Monday, February 27, 2012


We are worried about Kyla. I know i've mentioned before that she has some issues and I haven't gotten into details and only a few people know about them because I don't want to make a big deal out of it but we are pretty concerned about her.

Kyla has some bowl issues that have been going on for a long time. I guess pretty much since she was a baby. She has a hard time having bowl movements. About a year and a half ago our pediatrician put her on some laxative powder twice a day to help her because she was so constipated and said she sees this all the time and not too worry about it. She also got some blood tests done and an x-ray because I pushed for it and they came back normal. She is still on the powder and if she misses she gets really constipated and it really affects her. I really don't like the fact that she has to be on a laxative twice a day for this long. The doctor said it can take a while (up to a year) before she won't need it anymore and I could slow down her doses after her body gets used to it and her bowls start to work on their own again. But, I can't slow them down, she goes right back to being constipated. Last Christmas was really hard, she was not herself and it was really hard seeing her like that. I took her to the doctor again and she said she was fine just to keep giving it to her and even increase it for a while.

I had a check up for Laken last month and asked the pediatrician about Kyla because nothing has really changed and she said she is just stubborn and won't go and brushed it off and that we have to make her sit there until she goes. She actually goes fine when she has her powder and has no problem so it didn't really make sense. But i'm not the best sometimes at giving it to her and it messes her up when we miss etc. I have always had in the back of my mind that something else is going on, I just have had this feeling something isn't right. Kyla has always been a small girl. She weighed about 43lbs at the beginning of the school year. I took her to the doctor today to get referred to a specialist and he weighed her and she is only 37lbs. She is really under weight. That's a lot of weight to lose for a 5 year old. It breaks my heart and it's really hard to think about, all I want to do is cry. She is tiny, if I hold her arm, all I feel is bone. None of her pants fit her because she has no waist. It's really hard to think about it.

I can see when she isn't doing good. I can see it in her face and her eyes. She gets purple under eye circles and her face looks sick and loses it's color, she almost looks grey and she is worn out. She doesn't have that happy bright face she normally has. She is always hungry and could eat all day and eats seconds of every meal so I know she is getting nutrients and food in her. She definitely doesn't have enough bowl movements a day to keep up with what she eats. Most of the time she is ok and acts normal when she is on her powder regularly so I kind of forget about it and just hope it'll work out on its own. But if I miss a day of medicine or anything like that it messes her up all over again and we have to start fresh. So I try and get her back on track and hope it'll pass and eventually get normal. But it hasn't and that's why I went to our doctor and made him refer us to a specialist. I didn't even ask what he thought I just told him what I wanted. This was our family doctor this time, who she has seen a few times about it, as well as our pediatrician. Neither of them seem too concerned and I think that's why i've put it off so long, but I don't care anymore because I want to do everything I can to help her. I'm also going to have my mother in law look into getting her in down south because the Doctor today told me it's at least a 6 month waiting list. So i'm going to see what we can do to get her in sooner somewhere.

I don't want her to be sick anymore or have any problems. I want her to be her normal self and not have to worry about going to the bathroom and going from one extreme to the other within days. I hate it. I'm praying we can find out what's wrong with her because it's been too long and I don't want her to be on this laxative anymore. I want her to be healthy.
I love this girl and it's the hardest thing seeing your child struggling with their health. I'm praying it will all work itself out and we can figure out what is going on. I want her to be able to live her life and not worry about taking her "medicine" everyday.

Goodness I love that face. Let's hope we will finally get some answers!
Here's to staying positive!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

These two

I have had a hard time accepting how big these two girls have gotten. I can't believe they will be 4 in May. 4!!
Let's talk a bit about them.
They are finally showing some differences that we notice. Most of them are Presley and things she does to stand out. She doesn't ever want to help clean up the messes and I have the hardest time getting her to do stuff. She always says "i'm tired!"
She loves nails. She'll come sit by me and grab my hand and start playing with my nails. She will stick her nail under mine, if that makes sense. It's so funny. She also does it with her sisters when they are sitting together, it's the funniest thing. She said one day, "I wish I could have long nails". cute.
She wakes up Laken. I caught her a few days in a row going in her room and waking her up. I got pretty mad at her one day for it and she started crying and said, "But I just love her." It was super cute so I felt bad and talked to her about why she needs to sleep.
She gets scared in the night sometimes and we hear her screaming in terror. Poor girl. She is on the top bunk and she says there are monsters. So i'll let her climb in bed with me for a few minutes until she is ok. It's kind of random and it's getting to be less and less so I think she is maybe getting out of it. The other day she told me she was scared because of Jayci's breathing. ha. I laughed so hard because Jayci has always had this deep loud breathing when she sleeps, almost a snore but not. I thought it was so funny. Kyla also went through a scared stage like this at the same age and she grew out of it. I know it's common in kids so hopefully she'll get passed it soon.
Anyways that's all I can think of that separates them right now, i'm sure there are more. But for the most part they are so much alike. It's crazy. I am trying to dress them differently and do their hair differently to tell them apart and keep them individual but it's funny how I automatically want them to look the same! When I was pregnant I swore I would never dress them alike! Then I totally changed when they were born. But that is the fun of twins right?!

They are the most well behaved, soft spoken girls. People tell me all the time how sweet they are and so quiet. They barely talk when other people are around, they aren't shy but they are just sweet quiet little girls. They have the cutest little girl voices and are so quiet when they talk, it'll be interesting to see how their personalities grow when they are in school. They do need to toughen up, they hate being dirty or if they get any "wet" on their hands or step in it, it's like the worlds ending. So i've been teaching them that getting dirty is fun! Today we made cookies and Jayci got flour all over her hands and she said, "look i'm dirty, it's fun!" ha. Improvement.
They rarely fight anymore, it's great! They get along so well and are the best of friends.

They LOVE to draw, like they could sit forever and draw. My grandma bought them these Barbie magna doodle type drawing things a couple years ago and I swear it's the best thing they have ever got given to them. They draw on them every day and those are the sturdiest things ever! They don't break! They are also so good at drawing. They have had a lot of practice though, remember this stage?! That was fun...

They love to bake. I've been in a baking/cooking mood lately and have been trying a ton of new recipes. I found some really good ones if you want them let me know! They are all easy and don't have weird ingredients. That's really important in my recipes, I don't like having to buy random things that I would never normally buy. Does that make sense? So anyways, they always love to help. Kyla too but I try to do more things with the twins when she is at school, so it's more individual time for them.

They love sunbeams! I am so glad I put them in separate classes. They love having their own thing to talk about. They haven't ever been separated in anything so i'm so glad I did it.
They are smart little girls and learn so much from Kyla. They know how to spell their names and can count to 20, which I never taught them. Kyla teaches them everything, and lately she likes to randomly make stuff up and teach them that. It's hilarious.

I can't believe they are in preschool in the fall. It's kind of overwhelming to think how fast this past year and a half went by with being pregnant and having Laken, you forget how fast the other kids grow up too! I've been trying really hard lately to be a "focused" mom and show each girl individual attention once a day and really build that relationship. I just forget things like that when i'm so busy with life and it's so important and makes a huge difference in so many ways.

Anyways that's all for today, I just felt like I needed to do a post on them because I can't get over how big they are getting.
You'll notice in these pictures they are little Kyla's in training. Hand on the hip, tilt the head and smile!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's in your bag?

I have had quite a few people ask me what make up I wear. First of all, i'm cheap. Or just Dustin is. Either way, I try to find the best of the cheaper make up and i'm slowly improving, when Dustin doesn't know... He is a cheapo!
I remember when we were first married he would say, "why do you need make up, it's not a necessity." Let's just say we only had that conversation a couple times, and i'm still wearing make up! That's right. I win. More on that in another post.

Here are a couple things I have in my current face routine.

1. Arbonne FC5 Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener. I actually really like this facewash and it's only around $20, I used to get break outs around my chin area but once I started using this stuff it went away. I have a combination skin and it doesn't dry out or  make my skin oily. So I really like this facewash. Oh and it's smooth and light and smells so fresh!

2. Mary Kay Timewise moisturizure. Yup to fight all my aging. Actually my sister in law had a Mary Kay party and this is what I ordered. It's what i'm using right now. I don't really have a favorite moisturizer because i'm always changing. I want something light and this one is actually nice. So it works for now. Oh and if you have one you love please tell me yours so I can check it out!

3. Arbonne FC5 Hydrating eye cream. I really like this eye cream. I notice when I use it, I think. I've been so tired lately with the girls waking up at 5am. Yes 5am. So this takes away the puffiness on me and I like it!

4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I would love to go get some MAC foundation but I don't live near a MAC and have no idea what i'd use. BUT I really like this stuff! It's light and airy and have just enough coverage. I have tried A LOT of foundations and so far this is my fav!

5. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. It takes away all the shine and lasts forever! If I use anything else I get that ugly oily shine after a couple of hours but this stuff lasts pretty much all day! I can't say enough how much I love this powder.

6. Annabelle Blush #44. Pretty basic, and cheap and it's just blush. I don't think you need to spend money on blush and I probably never will.

7. Covergirl Lash Blast. If you've used this, you know. It's awesome. I used dark brown, and sometimes black.

8. Arbonne Make up Brushes. LOVE these. I'm sure there are a lot of good brushed out there and this is my first "nice" set and I can't believe it took me so long to get a decent set. It makes such a difference to have good brushes.

9. Covergirl lipliner-nude. Great neutral color and I love using lipliner. I used to use darker colors and why didn't someone tell me how awful it looked? I LOVE the nude now and put it on very lightly and then use my favorite lipgloss. (see below)

10. MAC Lipglass- color "underage" (not pictured). I can't live without this stuff and I lost mine over Christmas and I am hating it! I would order one but i'm going to Edmonton soon and I don't like to pay for shipping, ever. So i'm using a stand in and it sucks. Good thing I only ever put on lipgloss for church or when I go out. Which isn't that often.

So that's it! Of course I use just a dark brown or black eyeliner and your basic brown eyeshadows. Which I think I have 6 different kinds right now because they no longer sell the set I used. Thanks Loreal. So I use random ones. I like Annabelle's eyeliner it's not soft and mushy and lasts all day. I have a ton of tips and tricks I use that I kind of made up for myself or have learned when it comes to make up and I will share these in another post. I will also be sharing my hair tips and tricks. Not that i'm a professional or anything of the sort. But I do have a love for hair and make up and thought i'd share what I do and have learned over the years. :)

Do you have any favorite make up products you can't live without? I'd love to hear them, i'm always up for trying new things!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Random stuff!

First off, Laken has the chicken pox. This is round 3 in our house and it's weird they all had it at different times. Actually it was 14 days apart that they caught it from each other and that's the time they say if you are exposed to it that you'll break out. It's been so minor but Laken isn't immunized and hers are more fluid filled and bigger.
Poor girl just squirms around from being itchy but she's still happy as can be! She did wake up a few times last night but she never cried. She also had a fever the first day and just wanted to be held and fell asleep on me, which she never does anymore! Hopefully they'll pass soon.

In other Laken news, check out what I did!!!

Can't see it? Look closer!

It's a tiny ponytail! She has this little tuft of hair on top so I tried it out in a little elastic, perfect!! So cute. The twins said she looks like a girl now. ha I'll probably keep it to a minimum because I don't want that hair to fall out! She has more hair than the twins did when they were 2! Yay!

Dust and I went out last night for Valentines day and he took me to The Vow. It was not as good as I thought it would be. It was kind of slow, but it was super romantic and cute. Probably a 7 out of 10 for me. Then we came back and had a cute night and ate snacks in bed and talked and it was great! I'm still going to do something for him on Tuesday, I just have to figure out what. Remember the amazing poem I wrote a couple years ago? ha.
But it was nice to get out and focus on "US". Honestly 4 little kids does damage to your relationship without even realizing it. All your energy goes to them and you get so busy with life that you kind of forget you're "married" sometimes. So we are going to make it more of a priority to focus on that more. I forgot how much fun we can have! I love that about us.We are both such crazy people. He is super friendly and patient and such a goof, and thinks everything in life is funny. I don't know how someone can always be so happy but he is and I love it. Well sometimes it's annoying...
I'm bipolar... According to Dustin. I just asked him what MY personality is, or what he would describe me as to someone and that's what he said.
So I asked him again and he said i'm in a hurry all the time. Seriously, I thought I was a little better than that.

Ok for real this time after me yelling at him, he said, "I'm smart (I totally am), silly".... And he sucks at this, he said personality is a big word and he doesn't know. 
He came up with daring, and not afraid to try stuff, patient, fun, honest.

WOW. That was torture. We obviously need to do some work here. ha

I wanted to also show you Kyla's Valentines I made her for her class! I love them! They were so easy too. I used a free template I downloaded from Oh So Posh Photography, (If you like them on facebook they have free downloads, I think there were 8 Valentines ones and so cute, there are a lot of photographers who have free downloads like this, it's great!) and so I just inserted her photo and added her name! I printed them off in 3.5x5's and I did 30 of them and it was only $4.50! That's cheaper than a $5 box of valentines. I was so glad they turned out and I LOVE this picture of her so i'm glad I got to use it!

I'm just getting ready to go to Portland in a couple weeks! With no kids! I'm driving down with my mom and Britt for 5 days. I'm doing Steph's engagement photos and we are going to do wedding stuff. I'm super excited!

Monday, February 06, 2012


I wanted to get a couple pictures of the girls for fun for Valentines day. I realized after the 10 minute shoot that my ISO was way to high so they are a bit grainy, good thing they are just for fun.
The girls weren't into too much, but I got a couple decent ones of them holding still. People have asked me how my girls are always looking and smiling for pictures. Well it helps that they LOVE getting their picture taken! Laken is definitely not a fan yet...

We sure are lucky eh?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Wood Letter Tutorial!

I finally did it. Here we go.

 Wood Letters- I order mine from HERE (If you are doing a child's name, I would suggest the 8"size)
Scrapbook paper- a couple of my favorite brands are Crate Paper, Basic Grey, and Little Yellow Bicycle
Craft paint- I like neutrals, brown, black, cream, grey etc
Mod podge
File- I would suggest a metal one
Sponge paint brushes
"Smoother" yes that's what I call it. (I use my pampered chef scraper and it works great!)
Sponge- for the edges

Here are my paper and letters ready to go!

I wanted something softer for Laken. I just think that her name suits a more soft, vintage vibe. The letters I used were Chalk font and 8".

K, Ready?

 1. Trace your letters on your paper, face up. Don't cut them out yet, set them aside.

2. Paint the sides of the letters and then place them face down on some newspaper and paint the backs. It's ok if it isn't fully covered you will do another coat later. Don't paint the front.

3. While the letters dry, cut out your paper. I suggest stay right on the lines because the closer you are to the edge the less you have to file and the filing sucks. ;)

4. Flip letters face up and place all your paper on them to make sure you like the papers and how they look etc. Use a thin coat of modge podge, paint it on the letter then smooth the paper onto the letters. Use your "smoother tool" and work from the middle out to get rid of any bubbles in the paper. The mod podge dries pretty quick. You will know if you are using too much mod podge if it's running out the edge. If you have a thicker paper then after mod podging it on, turn your letters over face down so your edges won't pull up when drying. Let paper dry, it doesn't take too long. I actually have never timed it but it's probably around 10-15 mins.
Then let your 3 year old twin take a pen and trace down the center of your letters... ok just kidding. But that's what mine did! Thank goodness it wasn't that dark. Thanks Presley...

Oh and after tuning them over if you realize you painted the wrong side of the letter. Paint the back now...but who would do that...

5. After paper is dry file off the edges of paper that are hanging over. I used to use a metal file for mine when I sold these and it saved me! Although of course I can't find it now, so I used a normal nail file, which works it just takes a lot longer. You can use anything metal with a file edge and don't be afraid, it won't wreck your letters, unless you see wood flying. Then stop. ha Just get rid of that over hang of paper.

6. Use your sponge and sponge the edges of your letters. If your nervous, practice a bit on something so you can get the effect you want to get. Sometimes I like it all simple and even and other times I want it to look more "worn" or even chunky and darker and not "perfect". Also the amount of paint you put on the sponge makes a difference in the effect you'll get. This to me is the most important part that really makes your letters look professionally made! So take your time.
I used the end of a sponge paint brush and just ripped it off. I used to have nice sponges but this worked for today! You can also use the cheap rectangle kitchen sponges, you can get them at the dollar store and cut them up into small pieces.

7. Paint your sides again with the tip of your brush. I don't do the backs again, since you'll most likely never see them but it's up to you. Try not to use too much paint, the brushes hold a lot of paint so you can "squish" it out of it, so you don't have globs.

8. Make sure everything is completely dry! Don't do this next step until they are dry because it can wreck them and that would suck. Put one final coat of mod podge on the front of the letters. You can do the sides too, I don't really ever but you can. Keep this as smooth as possible because this is what finishes it!

 **Then if you change your mind on the paint color like I did, ha, you can repaint the backs and edges again. Obviously i'm indecisive and I like more of the contrast look so I went with the grey. I'm so glad I did, the cream blended too much and I like it when you can see the sponge effect.

9. Pick an embellishment or two and glue them on! I like to make paper flowers or buy the flowers from the scrapbook stores. I can't remember where I learned these but rip different sized circles from big to small and alternate paper. Crumple them up, then open them and stack them on top of each other and then stick a brad through them and glue it on. (On the "k") There are so many ideas out there to accent your letters, get creative! This was all I had on hand right now and they work for now! Metal accents are cute, ribbon, buttons, pearls, rhinestones etc.

All Done!

If you need some ideas or some inspiration on what to do you can take a look at all the ones i've sold. They are on which was my business where I used to sell these. Click the "my work" button on the right hand side of the page to see them all. I will tell you it was  A LOT of work to do this as a business and I was super busy, so that's why I quit. I still get emails for orders. Now you can go make your own!!
I will be making a video with the next ones I make, I just didn't have time to do it yet. I still have to make Kyla's! I have never made her any. Bad mom. ha I also want to redo the twins. You can always change to paper if you want later, just mod podge new paper right over top and then follow the exact same steps. Easy! 

If any one has any questions about anything you are more than welcome to e-mail me mindyfrancis{at}hotmail{dot}.com