Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's move on!

Well that was fun. I love how many awesome people I have met who read my blog in the last few days and I have the best friends and people in my life! I love love hearing who reads my crazy blog! So at least a lot of good came out of that day! You guys are all the best. For real.
I don't believe it deserves any more attention from me.

So, let's move on.

We finally set up my new BLACK tree! Yup, black. I seriously wasn't feeling the "Let's set up the tree!" thing. So I decided I wanted to do a smaller tree this year since we are leaving for a few weeks at Christmas. So I found a 5 ft black tree and it was love at first sight. I love things a little different than the norm. My mother in law hated it, ha. She said she remembers when all the colored trees were so tacky and nowadays they are the "cool" thing. I loved it! It's classy looking and the perfect height for our smaller place! My girls loved it at first, but then Kyla was saying, "mom I want a huge tree!" Some day Kyla, some day. Deal with it. That's what I tell myself anyways.
So here we are! Decorating our tree!

 K funny story. The twins are into this thing where they look at me and say, "mom! Look at my cute smile!" And this is the smile I get. It's hilarious. No idea where they got that from. So funny.

These next few weeks are going to be BUSY. I'm in charge of a huge craft for our Christmas Enrichment night on the 1st. I'm teaching everyone how to make my wood letters! I'm going to post a tutorial in the next week for all my awesome friends so you can make your own! I still get people with orders and I don't think i'll ever go back to it. So stock up on your letters and cute scrapbook paper!
I'm also in charge of the ward Christmas party decorations for the 10th of December. phew! Any ideas would be great! Hook. me. up.

Ps: Can someone please tell my husband how NOT hot he is. I'm hoping the less attention I give it, the sooner it will go away. Cross my fingers it works. He was mad I made him shave it on the 6th for family pics for our Christmas cards, so now he says he is growing it until the 6th of December or longer. Hideous.


Ashley said...

Ugh. I HATE Movember. Chris had to shave his for a job interview a few days ago so I was grateful! Too bad he's started over again. Mustaches are just not attractive. Ever. (Sorry to anyone this offends).
P.S. I love your tree! I think it's cute!

Amie said...

ugh, movember.. my least favorite month. haha. our anniversary is next week and i get to stare at michaels nasty red beard/moustache... don't know where the red came from. love the tree that you chose. love ya min!!

henline crew said...

All I can say is that I am truly grateful that my husband did not grow a mustache. Nasty! Oh and the tree is cool. I like the colors.

The Nilsson's said...

I have to laugh cause my husband used to grow nasty facial hair!! But being in the army he can't now.

Oh and p.s. I love the picture frame behind your cute tree. Even with the store picture still in it lol

KippB said...

Dustin your stache is sweet! Keep it up! My wife actually likes my facial hair. Ha. Sorry Mindy I had to encourage it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Randy decided to grow a beard. I guess I am use to facial hair. He hasn't ever shaves his goatee since I have know him.

Cute tree!

The Ririe Family said...

I have to admit, I like facial hair. But only certain styles. I like me a good beard or goatee, but I dont care for just a solo moustache. Unless your over 50 or you are a regular in an old western movie, the handle bar moustache has got to go.... Dustin do you fall into either of those categories? Yeah, i didnt think so.

Your tree is really cute! I really like the color scheme!

{S} said...

Ugh! That thing is hiddeous! Seriously Dustin.... it's gotta go!

I love your tree! It's cute, and super YOU!

Oh and the frame behind the tree with the store photos still in it... LOVE IT!! I totally have a gallery frame with store stuff in it too! HAHHAH!

Jeff and Brit said...

Oooo man dustin! That mustache has got to go ha. Love the tree min it turned out super cute!!

Kell Bell said...

Cute tree!! I am excited for that tutorial!! THANKS A BILLION :)

Nicole said...

Movember is really truly nasty. Good luck! At least you have a bunch of adorable girls to star at instead. And LOVE your tree! He he I love the mother-in-law comment. Love them, but sometimes it feels good to do something that leaves them gawking!