home 5am Sunday morning. It sucked. Glad to be home though! So i'll just put up pictures and explain as I go, I took a lot!

So we each took a night to make dinner and my parents decided to take us out for their night. I don't know what kind of crack my kids were smoking that day but they were hyper! Kyla and I got some awesome pictures, she's hilarious that one.

The happy babies at dinner. I didn`t care how loud we were, as long as they were happy, I was happy!

Love this place!
My beautiful family
Love him!
The whole family. left-right Kristy, Brandon and Gavin, Brittany and Jeff, Mom, Dad and Stephanie, us!

We went to the beach in the evening and the wind came up, the waves were huge and the guys, and Stephanie the only brave one, went swimming! The pictures were too dark though.
Jayci looking all grown up (with sand on her face)
Beginning of the evening at the beach. She`s one of my favorite people.
The best picture out of a ton. Presley just wanted to run.
Presley, can you see the hair coming?? I can!

Playing some mini golf
Catching some fish in the pond right beside our campsite, where the boys pretty much lived.
Forcing the fun on Presley
The sistas on our first day, hence my whiteness.
We went to the midway on Okanagan for Peachfest, SO MUCH FUN! I felt like a kid again, we were there till midnight, which was when they closed. Kids and all. Good times!

Kyla was in heaven and wasn`t scared of any rides, she went on them all and loved it!
Grandpa Petersen and his best friend.

The end of the night. What a partay!

The studs and their henna tatoos
And the pretty ladies! ps it was a total waste of money, except mine stayed cuz I was the whitest! Still fun though.
My girlies playing in the grass. They were so happy just running around following each other. Oh and chasing the ducks, which they learned to say while we were there!
Chasing the ducks

Daddy and his daycare
Caught a turtle fishing, he caught an even bigger one later
The few minutes I actually got to lay and tan.
Hanging with the Rempel cousins
This was the first day so I was pasty but this is the only picture of Presley in the water, she loved it!
She`s hot and she knows it.
We had so much fun but it was definately a lot of work with these 3 girlies. I don`t know what we would of done without the help of the family. It takes us forever just to get out the door in the morning and we were going, going, going constantly so we were very busy! But it was nice to get away and do some fun stuff with the family. Lots of laughs and lots of good times. It`s always nice to go home and I was glad we had Sunday to recouperate. It`s funny how you need to rest after a holiday. At least I came out with a tan!