Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

I can't believe it's already been 4 years. I would love to turn back time to our wedding day and do it all over again, we truly had an amazing day. I don't remember anything going wrong and the weather was so perfect. I wish I had the box of photo albums somewhere so I could put some pictures on, but I did find some proofs of our pictures we got done, they aren't the best but it will have to do for now.
These 4 years have been amazing and we have done so much. We have never had it easy but we sure have always been happy no matter what. That is one thing I love about our marriage is how happy we have been no matter what the situation was. Dustin is a very patient person and just knows how to make me happy whenever i'm not. We can talk to eachother about anything and we never make decisions without eachother, (the bigger decisions of course). I love him so much and I am so excited to share the rest of my life with him. He is an amazing dad and loves Kyla so much, and he is just as excited for the next two daughters to come. I wish I had more time cuz I could go on forever about how much I love him and why, but for now....I love you Dustin.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

To answer your questions

So I got this idea from someone else and I loved it. This is a post to answer everyones questions about what is going on in our life lately. Alot of people have been asking me the same questions, so here I am to answer them. I find it way easier to do it this way so I don't have to write the same thing over to different people. I'm so grateful for everyone and their support through this pregnancy, it has sure meant a lot and I hope I can do the same for you.

What is the sex of babies?
We are having 2 more girls, we have had 4 ultrasounds so we are pretty sure that we can count on it.

Are they Identical or Fraternal?
We don't know yet, they won't be able to tell until they are born since they are in their own seperate placentas and sacs, it's a 70% chance they are fraternal, and 30% that they are still identical. They can do a test on the placentas when they are born, or even a simple DNA test to see.

When are you actually due?
My original 40 week due date is July 15th, but full-term with twins is 37 weeks and that is June 23rd. as long as I make it to 34 weeks we are happy cuz that way we can deliver in Fort Mcmurray. They won't deliver me up here before 34 weeks because they don't have a NICU so if the babies need extra care we will get flown to lets hope not.

Why are you on bedrest?
At 24 weeks I started to cramp and went into preterm labour. I am dialated 1cm and my cervix is funneled or effaced 2 cm. They were able to stop it and now I am at home and practically live on the couch. You can read more details in one of my earlier posts about our scare. I can't do any straining or stand for too long. It is very frustrating and definately a sacrifice for me, but i'm willing to do anything for 2 healthy baby girls.

How are you feeling?
Huge! I am growing like you wouldn't believe, I can't believe what our bodies can do as women, it's amazing. I have been measuring weekly and i'm bigger everytime. It's hard sleeping, sitting, walking, standing...really nothing is comfortable anymore. I know I sound like i'm complaining a lot, but trust me it's really starting to wear me down. It's even harder to breathe, and both babies are head down right now and it is a lot of pressure and weight down there. I am really starting to hurt in the area where your legs connect to your pelvis, like my groin area or something. ha I dunno...but I can hardly walk anymore cuz it hurts so bad. Needless to say I feel for anyone who has to be pregnant with twins!

Do you have to have a c-section or can you go naturally?
If everything goes right and the first baby is head down, then I can probably go naturally. They can always try to turn the second one around if it's breach...or if they can't I might have to have a c-section to get the second baby out, which is my nightmare to have both. If there are no complications then i'll have them naturally. I am hoping that I won't have to have a c-section, I don't want a long hard recovery especially after already being on bedrest for 3 months.

Does Kyla understand what's going on?
I'm not too sure, she knows mommy has 2 babies in her tummy but who knows if she 'really' gets it. She'll be a great big helper though cuz she is quite the smarty pants and I think she will love these little babies when they get here.

Do you have names yet?
Yes we have one definately that we like and a few other ones we are deciding between. No we aren't sharing what they are, i'm all about surprises and I don't want peoples opinions. We already shared what the sexes are so we want something to be a surprise. We didn't originally even want to find out the sex of this pregnancy we never did with Kyla, but then we found out it was twins and I am all about preparation and it's a little easier with twins if you know what they are. If we name them and someone doesn't like them, well too bad cuz thats what they are!

Are you ready for the babies?
Nope not even close and I only have 6 weeks left! We are in need of clothes for newborn and preemie sizes. We got lots given to us but most of them are 6mo-2yr sizes. I am going to be doing a lot of online shopping! Jill and Travis are picking up our stroller and carseats in Edmonton in a few weeks for us. We aren't too concerned about the cribs quite yet cuz we have a bassinet we will probably use for the first bit. Especially cuz they'll be in our room for a while. I did find the ones I want though, so we'll order them when we want. I'm hoping everything else will just fall into place. Oh and i'm making baby quilts but I still have to order the material for them, but im not too concerned of getting them done in time seeing as I have no life...I am in need of a project!

Well I hope this has answered most of your questions and i'm thankful for all your concerns about our situation. It has been hard but only 6 more weeks and we can relax and not worry anymore...but then I guess the real fun begins when they get here eh? Oh they joys of life!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

27 weeks!

I have to post about this cuz it is so exciting to make it one more week and I feel like 27 weeks is a good step. I wanted to wait until net week cuz I will be 7 months but I feel like it has been a while since I took a picture. I have been taking this pregnancy day by day and hoping that I will hold off to the end, it's just so releiving knowing i'm 3 weeks further than I was when I went into preterm labour. We are so lucky. I am growing daily and I honestly dont know where these babies are going to go cuz I was this big with Kyla at the end. I luckily don't have anymore stretch marks (yet) but really I can't help it if I do get them. I have accepted it that I will probably get lots. My life has been really boring lately with being on bedrest, so I am very limited to what I can do. I have been going for weekly checkups at the hospital and my first week I went in didn't go to well, here's what happened. My appointment was at 11:30 and they told me to be there early to fill out some forms etc. So we are breakfast at about 8:30 and left at about 10:30, Jill dropped me off and took the girls and went a couple places. Well the wait was long, even with my appt. They get a lot of walk-ins and it's baby crazy up here, they never have beds. Anyways I was in the waiting area by myself and started to feel really dizzy and I knew if I stood up I would pass out. Well luckily Jill came in with the girls and she went and got the nurse, so they took me into a room and checked my blood pressure and it was really low. They hooked me up to IV and I had to stay for a couple hours to get the fluids in me. Well I think it was cuz I didn't eat, the wait was long and I didn't get into a bed until after 12:00 so thats a long time in between eating for me. Anyways I made sure the next time I ate right before I went in. I decided I really hate hospitals and I am getting so sick of them! I just want this pregnancy to go by so fast and be done. The babies are moving like crazy lately and I am getting a lot bigger. I hate bedtime cuz I wake up so many times to either go pee or now rolling over I even have to wake up! Who would of thought eh? I don't think it's hit me really that we are having two...honestly I don't think it has! It probably won't until they are here! We have our names, stroller, cribs, and clothes all picked out, now I just have to buy it! This bedrest thing sucks. I wanted to take a trip to Edmonton this month to do some serious baby shopping, now it looks like it'll all be online. Not so fun but I guess it'll have to work.

Kyla is doing great, she actually got a fat lip this morning, she fell on a toy and cut it open...poor thing. She took it hard too, normally she is pretty tough and will get right up and be fine but I think she had a hard time with the fat lip. She held ice or a cold cloth on it for at least an hour and didn't want to get off my lap. (Which is also getting minimal!) She trys to lay back on my lap but my belly is so big that she can't and she got frustrated, it was kind of funny. Well I think thats pretty much it for now, my life is boring.

Here is her fat lip, not the best shot but you can see it on the middle of her top lip.

Kyla and Dustin playing with the last pile of snow in the front yard, he brought some of it from the backyard so there was more.

This was 24 weeks, I just never put it on here and that shirt no longer fits me!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyla!

Well I can't believe it but our daughter is 2 years old. I feel like I was just pregnant with her and now she is talking like crazy and is such a smarty pants. She never stops amazing us with what she can do, she is quite the copy cat so she says pretty much anything. She also doesn't forget anything, sometimes its a bad thing ;) We love her so much, she will always be my baby. She is going to be a big sister soon and I think thats why we've been so blessed with how big of a helper she is so she will be able to help me a lot with these other 2 girls.
Here are some pictures of her birthday, we celebrated it on Easter weekend with all of Dustin's family. I guess it was a good thing with me being on bedrest, her birthday won't be a huge deal today so good thing we did it early. Here are also some pictures of Easter. I kind of haven't got around to an Easter post considering our latest situation. But here is our big girl all grown up.

With cousin Emma in their new Rain suits, they wore their boots pretty much everyday all day. Now Kyla has a big blister on her toe so I think they will be hidden for a bit.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A little Scare

You never think it'll happen to you but it did to us and we were very lucky it didn't turn out worse. It all started last Wednesday, we were hanging out at Jill and Travis's and I didn't really feel right all day but I started to get cramping in my lower abdomen in the evening at about 9:00, it gradually got worse and I decided I needed to just go to bed, I went to the bathroom and it started to get stronger, it felt like menstrual cramps and not small ones. Dustin was with me the whole time and thought I just needed to go to bed, so I tried getting into bed but I got really nautious and didn't feel right. We decided to go to the hospital at about midnight. They got me on the monitors and told me the doctor would see me again in the morning, cuz everything was ok when the doctor checked me when we first got there. so I sent Dustin home to get a good sleep. Well a couple hours later the nurse came in and said I was having regular contractions, she grabbed the doctor and she checked me again and I was dialated 1cm and my cervix was softening. I was in labour. She quickly decided to fly me to Edmonton, she went and phoned them but they were full so they decided to send me to Calgary where if these babies were going to be born they could be in high NICU care. Seeing as I was only 24 weeks. I called Dustin right away and told him to pack a bag for us and get to the hospital cuz they were going to have me out of there within half an hour. He got there on time and in the airplane we went, I was on a stretcher and Dustin sat beside me. I was really nausious the whole time, it was miserable. I was puking every 10 minutes with nothing in me. It was brutal. We got the the hospital in Calgary and I had 2 doctors come in to see me. The contractions stopped before we even got into the plane. They gave me a steroid shot and hooked me up to IV for fluids and gave me a couple other things which in all I think stopped the contractions. They kept me on monitors for a couple days and checked on me all the time. I had an ultrasound which confirmed the funneling of the cervix which isn't normal. It was confusing for a few days on what they wanted to do with me. They didn't want to send me home to Fort Mcmurray cuz they don't have the NICU care for the babies here, they atually were thinking of keeping me for 6-8 weeks. Monday morning came and the doctor came in to see me and said if the ultrasound had no change from when we first got there I could go home on bedrest. Dustin was with me the whole time and it was so hard being away from Kyla for that long. She stayed up in Fort Mac with Dustins family. The hardest part was thinking I would have to stay for weeks without family or anything. Dustin had to come back home to work so we needed to make a decision. Luckily the ultrasound came back and nothing had changed so they sad I could go home. I was so happy cuz it would of been so hard not seeing Dustin or Kyla for a week at a time, although I had to consider the babies if they did come. I just had a calming feeling the whole time, and honestly Dustin and I both felt that everything was going to be ok. Poor Jill had a harder time I think than we did. She had her first baby at 26 weeks and he past away when he was 20 days old, he was 2lbs 5oz. So she has been through this and didn't want us to go through the same thing they did. They have been a great support for us. All of our family has. I'm so glad we have the good friends and family we do that we can count on at times like this. That is our story of our latest challenge. I am now at home in Fort Mac on bedrest and really I can't do nothing, I have the help of Jill thankfully and Dustin works close by if anything goes wrong. I am supposed to go for weekly stress tests at the hospital to make sure everything is ok, which is good. But I hope thats the only scare we have for the rest of this pregnancy.