Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What a happy baby!

Well our little angel is growing like a weed! She is constant smiles and rarely is grouchy, only when she is hungry or really tired. I just wanted to post a picture of our happy Kyla!~

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer 06

Well Summer is almost over and we sure have been busy. Kristy's wedding, visiting Jill and Travis in Fort McMurray, mom and dad Francis visiting, and taking care of our little angel, Kyla. We are about to go to cornfest in Taber the last weekend in August, and that same weekend my parents are moving to Cardston. I don't think our life will ever settle down. Well as long as we have fun on the way!

This summer Kyla has sure grown up, she now weighs 13lbs and looks just like her daddy. She is non-stop smiling and has even started laughing! She is rolling over from her stomach to her back now, Grandma Petersen taught her that and can roll onto her side when laying on her back. It's crazy how fast they learn things. She is even starting to get some hair! Oh well she is our little bald baby and we love her!

This is one of Kyla and Daddy's favortie thing. She's a very strong girl and can sit very still.