Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Losing them in pairs

Well it's official, I have 3 out of 4 kids in school!!
Oh and yes i'm still alive, barely...
What's a word that means more than BUSY, because that's what I am! Anyways, more on that later. This is about my two favorite twins and their first day of Preschool! They did SO awesome and LOVED it. It was a miracle I had all 4 kids ready and out the door for school in the morning. Thank goodness Dustin was off and could help, which made me even more nervous when we barely made it to school because i'm supposed to do this on my own every day?! Well we made it today and we were even early! They are the cutest little preschoolers and i'm so glad they love it. They have been coming out of their shells so much lately and it's hilarious. Presley is into boys. I'm freaking out a little, espcially when she asks why she can't marry her cousin Tobin and how she always smiles and says hi to men... What the.
Jayci is a little more shy these days but she has been sick a lot due to her bloody tonsils and adenoids. I am counting down the days until her surgery. November 2nd we go to Edmonton to help the poor girl. She's lost a bit of weight and looks so skinny now, they used to be such solid girls but now they are looking just like Kyla. Who eats like a teenage boy but is still a rack of bones.
Anyways, we have these two little girls in Gymnastics and Swimming and school, they are busy little people. And i'm even busier getting them to all of these things! Kyla is in Dance and swimming and she loves her new hip hop class. I'll post on those next time. I'm limited to my blogging time between my new life as a taxi mom and my photography business taking off like crazy. I had to start saying no because I was booking almost every single day for photos. I'm kinda looking forward to winter because honestly who goes out and does pictures in winter. Not very many people...

ANYWAYS.... I know you all love hearing me ramble but here are the stars of the post on their FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

(Can you see Dustin way in the background with Laken in the stroller? ha Love it)
Presley is in the leopard and Jayci in the polka dots)

By their coat hooks!

Settling in class
 Tobins in their class! Yay for cousins!

Lakens excited too! She's probably just excited she gets to be an only child for a couple hours...

Oh and they started swimming lessons today, which I thought was yesterday and it was a mix up, anyways they started today! 
They chose these poses on their own...

Oh I love these two crazy girls! They are getting too big. Didn't I JUST have them?!