Thursday, May 26, 2011

ok, i'm embracing it

I saw on this blog a while ago a thing called "embrace the camera", where the moms are challenged to get in front of the camera instead of always behind it. I loved it and I love seeing pictures of my mom friends (yes i'm talking to you) on their blogs so why not take my own advice. I don't think i've been in a picture since Laken's been born that is "worthy" enough to be shown. You know how it goes. So I think everyone should do it, that way our kids know we actually existed.

I love this little girl so much.
By the way I have to brag, she slept 11 hours the other night! ELEVEN! and on the average she sleeps 8-10 every night!
We are blessed.

Monday, May 23, 2011


I feel like i've been slacking in the picture department lately so i'm here to make up for it.

I've come to realize that my life is.... well, insane.

Yesterday was the second time I attempted church with just me and the 4 girls. Dustin is working a 24 right now, and we all came out alive both times! It went really well and I am SO grateful for the AMAZING people in our ward that help me. Nice people are the best.

We've spent a few days at the park, and there are MANY more to come. I'm so excited to be outside!! I decided this summer I will NOT stay in the house and waste any sunny warm days. I did that the last two summers with the twins being young and I refuse to do it again. So I drag them all out almost every day and I feel SO much better. Plus I feel like a good mom at the end of the day. At least it's something right?

Okay enough of the crap talk, here are pics!

Here is Kyla's new favorite outfit. She is obsessed with the skirt, she wears it to bed and everything.

Pick your battles right?

Love this one of the 3 girls.

Jayci, Laken, and Jayci's bedhead.

That's right, Jeggings for baby! Could they be any cuter?

Smiling pic! Not the best but it's something.

I love having a baby in the spring/summer so we can enjoy outfits like this!


The only park day picture. She loved being outside.

She put Laken to sleep. She seriously is the best big sister.

Still a little small for the bumbo

The girls doing their favorite thing lately, drawing and coloring.

Jayci's face is my favorite.

and I of course saved the best for last.

Just enjoy it.

You probably thought the same thing as me of Kyla the last picture.

Spitting image of Dustin.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


So i'm not going to lie, we suck at food storage.

We have about 6 cases of Campbells soup, and a million cases of ichiban because Dustin seems to think we eat it ("we" means "I" by the way) and buys it whenever it's on sale but it never gets cooked because well, who does the cooking mostly? me. Also a few other random things we just buy extra's of.

So with everything going on in the world we've been told to get our food storage going. But honestly why haven't we? (as in Dustin and I)


1. We don't know where to start

2. What or how much to store

3. How to afford it (we have a posse of kids to feed as it is and food storage isn't cheap)

4. and How to use it

Ironically my dad told me about the freeze dried food storage, which i've never heard of. Like I said I suck at it and know nothing. So there is this company called Shelf Reliance and it carries the brand THRIVE foods, it's all freeze dried food storage and it's awesome. I'm sure some of you have heard of it, or even have some of it. There company is based on those 4 points I mentioned and makes it so easy to get your food storage going or added to. It's also, get this, AFFORDABLE. Now your speaking my language. I can also tell you how to get it cheaper than wholesale! Yes please.

The thing with freeze dried also is it lasts 20-30 years unopened, and up to 2 years opened! That's huge. It's also amazing stuff, and it tastes great! I've tried it. It has the same nutrients as if you were to eat the same foods fresh because they freeze dry it immediately.

So I have actually decided to become a consultant for them and get the word out there for this food storage. The big deal is really soon they are coming to Canada with their products, which is the first country other than the States. So it's going to be huge as soon as it does. There is also an opportunity for anyone who wants to, to become a consultant themselves and share with their friends and family.

There is so much more about this company and the products they carry that I love! I won't turn this into a novel but I'm way excited!!

I can't wait to get our food storage going for our family finally and i'm excited to help people get signed up to be able to order it online in Canada AND for such a great price. You can also sign up right now if you live in the States and order it today!

So I just wanted to tell you what i've been up to lately and if you want to learn more about it (which you do) email me! You want to get it on this before it goes live too, which is anywhere from 3-8 weeks and I can tell you why if you want to message me...


or facebook me.

See. Their labels are even cute.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Let's be honest

First of all, this little peanut is already a month old! I know right?

How do all our girls end up with blue eyes, and neither Dustin nor I have them? I have green and he has brown. Kind of random.

So Laken is doing great! I know most of you will hate me for this, or i'll just jinx myself, but she has slept through the night since the day we brought her home. She usually wakes up to eat once and goes right back to sleep. We are super lucky. All our babies have been awesome sleepers, so I have no complaints there!

Although some days I look like I haven't had ANY sleep.

It's time for the "let's be honest" part.

It's been a little emotional around here this past month. I don't hear many women talk about the postpartum emotions, but i'm going to. It's been a little hard. I am super sensitive and emotional these days. It's not every day and some days I feel completely normal, but if I get a bad day, i'm pretty sure everything could make me cry. I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat. I feel like I could go all day without eating and not be hungry. But of course I eat no matter what, since I have a baby to feed. I don't think i'm depressed and I don't feel like I want to stay in bed all day or have any bad feelings towards the kids, the emotions are the hardest part. I'm pretty sure it's just the baby blues. It's been a little better this past week and I have a doctors appointment on Thursday so i'm going to see what he says. I'm pretty sure it's normal and i've talked to a few friends lately who also felt like this so it makes me feel better. I never have had this after having a baby so it's all kind of new to me. I know it's temporary and it's normal so i'll survive. I just wanted to write about it a bit so I remember what it was like and it's not easy to admit how "hard" life really is sometimes and I think that's why i've been a little MIA lately. I also think sometimes I feel like i'm a failure to admit things are hard. But there. I did it.

I am having quite an interesting time adjusting to 4, it's a lot of freakin work! I thought I was busy before, but man, it's INSANE now! Who ever said going from 3 to 4 is not a big deal, they can eat it. But then again not everyone pops out 4 kids in 5 years!

It's just busy. I think i'm busier now and it's harder now than when I had the twins. Maybe it's because when I had the twins I was expecting the absolute worst and it was always better than I expected. Or something like that... But 4 is busy. Laken is a great baby, but she is still a baby and needs attention, fed, changed, held etc etc. On top of that, I have fighting girls, messes constantly made, kids to get dressed and ready every day, Kyla driven to school every day, bla bla bla. The list goes on. I think at least once a day I reflect on what's happening at that moment, such as picking stickers off my kitchen table for a good 15 minutes, or rushing out the door to get Kyla from school and Laken pukes all over me and her right before I put her in her car seat and think "Is this really my life?" then I laugh about it.

So that's our life lately. I'm crazy. I know.

Here's Kyla being such a good babysitter.

I'm so proud.

At least she put the baby to sleep before going to sleep herself, right?

Speaking of sleeping, this is how Laken likes to sleep, it's how she always ends up.

I guess that's all you get. I have a hungry baby and a whole container full of yogurt that just got spilled all over the floor.

I am a strong person. I can do this!

I think.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I sat here today around 2:30 thinking how awesome it was that Kyla was at school, the twins were upstairs playing so good, and Laken was sleeping. It was so peaceful.

So I enjoyed some TV before having to run out the door to get Kyla from school.

Then the awesomeness ended when Jayci walked down the stairs looking like this....

Yes that is eyeliner. Didn't she do a good job? Everywhere EXCEPT the eyes.

Close though.

Thankfully Presley wasn't as beautiful.

Thanks Girls.

Luckily it was only on their faces and not all over my room or vanity.

I text a picture to my dad, he asked "What did you do?!"

I said, "What am I supposed to do? I took a picture."

Monday, May 02, 2011

Laken's Blessing & Easter

Ok i'm taking a couple minutes to finally blog. I've been putting it off lately because it takes so long to upload photos and I have over 400 too choose from and we've had company keeping us busy over the last two weeks and plus I might be a little busy adjusting to life with a new baby...

We decided to cram Easter and Laken's blessing all into one weekend. Smart I know. Dustin's whole family and my whole family, excluding Kristy and Brandon, came up over the Easter holidays. Jill had Dustin's family staying at her house and mine stayed at ours. We had Mom, Dad, Steph, Jeff, Britt, Laynie, Gma and Gpa Purnell at our house, and Jill's house had Mom and Dad Francis, Gma Yuill, Gma Francis, Denim, Jody, Haley and Esiah. It was busy but I loved having all the company and family here. It rarely happens so I took it all in and tried to enjoy every minute. Me and the girls had to go and get sick though! I thought I was going to die. I had the sore throat, achy body, etc. and the girls had fevers and colds. It sucked and i'm still trying to get over it, but we still had fun. Mom and Grandma went nuts in my house helping me get organized so that was awesome. We colored eggs, had Easter morning, went swimming (well not me) rolled easter eggs down the hill, had the blessing and blessing dinner and also just hung out. We did a lot.

The girls Easter morning

Presley, Kyla, Jayci, and Laynie

Coloring egss

I may or may not have passed out in the chair in the viewing area, and my family may or may not have taken a hideous picture... no it will not be shown. It's that hideous.

Laken's blessing was perfect. Dustin did so good and it was so nice having so much family up here supporting us. She looked beautiful in her little dress, and was the best little baby all weekend, and still is.

Blessing Day

The Petersen Family

The Francis Family

Our family of 6!

My pretty girl

These are just a few photos from the weekend. If your lucky enough to be my friend on facebook, there is lots more on there.
Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great weekend with us!