Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween part 1- Pure Evil


We went to a Halloween Party at Jills and I originally bought the Alice in Wonderland costume because it was simple and cheap from walmart. But I wasn't thrilled about it and I think people need to be scary things on Halloween because it's more fun that way! So I vamped it up a bit!
So....Someone killed Alice... 

The Ladies at the party!
Left to Right
Jill-mummy, Sharisse and Michelle- pink ladies, Me obviously- dead Alice, Mandy- vampire, 
Carolyn-plug socket, Julie-mummy, Becky- Poison Ivy

 The Gents! L-R
Travis- a zombie, Kimball-wolverine, Don-the plug in, Dustin- phsyco, Matt- cop, Dean- vampire, Jay-mummy

So what do ya think??
If you don't dress up for Halloween, you are a LOSER!! 
Just kidding, kind of.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So behind!

SO much has gone on lately you have no idea!! Yes it's only been like a week but still, there is lots! So I will write, then post a bunch of pics after, its easiest and fastest.

So for starters, Sunday night we went over to Kimball and Becky's and she made up the cutest desserts and cake for me! She is the best! We had so much fun, it made my day!

Second, Jayci had her first cavity, well 3 actually. Nice. So we took her in to the dentist who happens to be married to a relative of Dustin's and got them filled! She had NO freezing and we didn't even have to put her under. How did she do? She sat there still the entire time! It was crazy. Kyla had to go under twice for fillings! I wish I had the option with her because this was WAY easier. Of course it depends on the kid but Jayci did amazing. He was done so fast and she was so cooperative. What a good girl eh?

Here are pics sort of in order...


She got 2 prizes for being so good!

The kids decorated a bit for Halloween! Ya it's one picture but it's something!

What next, well my birthday week was so fun. Dustin was off this weekend so on Friday he planned the whole day out. Becky took the girls for us and off we went. I had no idea where too though! I usually am really hard to surprise and I wasn't sure what he had going on because he's never done anything like this before.
Anyways we pulled up got out and went and did this!!!

 At first I was freaking out a bit! I've never been on a plane EVER, so this was a first! Well if you don't count being drugged up and pregnant on the air ambulance...twice...

That's where the kids were! They were on the driveway watching us!

The pilot let Dustin fly it! He did awesome, the guy said he was impressed! Dustin is one of those people who are good at everything on the first try.
 So it was so fun! Totally unexpected and different and we had a blast! Then we went to the mall and I amost bought new boots but I couldn't decide if I loved them, plus they were out of my size. So we went to Bell and bought the new iphone 4s! We haven't had anything iphone-ish so we were rookies. They are awesome though! They have this thing called Siri and it's like a personal assistant, you talk to it and it texts what you say, or you can say "book appointment" and it'll ask for when and what time and books it! Or if you need to write something down you say "note" and then it'll ask what you want to write and then you say it and it adds it to your notes! It exactly what I need! I am always needing to write things down because I forget EVERYTHING and it's so convenient. I tell ya, it was worth every penny! The games are fun too. I finally know what this angry birds thing is! It gives me anxiety!
Oh I also, yes I got really spoiled this year, got a new lens!! Dust bought me a 50mm 1.8 lens for my camera. It's awesome! I have to get used to it because it's a fixed lens but i've been playing around with it a little this weekend and it's so fun, the pictures are so clear and bright.

Ok lets move on. In amazing news, my parents are back together! So my mom is moving to St. Paul this coming weekend but she was up visiting my dad and they decided to come here for a couple days! It was so fun. We did a lot in 2 days and it was so weird but awesome to have things back the way they used to be, but better. Here are some pics from the weekend!

I look a little tired but the other good one of us is on my phone. How do you load them onto blogger from your phone? I tried but it won't let me select an image to upload on my phone...

Making cookies with grandma, it's a tradition!

Nice smile Pres...

So talk about busy eh? Lots going on! I don't know why but October was insanely busy and went by super fast! So that's all for now! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So far.

Today is my birthday (yay) but honestly it feels like every other day. Dustin is at work, I took the girls to church and we've been bumming around all afternoon! I guess the Relief Society forgot it was my bday so they didn't announce it, that didn't help. I was actually looking forward to my 5 seconds of birthday fame.

I think the highlight of my day was flashing a bunch of people at church my behind! Oh yes that did happen. (Twice actually!) I was wearing fishnet style leggings and a bright orange, shorter, empire style dress, it was that stretchy fabric so it stuck to the leggings and rode up constantly. Oh and cute black sexy heels, just so you get the whole picture. Well I walked all the way down the church hall before someone told me! Awesome. Good thing I didn't really care too much. So note to self and all of you, don't wear that!

I know Dustin has something planned for this weekend since he had to work my bday weekend so i'm impressed and excited to see what he has planned! We did go out on Friday with Kimball, Becky, Jill and Travis to dinner and got some super cute gifts and then we went to FOOTLOOSE!!! It was SO good. I watched the original last Sunday since i've never seen it and they did a great job on the remake! It was WAY better than the original!All the husbands were complaining that they had to go to it and bla bla bla, but they all liked it! HA. I told them they'd thank me after. I think Julianne Hough helped with that. She was really good in it actually, and there was more dancing than the original which I liked.

So I guess we are going to Tagg's for some dessert in a few minutes when Dust gets home. I'm super grateful for the awesome friends we have. I was just saying I don't think I could survive without Jill and Becky and how often they watch my kids so I can go to appointment after appointment. They are so helpful.

I also decided I suck at the embrace the camera challenge. I started for one picture like 5 months ago and so since it was my birthday I took a new one.

I'll let you know what happens this Friday! Until then I have dentist appointments, swimming lessons, doctors appointments and 2 dance classes. That is just THIS week. I'm gonna die.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving first of all! We had one busy weekend. We had a fun cheese and chocolate fondu at the Taggs and then we had a huge thanksgiving dinner at Jill and Travis's house. I said i'd make the turkey. The thought was there. Dustin ended up doing it all. ha The thought of having to clean it out is pretty gross to me. I wouldn't eat it if I had to prepare it. Plus I had to go out and do photos for someone when it had to go in, ironically. He did great though, it was awesome!

I did make the buns and a pink lemonade pie, it was delicious.
I'm still suffering from bronchitis and I have even finished my antibiotics. What a joke. I think I may have it for the rest of my life.

Here are a few pics to share from the Francis' on thanksgiving! These 5 people are the number one thing i'm grateful for in this entire world.

 Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

You're Welcome

I'm on the relief society meeting commitee and taught a small enrichement class, sorry a "relief society meeting", on organization last week. Thanks to the good old internet and pinterest I came up with a small presentation that I went over with the ladies. I thought i'd put it on here to share with you.

21 Day Organization Challenge 

“The Secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”
Mark Twain

1. Junk Drawer
2. Computer desk/area
3. Tupperware drawer/cupboard
4. Linen closet
5. Under kitchen sink
6. Dresser drawers
7. Pantry
8. Coat closet
9. Toy organization
10. Laundry room
11. Freezer
12. Spice cabinet
13. Medicine cabinet
14.. Under bathroom sink
15. Kids/spare room closets
16. Fridge
17. Mail
18. Keepsakes/kids school work
19. Master closet
20. Photos
21. You pick!

Five key steps to start getting organized
1. Start with Food and Clothes- These are 2 neccesities in life and if you start with these life seems easier!
2. Make a master to-do list- What needs to get done and who needs to do what
3. Take baby steps- So you don't get overwhelmed
4. Penicillin method- Pretend your messes are bacteria and you are the penicilin taking over one mess at a time.
5. Go to bed early- A tired mom is a non productive mom. I am so like that!

 I also whipped up some great tips I found around online that will help to stay organized!

Organizing Tips
1. Get a notebook and write everything down!
2. Make sure you have a central calendar
3. Menu plan. If its not for the week, at least plan in the morning before it gets to be witching hour! 4:00 anyone??
4. Never leave a room empty handed!
5. Get the kids involved, they have to learn somehow
6. Make a Donation Station- for stuff you want to get rid of and donate
7. Add a few things a day to the Donation Station
8. Get an “I’m outta here box”- ie: stuff that needs to be mailed or returned somewhere
9. Do a 10 min tidy before bed (charge cell, go over calendar, make lunches etc)
10. Get lots of bins and baskets. They are great for organizing things
11. Make crap baskets on the stairs. One basket per person with their name on it, they can be cute!
12. Dont be afraid to throw things out!
13. Do seasonal cleaning and organization
14 Lead by example.
15. Take a daily break/rejuvenate to get your energy back. Hello bubble baths!
16 Check your attitude! Even if you get one thing done, youve accomplished something!

I really enjoyed teaching this and it sure gave me a swift kick in the butt to get going! I told my dad I was teaching on this and he laughed...
But now I have no more excuses to get going!

Also I saw THIS pinned on pinterest. I love that place. It's great healthy recipe replacements! I'm glad I found it and thought other moms would like it too!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hello there

I've slacked here, gotta get back on track. I've been super busy doing photos and well just with life!
For example, lets start off with today.
I'm sick with a nasty deep chest cough that is getting worse by the day so I guess tomorrow i'm calling to doctor. I have 3 SUPER whiny girls, Laken is the best one as always, and i've had 2 plugged toilets and a plugged sink with an entire roll of toilet paper! That's just today.

My dad came to visit again this weekend! I love having him live so close I get to see him a lot more. He lives about 3 1/2 hours away. For those who don't know by now my parents are seperated and getting a divorce. I guess it's out there and a few of you have asked so i'll just tell you.

Anyways so we had a lot of fun, but it was busy as my life is all the time. He got to see Kyla in ballet though and we had a lot of fun just hanging out. Here are a few pics of lately! My dad took lots on his phone I need to get from him. I wish I would have got one of him and I! Dangit.

Oh Also, ALSO, he got me an early birthday gift!!! Well it's not here yet but we ordered it! I have been wanting one for a while so bad!
It's a Jo Totes camera bag! It's BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't decide on a color, I wanted something fun and cute but something I wouldn't get sick of fast. So I got this one! Thanks dad, you are the BEST!!! Now I need more lenses to fill it with! hint hint Dust...