Monday, December 17, 2007

Gingerbread Time!

Here is our gingerbread house and us making it. I really wasn't putting too much effort into the style but Dustin wanted lots of icing and candy, so we tried. Kyla just wanted to eat the candy! We noticed her mouth very full so we had her spit everything out and she had a huge mouthful of candy. She swiped a handful of gum and candy and was just chewing on it!. It was hilarious. She was sure happy though.
Here is Kyla spitting out all of her candy, she got mad at Dustin for trying to take it out.
The finished product!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I knew it was Coming

So I got tagged for one of these, and I actually don't mind doing them when i'm bored!

1. What is your husband's name: Dustin
2. How long have you been married: It will be 4 years in April
3. How long did you date before you got married: a year and a half
4. Who eats more? Dustin, he's twice my size!
5. Who said I love you first: Dustin
6. Who is taller: Dustin, he's 6'4 and i'm 5'3 but i like it that way, he can take care of me (like carry me to bed cuz I always fall asleep on the couch!)
7. Who is smarter: I think I am to be honest, but shh don't tell him
8. Whose temper is worse: Well Dustin is definately more patient
9. Who does the dishes: We have a dishwasher thanks goodness, but I mostly load and unload and he helps when he's home. He's really good at helping.
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: I do, I always have to sleep on the same side where ever we are
11.Who pays the bills: I do, Dustin wouldn't pay them if he did it, he would rather have the money in the account??
12. Who cooks dinner: Well Dustin did for the first couple years cuz I could never think of what to cook, but I woulsd always help. Now I do most of the time. He is more creative though and i'm getting there. I'm learning to like it actually.
13.Who is more stubborn: Probably me, but he can be stubborn too!
14.Whose parents do you see the most: Mine but not by much.
15.Who kissed who first: He says it was me but it was him, he wanted me!
16.Who proposed: Dustin, i don't think i would ever propose
17.Who is more sensitive: me forsure
18.Who has more friends: Dustin! he is friends with EVERYONE, even the bums on the street are his friends
19.Who wears the pants in the family: probably me more, but we make decisions together most the time
20.Where did you meet your husband: Through my best friend in high school
21.Where was your first date: In the hospital cuz he got hit by a car and had to get stiches in his head and he got beat up pretty good from it. We were supposed to watch a movie with friends though.
22.Where was your first kiss: On his couch
23.Where did you get engaged: In my room, he made me breakfast in bed and the ring was under the platter...aww

Friday, December 07, 2007

It worked!

Halleluah! I finally am able to post a picture! Thanks to Vinnie, once again! Well I just took a few of Kyla the other day because I couldn't believe how long and cute her hair was. It was really hard to get her to smile, she will just stare at you and then want to see it. I got a couple not too bad ones though.

Ok so here are the Santa pictures. They aren't good pictures at all but they are quite funny, the second we walked away she was happy again. I am dreading going to get her picture done at the mall. We'll see how she does tonight at the Christmas party. Maybe she'll get used to him!

So I have a lot of catching up to do, here is our Christmas tree and setting it up. Dustin wasn't too impressed this year, he wanted to cut down a real tree. We have done that for the last 3 years and this year I really wanted a fake one because it's less maintenance for me! He actually liked it in the end and was impressed how good a $50 fake tree can look. But it's only because I was decorating it! ;)

I also haven't posted any of Halloween so i'm going to make it quick and just put a couple on, Kyla loved it and she loved to carry her bucket around, even when it was over-flowing. We also were able to carve a pumpkin, Kyla was also every interested and wanted to help. She didn't like the insides touching her but she didn't mind using a spoon to get them out. She is such a girl!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Having Issues

So lately I have made about 3 entries but it won'y let me upload any pictures, so I have just saved them and hopefully one day it'll let me! I'm kind of getting frustrated. Not too much has happened lately, Kyla has been having tatrums and we aren't too sure where they are coming from! I am hoping she is teething and she'll get over it soon and it's not a new trend she has started! We went to Dustin's work Christmas party yesterday and Santa was there for the kids, when it was kyla's turn she freaked and wouldn't let go of Dustin it was quite hilarious. She clinged to him so tight she was devistated as if we were torturing her! Poor girl! I got some funny pictures though, i will try and post those eventually!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Well I have really been bad at doing this lately. I finally got a new job in Okotoks, I'm going to be waitressing for Boston Pizza, so hopefully all goes good there! We finally got some family pictures done. I really wanted some done in the leaves and we decided to take some at the last minute in my in-laws yard because they had so many trees, it was beautiful there. I didn't want Dustin to be wearing a hat (which he was) so we took them just incase there weren't leaves in a few weeks when my aunt was going to take them. Well last weekend we were in Cardston and I asked my aunt to take some for us, it was freezing and windy out and Dustin didn't look to happy and awake in them. I finally decided to just go with the ones in his parents yard. They are really cute and casual and that's what Dustin loves. He hates when we have to take pictures in our Church clothes. He's funny like that. But ya, this is the result and I think I really like them.

I really love this one cuz it's truly us! I almost want to use it as our family picture!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I have been wanting to cut my hair for over a month now and I finally did it. The hard thing with me is, if I decide what I want to do with my hair I have to do it now! When I make a decision I do it, i'm kind of spontaneous like that, especially with my hair. I am so glad I did it, it was long overdue and I needed a change. The good thing is Dustin really likes it! What do you think?



Friday, September 28, 2007

Bed of Roses

I have been sick for the past week and I just got over it a few days ago. I felt really gross and had no energy, it was kind of hard because I had no time to be sick I was so busy so I just went on hoping it would go away, it eventually did. But on Wednesday Dustin came home from work with some red roses for me. I loved them. He rarely gets me flowers, but when he does it's special. I just wanted to brag about how wonderful of a husband I have and how happy we are with our family. I hope everyone can be as happy as we are!

So, I showed Kyla how to smell the flowers and she was too cute. I decided to snap some pictures and be a photographer. Some of them turned out not too bad, I guess my daughter is just photogenic! ;)

I love her little pigtails, and how everytime I do them they are a little longer. My little blondie.

Monday, September 10, 2007


This past Labour Day weekend Dustin got to go on a camping trip with his dad and 2 brother-in-laws. They have been planning this trip since last year. So us girls spent the weekend together inTaber at his parents. Dustin has 2 sisters, Jill and Jody. Jill lives in Fort Mcmurray and is married with one little girl, Emma, who is 3 weeks younger than Kyla and Jody also has one girl, Haley, who is 5. It's always fun when Jill comes because we get our two little girls together and they love to play and it's not very often we see them so everytime they come down here, the babies are at a different stage. One tradition we always do is bathtime. Both of them love bathtime, they could sit and play in the tub forever. I though it would be cute to put the pictures of them from all the times they had a bath. They have both changed so much and hopefully eventually they will live down here and they can be best friends.

This is the girls at 10 months old Wanting to get into the bath The girls at one year old

This was this past labour day weekend. Watching the doodlebops in the car which they both loved. In the bath once again and at the park. They love the swings. Growing up so fast.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I thought it was time to change my blog to a style that is more me. I owe a big shout out to Suzanne and Vinnie for their help! Thanks girls! It's a start and hopefully i'll add to it more as time goes. I feel like it's more fun to look at and maybe i'll be on it more now. My blog isn't the only thing needing a makeover, I think i'm overdue for a new hairstyle maybe within the next few weeks i'll have some time to treat myself. Dustin and I also spent a lot of time going through those last minute boxes from moving, that you ignore and walk by everytime you see them! Well now our room is empty and I never realized how big it is. Now I have to figure out what I want to do with it! It has a lot of weird walls, it's not square, so it has potential. I'll be doing some brainstorming to decide what to do, if anyone has any neat ideas, pass them over!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coming to an end

Well it's almost that time, the worst time of the year for me...the end of summer. I am starting to think that I am living in the wrong place if I love summer so much! Oh well we are happy here and I guess my life wouldn't be the same without 10 months of winter! We are all done our holidays and we had a blast this summer. Dustin finished school in the the end of June and then we found out he had to get hernia surgery, so he got it on July 4th. Recovery was basically the whole summer and he did great. We went for holidays the beginning of August to Penticton and Kelowna. We camped in Penticton which was our first time with Kyla, she did pretty good considering. If she woke up in the night she just came into our bed, which she never does, and went right back to sleep. We also went to my cousin's cabin on the Okanagan which is also a ton of fun. When we got back we left the next day down to Taber for pretty much the week. Then left again the next weekend for a wedding and mission homecoming in Raymond and Lethbridge. We are now getting back into our old routine, Dustin is back at work and I am back at home. I kind of missed our regular things. It was good to be home.

Dustin and I on the dock at night at the cabin.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sweetpea Treats~Baby Bracelets

I am making baby bracelets and they are ready for sale! I can do all colors and sizes. I am selling them for $10 each. If I have to mail them, it'll be $2 extra for shipping. I find them to be very attractive but simple. I'm going to be posting a few pictures of them to get the idea. If you see one you like and want it in a different color, I can make it. If you also have an idea of one, let me know and I'm sure I can make it. I'm pretty excited to be finally selling them as I have been planning this for quite a while. Looking forward to your business!~

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Big Move

I realized it has been a while and I never updated about our move. We recently bought a condo in Okotoks and moved in April 13th. It's a 2 bedroom place and it's only 3 years old. We absolutely love it here! I don't think I want to live anywhere else for a long time, I could see us raising a family here. Eventually buying an acreage just outside town and having quads and dirtbikes for the kids. Dustin eventually wants to start his own business so we figured the best place to do that is Calgary. We weren't to set on living in Calgary so Okotoks is perfect! You get the city living without living in the city, and we have everything we need right here in town! (Other than the mall of course) It's about a 15 minute drive to Calgary so it's not bad at all. The church is very strong out here and there are quite a few young couples that live here. I guess it's the place to be!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Many changes

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here. We have had a lot of changes lately. We just bought a house in Okotoks, we had Kyla's first birthday in April, and Dustin is just finishing his first year in school. I am now working part-time in the evenings and still a full time mom in the days! Kyla is now walking all over the place, she talks a bunch of jibberish and she copies everything you do! She is a blast. We love living in Okotoks and couldn't be happier right now. I'll put some pictures on here to update it, I have so many to chose from! I also have a facebook account with a ton of pics on it! The one of me and Kyla is on Mother's day, and her on the swing was her first time at the park this year. I also love the one of her and Dustin! It is so priceless the look on her face!