Tuesday, February 22, 2011

32 weeks!

OR 8 months. Which sounds better.

Holy mother I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. I know I keep saying that but i'm waiting for it to slow down but it just seems to go faster. I can tell i'm getting to the end because I now get the swelling in my legs after church, which is the only time I wear heels so I don't think that helps. It's not too bad though, i've had worse in my previous pregnancies. I also don't really feel huge, I definitely feel like I have a belly but i'm waiting for the "holy crap, i'm gonna die" feeling. Maybe it's because i've carried twins and I was MUCH larger with them so this doesn't feel as big. Or that feeling is still to come...

I have had such a great pregnancy and I don't even know what to write about it because there isn't much to write about. I've had it pretty easy. Some days I have more energy than others but I like having lazy days and will take them whenever I need them. The girls are becoming more work lately and that's probably the hardest part right now. They are constantly fighting, it's driving me crazy! They fight over little things such as these little princess figures and strawberry shortcake dolls, who has which one, and always stealing each others. It's getting to the point i'm going to take them all away and see if it changes. Dustin thinks they'll just find other stuff to fight over, and i'm sure he's right but i'm willing to try it. The hardest part is the twins throw the biggest tantrums, like freaking out crying, so I have to take them to their rooms because they can last forever! They need to be locked in a room until they calm down but when they are both freaking out, they don't walk, so I end up having to drag them both up the stairs to their room and I just can't do it anymore. So I need to figure something out. I bought a book today, called "The Big Book of Parenting" i've been wanting it forever so I finally went downtown and got it. It's HUGE. I guess that's why they call it the "big" book. So i'm assuming i'll be an amazing mom after reading it. ha.

I still haven't done much to get ready for the baby, but this weekend when Dustin is off we are doing it all. Getting everything on the list (diapers etc), washing the baby clothes we have and organizing them into what could be for a boy since we did have a few unisex sleepers and stuff from the twins, and washing all the baby stuff such as the baby swing cover, car seat cover, bassinet bedding etc. I also still have lots to do around the house to organize, so i'll be doing little bits here and there and some projects I want to make such as receiving blankets, burp cloths and a carseat canopy. Talk about last minute.
When I think about how soon this baby will be here, I kind of freak out inside. Ok I freak out a lot! Like it's really happening and there is no going back and how soon it is and that i'm doing the newborn thing all over again already. Hoping the delivery is smooth and that i'm really going to actually deliver another baby! I'm actually more excited than nervous for this baby and I can't wait, Dustin said he isn't nervous either, maybe we are just crazy.

Dustin always asks me in my bad pregnancy moments, "so do you think this is our last baby?"
Yes great timing to ask, when I am in the middle of my "I hate my life speech" of course it's a little dramatic and Dustin just lets me go on but I hate answering that question. Ya 4 kids is a lot and it was our plan to always have 4. I think it's just hard for me to even think about being done having babies because I never thought i'd be done so young and it's kind of a big deal to think about. So of course we haven't made a set decision because now is not the time to make a decision like that, but it is crazy to think of how fast we have had these kids when this isn't what we expected at all. It's weird how life works out and it's weird how I wouldn't change it for anything.
Well I think that's all I have to say for now. I've been really bad at blogging these last couple months, but our life has been pretty low key lately.
So here is yet another pic, this is today, 32 weeks. Ignore the fat pants that make me look 10 times larger. It's pretty much all I wear these days and I could care less!
8 more weeks to go!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We had A visitor!

There was a change in plans and my mom and sister weren't able to come up anymore but my dad changed his flight to come here originally from where he was and couldn't change it back, so he ended up still coming up for the weekend! It was fun and the girls loved him here. He got mauled the entire time. Jayci called him grandma for the first day so that was kind of funny. Kyla was addicted to his iphone the entire time, and I think she was more sad to see the phone go than him, but she loved having him here.
We went out to the movie on Saturday night just Dad, Dust and I. We saw "Just Go With It", it was hilarious. Probably one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time, so I highly recommend it!

We mostly just hung out at the house, watched movies and played and he got to come to church with us yesterday.

Thumbs up for Toy Story 3! (Notice the twins thumbs up with their pointer fingers)
We tried to watch it, and failed, the kids weren't quite into it. I think they've seen it too many times.

Oh also, please notice my new nursing pillow cover in the top of the picture. I LOVE it. It's the first thing i've bought for preparing for baby and i'm kind of obsessed with Zebra print right now. So I was pretty excited about that!

The girlies and Grandpa!
I love this picture.

I loved having my dad here. They don't get up here very often so it was fun having him be part of my crazy life for a few days. Thanks for coming dad! Love you!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So relieved

I had an appointment with my OB yesterday and I was looking forward to getting his opinion on the latest situation. He did an ultrasound and I told him what was going on and what the other Doctor said etc. I was praying for some good news.

We found out the baby is transverse, so laying sideways, and this can cause a lot of cramping. In other words the small contraction type feelings i've been having are from the baby being sideways and they won't do anything, they are just uncomfortable! He said there is no reason I need to be on bed rest since everything looks good and i'm showing no signs of labour! What? Seriously?? I just went through a whole week of doing NOTHING, having meals made for me, my husband waiting on me hand and foot, and a million people planning to help me in the next couple weeks and now i'm ok? I kind of felt like an idiot for all that but I guess it was better safe than sorry. It's too bad they didn't do an ultrasound IN the hospital before jumping to conclusions.

I am SO SO SO happy! I can live my life again! I can leave my house, or my couch for that matter! He did say to still take it easy and don't do more than I need too, but he doesn't want to see me until 36 weeks and doesn't see a reason why I won't go that far. I'm so excited. I can stop worrying about every single cramp or uncomfortable feeling, questioning if I did to much by showering or getting a glass of water or going up the stairs. I probably would have gone insane by the end of the 5 weeks because this week was hard enough and I probably did way more than I should of on bed rest. I do have 3 kids remember!

Anyways so i'm so relieved and so grateful for all the help and prayers we were given this past week. My mom and sister are still going to come tomorrow and help me get organized. I haven't had much energy so it'll be nice to have some help and company since it's been forever since anyone has came here! I can actually enjoy the visit with them instead of from the couch!

Baby is looking great and measuring right on track to the week and weight is right where it should be, so things look great and I can enjoy the rest of this pregnancy worry free! He isn't worried about the baby not moving since we still have plenty of time, but it definitely isn't very comfortable for me. Oh well, i'll take it over bed rest ANY day! What a huge weight lifted!

I did originally plan a valentines post but this is a little more exciting and all I have time for, so it'll come later.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

30 weeks

For those of you who still don't know the latest situation with the baby and our hospital trip, read the previous post.

And as promised, here is the ginormous belly. I just tell myself it's because i'm short so it all has to go out. This is probably the last day in a long time i'll be ready and look decent so I figured i'd take it today. I decided to shower today to make myself feel better to go out to the hospital again for my shot. It's a good thing I can get ready sitting down the entire time. Oh ignore the puffy exhausted eyes. Obviously it's been a rough couple days.

For those of you who have left comments and sent messages so far, thank you so much. I cry while reading every single one. I am grateful for amazing people like you, and it means the world to me.

Monday, February 07, 2011

All good things come to an end I guess

I have been so lucky so far this pregnancy. I was sick in the beginning but not "kill me now sick", I survived and i've had worse so I couldn't really complain. I had a little cramping at the start but that went away on it's own and other than that things have been pretty dang good and the whole second trimester was amazing. I was so looking foward to go full term (well at least close to it) and delivering up here with an easy "oh look, my water broke, lets get our things together, maybe have a shower, get the kids to Jill's and drive to the hospital" where a couple hours later we deliver our healthy baby.

Looks like our luck has run out. On Saturday night around 5pm I started having some "cramps". Nothing too serious, just something I knew was a little more than Braxton Hicks and they wouldn't go away. Dustin came home from work and made me go to bed. I had them through the night and around 4am, they were gone. Thank goodness. I hate jumping to the worst case scenario and so all day the next day (yesterday) I was good and just sat on my butt all day relaxing. Well as much as I can with the 3 girls and didn't cramp at all.

Then this morning around 5am, when our lovely children decide it's time to get up, I was awake in bed while Dustin got them cereal and stuff. He's awesome like that and always gets up with them. I started feeling the cramps again. Not too bad but enough for me to realize I need to go in and see what's going on. So Dust stayed home and we took the kids to Jills and we headed to the hospital.

Long story shorter.... I was having some tightenings showing on the monitor, enough to cause for concern, so they hooked me up to IV to get some fluids in me. The doctor came in, checked me, thank goodness I was still fully closed and long etc, pretty much still good. But he was really worried given my history and told me it's likely i'll have this baby by 34 weeks and he doesn't see me making it to 35 weeks to be able to deliver up here. My heart sank. I went from being the happy positive girl with no worries to complete stress in a couple minutes. They did a swab to see if I will go into labour within the next two weeks or not (I know, weird eh?) and thank goodness it came back negative. I didn't even know a test like that existed. So it's 98% accurate she said so that gives me some hope. The doctor kind of freaked me out though, I know it's a huge chance he is taking by saying that but I guess it's their job to be prepared for worse case. So he now wants me on strict bed rest, and only to get up to go to the bathroom. Right. I have little 3 kids that's pretty much, um, impossible! Oh also no going up stairs. ha ya right. So he gave me the steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs quicker, just to be safe and I have to go for the other one tomorrow. I'm glad for that. I had to get that with the twins too, and they were 7 weeks early and didn't have to spend any time on the breathing machine, so I totally think it helps.

So the thing that concerns me is the "contractions" I was feeling are the exact ones that put me into labour both times with the twins. It was like dejavu and I dilated with those back then, so that's what makes me worried. They aren't painful or super strong but enough to obviously cause change. So as of today i'm on bed rest. Wonderful.

Dustin has 5 days off starting on Friday until Tuesday and then my mom and maybe grandma are planning on coming up for a couple weeks and then my sister Britt after that. So that buys me almost 5 weeks. That would take me to 35 weeks and that would be amazing. Dustin can't really take any more work off because he doesn't get paid leave and we are still trying to catch up for school and obviously prepare for baby, so I am so grateful for family and amazing friends who have already stepped up to offer help with meals etc.

So i'm trying to stay positive but i'm so worried at the same time. I was totally fine in the hospital and didn't want to let it get to me but as soon as I got home I broke down. I can only be so strong and I told myself, it's ok to cry and I really needed to cry. It was just a lot to take in in a day and I was a little overwhelmed. I hate having to ask for help and I hate being the needy one, so here I am again in this position of needing it. It's definitely humbling. I don't want to deliver a preemie again, and I don't want to see my baby in the hospital. Going through that once, is enough. My husband is amazing, he came home, got the kids in bed and cleaned the house up and started doing a ton of laundry. I love him. I also got a blessing tonight, i'm so grateful for the knowledge of priesthood power and that I have a husband I can rely on in times like this. Ok I am kind of an emotional wreck writing this, so maybe I should stop.

I was planning on taking a belly picture today for you all but that kind of got put on the back burner. Obviously. I guess it'll have to be tomorrow. I love all of you who support me, even from far away. Thanks in advance for all the love and support to come, it means the world to me. I know we can do this. 5 weeks isn't that long, so lets pray it flies by.

I always tell myself, it could always be worse, and this helps me through the hard times because I always think someone has it harder than me and to be grateful for what I have.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What have we been up to?

Well I looked back at the pictures we've taken lately to see what we've been doing and all I found were these.

Yes they are all sleeping pictures, and yes Presley has a candy hanging out of her mouth in the last one. Oh that's also her who HAD to go to bed with the sunglasses on, she is right passed out.

Yup it's super exciting around here. Obviously.

I was house bound for a week last week because our power steering went on our van and it took a week to get in and get it fixed so I pretty much did nothing that week. Other than that, it's been pretty boring and i've probably been the laziest woman around. Ok i'm not that bad, I do try and keep up with the cleaning and kids, but other than that my energy is limited, which sucks. I'm patiently waiting for the nesting energy to come....any day now would be great because I have a huge list of what I need to do still around here!

So lately i'm "kind of" cranky.

I'm sure Dustin has some other words for it but he's not the one blogging is he? I'm just at that annoyance stage where everything is annoying, does that make sense? If not, well too bad. I'm pregnant with 3 kids in the depressing winter so I can be cranky sometimes, right? By the way i'm huge, yes huge. I look like I should be due any day. It's ok, i'm staying positive, not much longer!

The girls are doing great. I absolutely love having the 3 of them. They play all the time with each other and are so happy, and easy to please. Don't get me wrong they still fight and have their tantrums and it's pretty crazy around here but i'm so grateful they have each other to keep themselves occupied. Also it's a bonus they always have a friend to play with! I'm not complaining.

Well that's about it lately. Pretty exciting eh?