Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Burnt Daisy

I am so excited to give you a sneek peek at what I have been working on for the past 6 months. I am starting an at home business of making children and home decor. I have been getting my site and everything going so I can get ready to sell these. I have lots of ideas and I am so excited! The site and everything i'm hoping should be ready to go in the next few weeks! You can't really see all the detail on the lettering but you get the idea!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 Things

So here is 10 (of many) things I have learned over the past 3 years since i've become a mom, and this is only me so adjust accordingly!

1. Your children get to tell you when to start the day with no time to adjust to waking up
2. dress comfy- pajama pants and husbands XL shirts will do
3. You get to shower and eat on your own time only
4. Don’t even look in a mirror
5. You don’t make money (unless you get a government cheque ha) so you just get to steal your husbands, which is just as much yours as his
6. You must have serious amounts of patience
7. You don’t get sick days…ever, just suck it up
8. The house must stay clean, not because you care what people think but so you can actually live in it all day without going insane!
9. You have to have some knowledge on how to cook, even a little bit for your children to survive (which I now love to do)
10. Have lots and lots of LOVE!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've drawn a blank

I can't think of a title cuz there is a few things I want to bring up in this post. First of all I am really excited that my last post got 34 comments! Thanks so much for responding! I don't expect you to comment everytime I post something new, so no worries. I know that sometimes I really don't have anything to say about what people post or I just don't have the time. A lot of you talked about how your kids sidetrack you... me out of anyone understands! I'm glad I have a laptop cuz I can take it right onto my couch and tend to the kids if they need it but ya that has happened to me lots where I read and then they need me, so sorry if I don't comment all the time either, I don't want to look like a hypocrite here! It wasn't a lecture but more out of fun and thanks for having such great attitudes about it! I'm glad a lot of you came out and introduced yourselves and admitted to "stalking" my blog, I love getting to know new people and it's nice to know I have people interested in my life. Anyways onto other things. Don't mind the look of my blog I'm not quite "feeling" it so we'll see what else I can find and how many times I change it.

So here is some pictures, the best part of the blog! We got our family pictures done on Saturday and they turned out great! But we already had to take the proofs back to order them and I don't have a scanner, so when we get them in I will go to Jill's (she just doesn't know it yet) and use her scanner. There is the CUTEST picture of Jayci and Presley, cutest ever!! I love it! So i'm excited to get those in a week or two. Since it's been so nice out lately I really wanted to take Kyla into the yard and play in the snow, so we went out after church on Sunday while the babies napped and built our first snowman! He's a little neglected in the accessory department but oh well! His mouth and eyes are chocolate wafers, ha that's all I could find.

So the other night Dustin was upstairs showering after work and Kyla was up there too so I was sitting on the couch on the computer. The babies were rolling around on the floor but they were both kind of below me and I could only see Presley and I looked down to check on her and she was just chewing on her hand like they always are. Anyways a couple minutes later I leaned over to check on Jayci too and this is what I saw. Jayci had the bag of Maltesers and they were dumped everywhere and then I noticed Presley... yup sucked one clean! Can you see the wafer with no chocolate on it laying by her head?? I didn't know what to think so I just grabbed the camera! haha I am pretty picky about what I give my kids and they don't get sugar until they are 1. I was like that with Kyla and I will be the same with them. So it was kind of funny and kind of my fault for leaving them on the floor! It's funny how she did that and I am so lucky she didn't choke on it! Since then my floors have nothing on them but blankets and toys! haha I will be more careful of what I leave laying around from now on. So here is daddy and his girls, it was so cute how they were just all sitting on the couch together, he was reading to them. They sure are daddy's girls that's forsure!

Playing together on the floor, they like to attack eachother so we have to watch that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Could I be so lucky?

I saw this contest on Angie's blog a few days ago but haven't had the chance to post about it and of course I have to enter!! I want one like this so bad for the spring so i'm blogging about it and crossing my fingers that I will be blessed and win! I love the fact how they can be side by side and see eachother, cuz my girls just entertain themselves by just staring at eachother! Anyways there is a lot of you wanting this so if you win yay! But then you should give it to me anyways! ha

If you want to enter go here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


If the blogging world is such a popular thing right now and everyone has one then why don't people leave more comments?? I look at everyones blogs and hardly anyone leaves comments on them. I have had over 700 hits on my blog in less than a week and only a few comments out of all that (who knew I would have 700 people reading about my boring life.) But I think if we are gonna share our lives for everyone to read, it's considerate and only fair to leave a comment about what we are sharing. I am not exactly the best person at this but i'm trying to lately. It's exciting when people leave comments and I KNOW i'm not the only one who thinks so. ;) I didn't want to look like a loser by saying something, but I really do wonder why people stop by, read, then leave? Am I alone on this thought? lets see how many people leave a comment...(I know who my true friends are) haha oh but I still love you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, Kyla

I say this all the time. She is constantly making me laugh. Yesterday we came home from our newly changed 9:00 church which I love, and we decided to just relax and do nothing. (Which is very rare around here) Well Dustin took the big couch and I took the love seat (babies were rolling around on the floor, we are good parents like that.) First I should tell you, Kyla has an attachment to two blankets my grandma Purnell made for her when she was born and she has slept with them ever since. Well one is bigger and it's called the "green blanky", and the smaller pink one is called "poo blanky" no idea why, but it is. Well Dustin grabbed the green one and put it over him and Kyla didn't like that cuz it was HER blanky. Well she said mommy has to have the green one and daddy has to have the pink one. I was laughing so hard cuz Dustin was trying to convince her to give him the bigger one but she would not let him. So the blanket only covered like his stomach, so funny. Anyways that's not the funny part. Well remember in a post a while ago I told you how Kyla hides when she poops and mostly under blankets or anything she can put over her head. Well Dustin finally convinced her to give him the green blanket so he put his head under it, he wanted to go to sleep. Kyla came over and said, "Don't hide daddy! don't hide...... No pooping!" haha I don't know how many times we have said that to her, and she thought Dustin was hiding and pooping. She's like, "only poop in the potty not in your panties!" I was laughing so hard. Oh the things kids say. Oh and the other day I looked over at Jayci in the jolly jumper and guess what was all around her mouth...yup chocolate! Kyla was eating a cookie and I guess she wanted to share! What a nut.
This is the "green and poo blanky"
Yesterday I was trying to teach Dustin piglatin cuz she knows everything we say and we've tried to spell things to eachother... but Dustin can't spell and I talk to fast for him to even hear all the letters so it takes me 5 or 6 times spelling ONE word for him to get it, so thats pretty entertaining. So in all the "spelling" she now knows how to spell her name so that is useless now cuz she knows when we talk about her. But get this, in amongst all the spelling and Dustin not being able to spell fast he just would start spelling her name and just say K.Y... and then stop, so she now she has the nickname "KY!" yup that's what he calls her. I'm like oh good nickname Dust!! Anywho, she is getting so big, I was noticing how tall she looked this week and so I measured her and yup she grew cuz she is now in the 95th percentile for height! and she used to be in the 50th! Just like her daddy I guess. oh and her hair is finally getting long and I am so excited, it's only took almost 3 years to get this length! I think Jayci and Presley are gonna be bald forever, that's what I have concluded. Well that's my post for KY! ha poor kid

eating cereal, surprise surprise!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

photo shoot!

Ha ok well not really but I figured I wanted some pictures of me and the girls at home and this is what you get. I took like 30 and this was the best out of all of them! I put them in black and white so they look better. As you can tell the only thing i'm focusing on is that we are all in the picture. Maybe next time i'll just wait for Dustin.

We got another Bumbo from Dustin's parents for Christmas so here is a picture with both of them! So cute and they love them! Oh Jayci is in the Red and Presley is in the cream, these PJ's were from Grandma Petersen for Christmas.

Monday, January 05, 2009


So since i've been lacking on the blogging bit, here is some random stuff to bore yourself with. Well the twins (which I never call them the twins, it's always babies) are rolling over everywhere! Finally! They have taken FOR-EVA to do something so yay for them! Hey it's not easy being a twin and premature. It has taken them just a bit longer to do things which the doctor told me to expect being they were 7 weeks prem. It doesn't bother me i'm just even more excited now when they do acomplish something new. Also yes they are still BALD, no... k i'm lying, they have peachfuzz! But I do love it, it is very kissable and they are still so dang cute! Dustin loves how bald our kids are too. They have started eating solids, but slowly very slowly. They gag on everything! I've tried all the beginner foods, and even tried banana rice cereal and they hate it all. They do love the regular beginner rice cereal though so i've just been giving them that so they get some sort of diet in. I am still nursing them too so that I know they are getting the best food if anything! Honestly if you have any tips on how to transition food better please let me know cuz my kids are starting aneorexia at a young age! I also think they are starting to get teeth. Jayci has little white spots that kind of look like "buds" but who knows. We always thought Kyla was teething (or we just wanted something to blame her cranky moments on) but she finally got her first tooth at 10 months old and she just got her last 2 year molar in. The dentist said it's fine she'll just be a tad late loosing them. Normally kids loose them at 6 years and she might be 6 and a half. Anywho...Jayci has been pretty fussy this week so i'm hoping it's that. Well Dustin is back to work and i'm back to my regular mom routine, if it's even called a routine. These kids are becoming more high maintenance as the days pass. I guess thats what I get for having girls eh! They like to break us in early. Oh well. So our days mainly consist of trying to all be happy and make it through alive! Well me mostly, and lately Kyla is a lucky one to be living too. She has been lacking in the lsitening department. What do I do? other than beat her?.... I've thought of that don't worry. She like knows when she drives me nuts and does these little pesty things to you. Oh and she LOVES to be the BOSS! Especially to her other kids, it's cute and most the time she is right when she's telling them what to do but I need to teach her about why mommy's and daddy's exist! (and that's to boss the kids around!) I do love her to pieces don't worry but I want my sweet little girl to always be here, and to get rid of this little devil child in her. I know I was a bossy little runt as a kid I guess this is payback! I do notice the more attention (and less time on the computer) I give her she is happier. I guess it's partially my fault but somedays I need ME time. I don't even know if it's suppose to be an option after you have kids to have me-time. Meh! Well as I said this is a random post with boring random stuff for me to bore you with! So take it all in! Well i'm super excited for the Bachelor tonight!! go Jason. I liked him a lot in the Bachelorette and Dustin loved Jessie, of course cuz he is a snowboader. Every show Dustin would be just as into it as I was cuz he wanted Jessie to win. Honestly if he could of married Jessie, I think he would of....shh don't tell him I told you this. ha. We also got to watch Desperate Houswives last night, the best show in the world. Dustin is also very into that show with me, but can you guess why? Two words... Eva Longoria. She is georgous and the envy of every woman out there. But we have been watching that show together since the first season. We love it. The other shows i'm excited for is Grey's Anatomy, 90210, and Priveleged. Who knows there is probably 3 or 4 more i'll get into. I usually do. I was also noticing the True Beauty one where they think it's about modeling or something but they are really being judged on their inner beauty, it's also on tonight. Now I just need digital cable so I can record and watch them whenever I can. It took us 4 hours to watch the new Batman the other night, we started it at 7 and ended at 11pm! Thanks to our wonderful kids we had to pause it a million and one times! We rent movies and they are always at least a week late cuz it takes us so long to watch them, some times we never even get too! Well I think thats enough of my rambling....hope you enjoyed that waste of time. (I did!) ;) Oh and Happy New Year!

Friday, January 02, 2009

The crazyness is over...

And now we can get back to normal. This year has been a busy one and we've had so many things happen but in a way i'm glad it's over and ready to start a new one. I thought i'd go through this past year and what got us here today. This year started with the finding out we were having the twins so we knew that we needed to make some changes. Fitting in a 2 bedroom condo wasn't an option anymore and upsizing to a townhouse was too expensive in Okotoks so the opportunity came to move to Fort Mac so took it. It started here.
I went from this, 10 weeks pregnant with the twins and not knowing we were having twins...
to this, 31 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks before I had them...
To this, a few days before I went into labour. You can't really tell the bigness but I love this picture.

So, we moved in with Dustin's sister in March, easter long weekend. (I know most of you have heard this story but this is the short version for those who haven't.) The next week I went into preterm labour at 25 weeks, got flown to Calgary and thankfully the babies stayed put. I got to come home but had to be on bedrest. The next 9 weeks were brutal not being able to take care of Kyla as much as I wanted to or do everything i'm used to, I don't like to sit still and do nothing. Thank goodness we were staying with Jill cuz she was a huge help for me through those tough weeks. At 33 weeks pregnant and for the 10th time I went into the hospital with contractions, but these ones were it. So off we flew to Edmonton thinking I was in labour but nope they stopped and the babies held off a bit longer. At 34 weeks on the dot at 12:11am and 12:21am our beautiful girls were born at 4lbs 11oz and 4lbs 12oz. This led to our hospital stay of 3 weeks and Dustin coming back to work in fort mac with Kyla at Jill's and me living in the hospital with the girls. These 3 weeks were lonely but I got through them...with the help of the Twilight series ;) Seems like yesterday....
Anyways home we came and a few weeks later we were in our own house. Dustin was right back to work so I had me and the 3 girls at home off the bat. We adjusted very quickly and I didn't really stress cuz I knew this was my life and I had to get used to it someday so whynot right away besides I loved it. Luckily the girls were good sleepers and over all really happy babies. Well summer came and Presley got diagnosed with meningitis in August, that led to 10 days in the hospital and me staying with her. I think that 10 days was harder than the 3 weeks when they were born. Poor girl.September we made a trip down south and got the babies blessed finally. Our original plan was August but with Presley getting sick we had to push it back.Brittany met Jeff a couple weeks before we went down and a couple weeks later they were engaged. They set the date for Dec 20th so we started planning. I helped a bit from afar with what I could. We also had to plan the shower so Kristy in Portland, Steph in Cardston and me in Fort Mac were planning her shower together. So on the 13th of December we headed down to Cardston and spent a week there before the wedding. We had her shower one day, endowments the next, one day in Lethbridge doing last minute running around and 2 days were decorating. The wedding was beautiful! Brittany looked georgous of course and they are gonna have one happy life together!
The wedding was on Saturday and Sunday they had gift opening and we headed home right after. The Tuesday after coming home Dustins parents came to stay at our house. Christmas was at his sisters here in fort mac this year. So his other sister stayed at Jill's and his parents stayed here. It was a busy week but sure fun. In all this chaos Dustin and I didn't get much for eachother for Christmas, which really neither of us cared about, we just worried about the kids and whose ever name we had. I got Dustin a new snowboard and he got me a really cute diamond ring. New years was spent at Jill's and we had a ton of fun playing Mafia. The best game ever invented!! I think we need to have a monthly mafia night with a bunch of couples cuz it's so much fun. Well that was our year and Christmas. It was full of blessings and challenges but i'm looking forward to a more relaxed year (hopefully) with my family of 5! Still feels weird saying there is 5 of us... anyways here is some pictures of Christmas
This is on Christmas eve in our Christmas pj's
Kyla's tinkerbell dress she wears all day, everyday
Jayci and Presley in their pj's
on Sunday in their cute little outfits
Christmas morning