Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm tired

This last week was CRAZY. I haven't been that busy in SO long.
Well why don't I just tell you.
Here it goes.

Monday, Tuesday and half of Wed, my grandma came and we played and had fun. Wednesday literally right before she left Jill brought her kids over because she forgot about an ortho appt so of course I said yes to watching them for her. Gma left. 10 minutes after another friend came over for a hair appt to get her hair cut, and she brought her 3 year old boy. So we had 6 kids 3 and under in my little house. We waited for Jill to get back, cut Sharisse's hair and then I made centerpieces with Jill for the Relief Society party that was the next night. She left around 3, I got dinner made, fed kids, then put them to bed. Dustin came home I ran out the door to our "dress rehersal" for Spice girls at Becky's.

Thursday I had super cranky kids and had to run to the store get some things I forgot I didn't have for the dish I was making for the Relief Society party. Made dish, showered, got ready, went to the party, sang at party.

Friday Dustin stayed home. Kyla had gymnastics, took her for lunch, rushed home to relieve the sitter. Went to a hair appt, came home got ready and went out with Dustin to get some last minute things for our spice girls performance and we also went to dinner.

Saturday woke up early got ready, took Kyla for breakfast and went to DOODLEBOPS! She was way too excited. Emma came and they had a blast together. It was too cute. Came home releived sitter again, put Jayci and Presley down for a nap, and I ran out the door to Becky's to get ready for the variety show. Got ready, went to show, performed, came home and ordered pizza. That night we did nothing.
Sunday earlier church at 10 because we had a member of the seventy come to our stake so we had sort of a stake conference type meeting. Dustin had to work so I went by myself to a 2 hour meeting with the girls. Came home and pretty much did NOTHING.

So yesterday and today I am WIPED. I've been trying to get some energy because I don't have time to waste. I have Kyla's birthday next weekend and I have to sew two dresses before then, get lots ready for her party, prepare my lesson for Sunday, Kyla has a bday party tomorrow and Dustin is off Fri-Mon. Which we are getting stuff for her bday and Easter since her bday is on Easter this year. We'll have her party the day before though. It's also Kyla's last week in Gymnastics this Friday. I'm happy about that. It's hard to find someone to watch Jayci and Presley for an hour in the morning and I hate taking them. So we'll be done that for now. We are going out with some friends Friday evening and Saturday is another friends bday party. I'm looking forward to those.

So I am busy, very busy. I like having things to do but man it has worn me out. This morning I pretty much layed on the couch until 9, and my kids woke up at 6! Ya talk about lazy. Kyla did a good job taking care of the girls...good mom I am.

Well that's my latest, I had to write it all out quick because we did a lot and don't get me wrong it was tons of fun. I'm sure it seemed like a normal week to you but not to me. I'm used to sitting at home chasing after 3 little girls and cleaning a house constantly which is busy enough in itself for me. Anyways, life has been crazy and I don't think it's going to slow down. Dustin starts school in a month and from now till then we have a lot going on.

Here is some picture from the doodlebops concert.

Dustin sure loved it. His comments during the show were pretty entertaining in themself. He also wasn't too impressed that I didn't tell him Travis wasn't going to be there. Oh suck it up! I know he would of been dissapointed if he missed that for Kyla, he just has to say those things to look cool.

ps: The video from our awesome performance is coming, for those who are waiting every waking minute by their computers for it!


Alison said...

"I'm tired" is something I can relate to alright! Hey, do you want me to pick up Kyla for Parkers party tomorrow since I'm taking Leela there too? Just let me know.

amieandmichael said...

The pictures of them dancing are sooo cute. haha Sounds like you've been crazy busy too!