Thursday, March 04, 2010

Girly Stuff

I have been noticing a few things lately about the girls that I don't want to forget, since my memory is so good...
Well lets start with Jayci and Presley. First of all they color on EVERYTHING. My tv, walls, themselves, table, floor, cupboards, books etc etc. I know your thinking, "well then take away the Crayons Mindy!" But, this is what keeps me sane, since they love coloring I bought this huge coloring book that they love to color in and I always have paper and more books on the floor and they love it and it keeps them happy. It's always when i'm distracted or doing something they wander to other things, or they find a random crayon piece or climb on the counter and grab a pen I forget to put away. It's a win-lose situation, but whatever.
They are in love, no OBSSESED with Dora. My life would suck without Dora. When I am at my breaking point of 3 kids crying on my legs, I throw in Dora and all is well. If I need to do the dishes or do some laundry, I put in Dora and I can get it done with no whining or fighting. I say "do we want to watch Dora?" I hear "DORA! DORA!" and they freak out a bit.
Love. Dora.

I absolutely love when I put them into their beds, I go to walk out and I say "night night girls, love you" I hear two little voices echo "night night" over and over. It makes my heart melt.

They are starting to talk more which is great. They say a lot more words and are starting to copy more. They are hilarious. They laugh all the time and have a ton of fun just playing with each other. Other than that, they aren't up too much, well that I can think of right now anyways.

Then there is Kyla, she is one of a kind and I want to remember some of these things.
She is very into letters lately and knows all her letters and even how to spell some words, like mom, dad, stop, Kyla (she's known that for a while) and lots more, she can even write them on paper. Smart girl eh. Well now she makes letters with her body. Like she lays on the floor and arches her back and uses her arms and she'll yell, "mom what's this letter?" I say "umm a 'p'?" She'll go "Yup" and we play that game over and over, with lots of different letters. She also uses whatever she has to make letters, the other day it was a shoelace.
She loves to play eye spy and is super good at it.
Sometimes I get in a daze or i'll randomly look at her while i'm thinking of something, and she goes "Mom, why did you look at me like this?" and then she'll make the face I was making. Or "mom why did you do (she makes the face) to me?" I laugh everytime because her faces are hilarious, she does them exatly how I do them, which I don't even notice i'm doing. Like the little raised eyebrow, big eyes and smirk mouth and then she'll go back to a normal face instantly. Just so funny what she notices. She is always right beside me, everywhere I go, she is right there.
She is so into dancing lately and her moves are hilarious, she really concentrates now. I always blast music and dance with the girls on a daily basis and she tries to copy my moves and what I do. I know it's hard not too since i'm so good.
Jayci and Presley are even starting to do it too.

Well those are just a few things they have been up too. I haven't been up too much lately. I can't finish the dresses I wanted to because my machine isn't working well. I have had problems with it since I got it so who knows. I'll figure something out.
I also have been working on Kyla's birthday party which is on April 3rd. Her actual birthday is the 4th but it's a Sunday. We are going to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea party. A twist on a typical girly theme, I wanted to do something girly but fun, and I honestly came up with this before I knew when the movie was coming out. But good timing eh? More inspiration! Should be fun though. I'm excited about it, I LOVE planing things like this. When we have a house I will have a savings account just for parties and holidays/occasions. I just love it.

My little ladies

I love this picture of her. She finally let me change her earrings and she said it didn't hurt so now she wants lots of earrings. When did she get so big?

Dustin has the next 4 days off starting tomorrow so our weekend is full of stuff of course. Can't wait!


Tim and Ashlee said...

Love Kyla's bday theme idea! Such a good idea. I LOVE LOVE doing the bday parties too. I totally went all out for Kinsey's 1st bday.

angie said...

i hate crayons! i find washable markers are way easier to clean.
i bet the birthday will be so fun!

Meagan M said...

our girls sound like so much fun! It's so weird that I haven't even met them (besides Kyla) and I feel like I know them.

Kyla's making letters with her body is hilarious! So cute!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

So I haven't been following your blog for THAT long but I do notice how quickly your girlies are growing up! It's so great you are documenting everything they are doing too because you will look back and be so thankful!! I am so glad to be seeing more of you lately lady!! I missed you so and thought at first that I did something wrong hehe Happy Thursday! Have fun with the ladies :)

The Harker Family said...

I loved the story about the girls saying "night, night" in unison. It made my heart melt to hear it! Kyla sounds like a little diva! So sweet. I loved the story about her imitating your faces, ha, ha, ha! So perceptive!