Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm the perfect wife

So when we first moved to Fort Mac I remember sitting in church with Dustin and seeing all these wives without their husbands and all their kids in sacrament. I remember thinking, "man I could NEVER be a shift workers wife."

Well I ate my words didn't I.

I not only am a shift workers wife, I went from one extreme to the other! Dustin used to work normal hours, week days, weekends off, home by supper every night. It was perfect. Well that job went down the tubes so we finally got smart and applied at the plants. You can't live up here and NOT work out there, that is where it's at. He got on with a company and started his life as a shift worker, and I started my life as a shift workers wife.
I was so excited at this time because we really needed the job and money and SECURITY. It was a blessing and a half. His shift was going to be 10 and 4, which means in english, 10 days on, 4 off. And normal 10 hour days, plus the 45 minute bus ride. Ok cool. I was good with this, he doesn't even work nights which is awesome. Well since then I think he has actually worked his shift maybe twice? He always is offered overtime and he never says no.
I am NOT complaining, it's more of "how ironic" really.

So he has been working 18 and 24's. (Days in a row) and 12 hour shifts and doesn't get home until 9pm EVERY night. I know i've mentioned this before. The shift workers have so many different kinds of shifts; 6 and 6 (this is the BEST one, Jill's husband gets this one. he sucks for that), there's 4 and 4, or 4 and 3, or whatever and more I don't even remember. But I just so happened to get the worst one. 10 and 4 is the worst one. 24 and 4 is even worse. I'm so lucky.
After our weekend away to Edmonton he has been back on his normal 10 and 4. Finally.

The other night, Wednesday to be exact just after 7:00, I was sitting on the couch enjoying my America's next top model and there is a knock at the door and it's my wonderful HUSBAND.
So he tells me they are now back to 10 hour days. Yay! So he'll be home just after 7 every night.
Here's my version of the story,

Wednesday night
Dustin "hey babes! i'm only working 10 hour days now"
Me, "Yay!"
The next day
Dustin "just kidding i'm only working them on the weekdays and working 12 hour shifts on the weekends, (Fri, Sat, & Sun)" "oh and i'm now working an 18 because they offered me overtime on my weekend off"
Me " really?? this is so awesome hun!" then I punched him in the face.
(I may have changed a "few" things in that story, but we can pretend that's how it went)

Good little story I know.

I like my husband. I do. I think I got married and had kids with someone? Maybe? Who knows. I do know that a random guy comes home for a few hours in the evening to eat my dinner I slave over, and make a mess in my room with dirty stinky plant clothes, and sleeps in my bed and tries to "snuggle".
Sorry, I usually get to know my men before sleeping with them.

I'm not really bitter, just jokingly bitter. Which in Dustin's world is PERFECT. As long as I can laugh about it.
So he is taking one day off next Saturday for our ward talent show and the doodle bops concert we're taking Kyla too, (you're all jealous of this I know) then he has to go back until the following weekend, which he'll have 4 days off like normal.

So it's been fun. I honestly, as bad as this post sounds, I don't mind it! The money is great so that's a huge motivation to force the love.
And he is going to school at the end of April so we definitely need the mullah.
I rarely complain and I rarely get stressed out. The odd moments in the day because of screaming kids but that's normal. I totally thought I could never do it but when the time came, well, i'm doing it! I'm doing it JUST fine. :)

I love our little townhouse life. ha no I actually hate that part, but that is why he is going to school lots in the next couple years. To buy me a house! Yep, I said if I don't have a house in two years, i'm leaving him.
So at least he knows he has some time, that was nice of me.


Lynn said...

LOL! You write it all out SOo well!

You ARE the perfect wife. He truly has it so good. And I hope he knows that. ; D

The Harker Family said...

You are so funny Mindy! Loved your "story".

Kathy Purnell said... crack me up!! You'll get your house.....all in good time ;)

The Anderson Family said...

Ok so first... I didn't know you were a shift workers husband!!( go back and proof read!!) And yes I agree that I have the best shift! If he would actually work the 6 and 6. I read this post out loud to Travis and we both laughed. It's so true that the way we all talk about what shifts are husbands are working. It does sound like a different language. I was like WHAT??? when we first got up here and someone was like "my husband works 5 8's (meaning 5 8hour days.) Love this post. Maybe one day he'll actually work a normal shift...umm who are we kidding this is fort mac nobody works normal up here!

Christine Peterson said...

I really want to cry for you! I know you don't want the sympathy, but man. I can't say I could do it. AND you have twins!! ahhhhh It takes a strong woman to do what you do! Then when Dustin is in school, you'll probably be like "get outta my hair!!" haha. You can have anything you want as long as you dream it, don't worry it'll happen.

The Pratts said...

Haha, shiftworkers husband! :) I can't say I miss the shiftwork days...hang in there, you're doing GREAT!

Francis Family said...

haha Jill, definitely changed that!
Thanks ;)

Alison said...

What took you guys so long to join the shift world?!! It's awesome, hey?! (ok, not really, but the cash is sweet!) Ryan works 5 on 4 off, 4 on 5 off all 12 hour days. It's amazing what you can do on your own when you have to, hey?

Rhiannon Nicole said...

awe :) this is so cute!! you are a pretty perfect wife missy!! xx

Rhiannon Nicole said...

p.s. you'll get your house too!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Yep! I'm a shiftworker's wife too! Except we both LOVE it! The day (or nights) he works are sucky, but we love having him home a bunch too. Especially during camping season! Tim works a 5-5-4 (how's that for shiftworker's code).

Translations: 5on, 5off, 4on, 5off, 5on, 4off, etc.

Kelli Olsen said...

Hey Mindy! I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and thought it was about time to make myself known to I don't know if you would know me, but I dated Brenden Yuill while you and Dustin were dating and they were living together. I'm also a cousin of the Shurtz's. I know Tanner is dating your sister but I haven't officially met her yet. I love reading your blog! Your girls are adorable and I think your doing a fantastic job! Especially with twins, and a husband who works a lot! Thank you for inspiring me!

Cichy's said...

I don't know how you do it! But good for you! You are amazing, and so talented, and have 3 gorgeous girls to go along with it all! Where is Dustin going to school and what for?

Rhiannon Nicole said...

ok I know I already commented here Mindy but today I was thinking of women I knew who are so sexy and have kids and BAM you came into my mind :) hehe thought I would tell you!! xx

Francis Family said...

haha Rhiannon!! Thanks! You are too cute.
Ashley, Dustin is going up here at the college and he is still doing his electrical.
Kelli, Thanks for coming out of the closet! Well not the closet, but you get what I mean. ;)