Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mindy undone

 Ok here I am! You asked for it!

I have no problem posting these pictures, I actually loved it, it was almost like my secret was coming out that i'm not ready all the time, or like ever.
A lot of people requested to see a picture of me without makeup in my daily outfit of sweats, dustins shirts and messy bun.
The first picture is me with no makeup.
The second and third are what I wear almost everyday and the second I walk in the door from anywhere. Leggings and legwarmers with a random shirt, or sweats and one of Dustin's shirts. (Could also be switched around for more variety.) And no makeup. (The orange shirt picture was taken 5 minutes ago actually.)
I always thought I was self conscious with no makeup on, but the more the days go on, the less I care and the more confident I feel in my own skin. 
I do love to get ready though. I love to do my hair and makeup. It's fun to me. Remember i'm a true girl at heart, I have a real love for make up and hair and CLOTHES. All of those combined make me happy. For those who don't know, I went to hair school. I would love to get into cosmetology one day. I'd also love to be a personal fashion coordinator for people! Fun huh? I have a lot of things i'd like to do.
Some days all I need is a little foundation and mascara but if i'm going specific places, I like to do my make up and hair. Not all out all the time, but it makes me feel better. Sometimes it's just simple make up and straightened hair.

 Oh the last picture is half makeup, right when I woke up. That means my one eye is all rubbed off and the other is half there if it can even be counted for that.



Picture credit to Kyla and the twins on my iphone.
Is everyone happy now? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

A challenge for you and I!

Ok i'm a member of the Rock the Shot forum and I tell you it is awesome. The photography world is a VERY competitive and judgmental world. I just ignore it and go at my own pace and don't act like I know everything, because I honestly don't think you can know everything when it come to photography. There is so much to know and things are always changing etc. This forum is so non-judgmental and SO helpful and friendly!! They help you with any question you ask, whether you are thinking about photography, just starting or even a seasoned pro. It's great.
Anyways, they have a monthly challenge and it was a self-portrait challenge. Immediately I said, ha no. I have a secret. I have a fear of posting pictures of myself, let alone ones of JUST ME! I don't ever want to look vain, or the ones you see that say, "I know i'm hot!" ha
So after reading their status updates over and over on how to "go join this months challenge" I decided it would definitely be a challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone. So I did it. I sat down with my camera today and took shot after shot of myself at different angles, different face expressions etc. I tell you it's all in the angles!
So I submitted one, Dust helped me pick one, but it was fun. I actually don't care to win because I accomplished something I was afraid of. I did post a pic of myself on fb not too long ago and there was a comment made that wasn't meant to be rude but it kind of hit me wrong, especially because I already felt uncomfortable posting it and I swore I would never post a pic of myself alone again. So this was a huge step for me and I decided who cares, just do it! Besides, I usually only ever take pics of myself on "good" days so my kids can remember me "normal" and not just in Dustin's extra large t-shirts, sweats, messy bun and left over make-up from the day before... So it's like once a week I look human. On Sunday's, or if I have to leave the house. Remember i'm kind of a hermit in the winter.

SO, I know I have a ton of friends who blog or read my blog and I noticed I only have a small handful, actually more like 2 of you, who EVER post pics of yourselves on facebook or your blog. People, your kids are cute, but I want to see your face too! I don't care how fat/ugly/not cute you think you are etc. So, SO my friends, I want you to take a picture of yourself that you love, just one, and please email it to me and I want to edit it for you! You don't have to have a fancy camera and no KIDS! Just YOU!
Email it to mindyfrancis{at}hotmail{dot}com and put "photo of me" in the subject line. I'll give it until the end of the week and see how many people I get! I also want you all to POST your photo, either on facebook or your blog and tell me where you post it so I can see!!! That's right! POST IT!

Here are a couple tips for taking your own photo that i've learned,

1. The best time to do it is in a lot of natural light, so in front of a big window during the day is best.

2. Really play with your angles, crop things off, and don't be afraid to zoom in. My favorite photos are close ups. The tiniest movement can make a huge difference, ie: just move your eyes around, or tilt your head etc.

3. Use your self timer or tripod, it makes it a lot easier than trying to hold it.

4. It took me about 50 shots to get 2 good ones, so take a lot of shots!

So go pull out your camera and send them to me!

Here is mine...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9 month pox

I blended my topics into one, because I can.
Let's start with pox. Jayci and Presley have the chicken pox. yay! Actually i'm glad. If they get it now, it's better because if they get it when they are older they have a higher chance of it being worse and it developing into the Shingles. Yuk. I've spoken to the health link and what they are finding is that kids who have been immunized with only the one dose (you get the second one when you are 13) are getting them and that this new strain of pox is different, it's not as bad and they aren't all blistery and they clear up faster. So they are maybe going to eventually move into getting kids to have 2 doses because they originally thought one was enough. So Presley had 3 spots yesterday morning and they are almost gone. Jayci on the other had got a few more today, not terrible and she is totally acting fine and not even really complaining about them. So they aren't too concerned about them and said to just keep the two of them home for a few days until they crust over. So if anyone wants their kids to get it now, come on over!!

These are Jayci's chicken pox today. 
Her stomach is not even half of this and then a couple on her thighs and a couple on her face.

Next, this little peanut isn't staying so little! She is now 9 months old! Ya it's crazy.
She is still the most amazing baby in the world. She is a little more needy now though since she is at the "mom don't leave the room" stage. Which isn't even bad because the girls play with her constantly so it distracts her from me being busy with other fun things, such as cleaning the house and cooking...
She is a terrible eater though! I have an appointment with the pediatrician on the 20th. She hates anything with chunks, she actually gags on them, even the tiniest bit. I tried it again yesterday and she actually did a lot better. Her helpings are tiny too! She hardly eats anything at meal time and she shuts her lips so you can't even get food in. Drives me crazy. But that is her only fault! She still pretty much sleeps through the night, here and there she wakes up and we just get her a bottle and she goes back out, but for the most part she is great! She learned to clap the other day, goes up the stairs, and will let go when standing on things. She looks too tiny to be doing that. She is really starting to catch onto things. I'm not sure how much she weighs, she had her shots right before Christmas and she was 18lbs, 50th percentile and I forget her height but it was around the 45th percentile.

We sure love her!!
I also love how her tongue sticks out all the time!

What a doll eh? We think so!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Help me!

So lately I no longer enter very many contests but this one I NEED to win! I know I have a million blog readers so can you all help me win this one!
I will win a free family photo session with Photography by Kels. I love her photos and this would be amazing to win!!

So go to FACEBOOK, like her page (or your vote won't count) and then LIKE my actual photo of my 4 girls. It's supposed to be our favorite photo from 2011. This one was definitely my favorite!! 

It will take two seconds and you know i'd do it for you!! ;) 
Thanks a billion! Oh and if you feel so inclined to share it on your facebook wall as well, that would be amazing and I would love you forever!!


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas Holidays!

I'm back!! 

Ok I took about 1000 pictures (literally) over Christmas so I will have to pick and choose wisely here!

We went down south for 10 days to my sister Britt's in Cardston and then spent a few days in Taber. It was so much fun, I miss my sisters so much! I hate how far we all live from each other. We had a blast and did so much! I don't even know where to start. Let's start with the biggest announcement of Christmas.
Can you guess what it was??
A present showed up at the door to the family so my parents opened it, since it said open now, and in the bottom was a RING box! It said,
"I'm engaged! Love Steph!" 
To say I was shocked is putting it lightly!! After all i've never met this guy! But I hear he is awesome and they've been dating ever since she moved to Portland in the summer. His name is Kevin Bird and he is actually my sister Kristy's husband (Brandon), it's his cousin! So Kristy and Steph are going to have the same last name! What are the chances. Kristy did set them up though! After the idea set in I was super happy for her. That is all 3 of my sisters who got engaged to guys I never knew! I may be a bit of a protective sister...
So they are getting married in Portland on May 5th, and i'm the maid/matron of honor! I'm so beyond excited to help plan the wedding. I believe deep down I am an event planner so I love doing this stuff! I've actually thought of doing it as a career before, but probably wouldn't get far with that where I live. Maybe one day! Oh also, that will be all 4 of us married at the age of 18! CRA-ZY!
To tell my grandparents my dad came up with the idea to fool her thinking one of us announced we were pregnant. So we went to their house with pillows shoved under our coats and all 3 of us stood in their livingroom and we said, "guess who is pregnant?!" She guessed all three of us, ha. Then Steph said, "None of them! I'm engaged!" ha could you imagine if all of us were pregnant. No. Something always gets announced at our Christmas's. Last time Krist and Britt announced they were pregnant, and the time before that it was Kristy and ME who announced (with the twins). I guess when you have 4 girls someone is always pregnant or getting married at some point.

Opening the "gift"

The Bride! So weird.

Telling the grandparentals. Love this pic of us. If only I looked like that for real when i'm pregnant! Just a "bump" ha i'm not one of those lucky ones.

It was fun though and we are really excited for her! Congrats Steph and Kevin!

Onto Christmas stuff.
Christmas eve was fun. We spent it half at my grandparents and half at Britt's since the kids needed to go to bed and we were all staying there. Santa showed up to my grandparents house! It was the funnest thing, I cried because of how excited my girls were! They ran up to him and gave him a big hug! I was one of "those" moms. There is something about seeing the excitement in your children. He even brought them all little presents! It was great. 
Britt and Grandma had a pinata so we had one for the kids and one for the adults. Kyla smashed the snowman pinata in half! She is one strong kid! It was hilarious. Then the adult one we all took a turn but we were in a small living room so we had to go easy. Well then grandma gets the stick and swings and it slipped out of her hand and hit Presley in the face! ha. Grandma's turn was over. And we were worried about the guys!! So we came out of the pinata's with a broken decor bowl and an slightly injured twin. Not too bad.

We had our white elephant exchange, one for the kids and one for the adults and we also opened pjs! We did all the kids stuff at grandma's and the adult stuff at Britt's. We put out the reindeer food and I forgot to have the girls put out the milk and cookies! It's so much to remember! I felt sad so I did it myself for them because they were passed out by the time I remembered. My aunt and cousins also came out and it was so fun, it felt like we were kids again spending Christmas eve together. My dad also set up fireworks for all of us! It was awesome!
Here are all those things meshed into pics. I'm not organizing because this is taking long enough.

 you know it.


Lets pause,
and take a look of the many excited faces of Christmas morning. Mostly Kyla. Which are the best thing i've seen in a long time...

So hilarious!
At least we know we are doing our job in making our kids happy! ha
Now onto Christmas morning and day.
Everyone got spoiled and we had tons of fun! It took us until noon to open presents. Then we had waffles for breakfast. Here we go...

Laken's smile here kills me.

That's just me changing Laken's diaper in the above photo, I just noticed that...


 Family Picture time!

We can't help it.

 Dustin loves the Goonies. So Steph got a picture of the Goonie rock since they live so close to it and developed it for him! He loved it!

We also celebrated Kristy's birthday which is Jan 4th but we always so something for her when we get together for Christmas! Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister!!

 After Britt's we headed out to Taber for a few days. It was a lot more low key there but we got to take the kids out on their quad. Dustin was in heaven and our girls LOVED it. So it's a good thing the first thing we are buying after a house is a quad. Looks like Dustin got his "boys" after all. ;)

The weather was amazing the entire trip, all above zero! No snow! It didn't even feel like Christmas really. It was super windy in Taber but the last day it wasn't too bad so I was happy because I wanted to take some outdoor pics. I'm getting ansy not being able to do many photos outside. So I took my new lens out and took a few pics of the quadding. Nothing special but this lens is amazing! I love it. These are just fun, un-edited photos but I still love them. :)


The girls checkin out Grandma's bus
And I think that's all folks. I did it. That sucked a little and only took me two days to do!
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holidays and i'm looking forward to this new year. We have a lot of new years goals. I don't like to call them resolutions because I'm always setting goals all year round, so I just count these in as those! My list is kind of long for this year though! I'm pretty sure we can do it. :)