Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A surprise vistor

Last week I noticed that one of my grandma's was coming up to Edmonton thanks to facebook, and I wrote her saying she should just keep coming North! I haven't seen my grandma in almost 4 years and she lives in Arizona so I knew the chances were slim. Well she said she just might surprise me. I didn't hear from her over the weekend so I figured she wasn't able to which was totally fine, I definitely would have understood and it was never confirmed or anything. Then Monday morning I got a phone call from a hotel and it was her saying she was in Fort Mac! So I gave her directions to my house and she has been here for 2 days and fly's out this afternoon. We have had some awesome visits just catching up and the girls just love her. The twins have never even met her so it was great that she got to develop that relationship with them, and Kyla too since it's been almost 4 years. And she of course did what grandma's do best and spoiled the girls. She even took Kyla on a shopping date for a few hours yesterday and she just let Kyla pick out whatever she wanted. How nice eh? Kyla LOVED it. She got pudding, toys, cereal, movies, dunkaroos....some of it was kind of random but she said she was very nice about it. She also said she didn't want to shop for clothes which is SO not Kyla. Funny though.

She told me how much the twins look like me when I was little!!! This is super exciting! She even noticed certain facial expressions or features that run in our side of the family. I liked hearing that. ;)

We also took her out last night to see the Syncrude "tourist" spot I guess you can call it. It is pretty cool to see and she really liked it.

She bought Jayci and Presley some new sleepers and another outfit for all the girls.
Them in the new sleepers with grandma (and Kyla of course)!

She took some pics and wanted us to be in them.

This is Syncrude, a major plant up here. This is what Fort Mac is all about!

You might have to click on the first picture to see it better.

Thanks for the great visit grandma!


The Harker Family said...

Awesome pictures! So nice for your grandma to visit you!

Lynn said...

Awww..........that is SO sweet! You have a very cute and cool grandma! And so young!!! WOW!

P.S. Have I ever asked you if you know my Uncle Kim Boehme who lives up there? Not sure how many wards there are.

Ryan, RoxAnn and Erica said...

Love it! It is so much fun to have family come way up to where we are!

the fellers said...

how fun! I LOVE it when my Grandma comes!

kelsey said...

that's so fun for your girls to get to meet/reunite with grandma! p.s. this is SO your dad's mom. . . lol. am i right?

Francis Family said...

Lynn, um I think they might be in the other ward? We don't have any Boehme's in our ward and I don't really know the other ward, so he's probably in that one.

Kelsey, Yes it's my dad's mom :)