Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Park!

Dustin had this weekend off and yesterday was our productive day. We got rid of the high chairs finally, and wiped walls, floors, organized some shelves and we even got our carpets cleaned... I also got to sleep in until almost 9 AND Dustin let me have a 2 1/2 hour nap! I was super spoiled yesterday. I was exhausted though and I probably could have slept all day. So since it was so nice out we decided to take the girls to the park and I woke up around 4, so supper was decided quickly. Pizza it is. We were going to give them a quick snack to last until after the park then come home and order it. Anyways I was upstairs getting dressed and trying to look human after a MUCH enjoyed nap and Kyla came up and said someone was at the door. Dustin ran down and a couple minutes later I hear him yell "Mind, come here." So I came down and the lady wasn't there (she ran outside to her van) and Dustin said she was cleaning carpets and needed one more to meet her daily quota because her last appointment backed out. I was kind of confused but said, ok sure clean carpets for free, why not. Also we were gonna do them that night anyways, so why not have someone else do them? So she came in with her boss hauling all this equipment in and then he asks, "so have you heard of Kirby vacuums before?" Ugh, great, I knew at that time this was a sales pitch thing. So I just told myself, at least i'll get my carpets cleaned for free. Well almost 2 hours later she was still there and it was 6:30pm, so I said ok well it's getting late lets get these kids ready for bed. Dustin said he still wanted to take them to the park so I said ok then lets get ready and go now. She heard this conversation and was just starting to shampoo the carpet. I think she got the hint at this time. About half hour before this she said she forgot the shampooer in the van and had to call her boss to bring it by. I was ready to be like, "just forget it, and go" but then I thought, no way she wasted all our time she can clean our carpets for free now. So she did and we pretty much got ready and all the kids dressed by the door and kinda pushed her out the door. Her boss even came up and asked why we didn't want one, well lets see, I don't really see the justification in financing a VACUUM and I don't have $3000.00 just laying around to buy one. He said he could sell us a sample one for $2000.00 or for $93/month. I said "ya, um probably not." He got the hint and they left. I wish I wasn't so nice and would of kicked her out a long time ago. She cleaned our carpets but she did a crappy job because she knew we were done with her. Dustin and I, with the girls, just kind of sat in the kitchen the whole time since she took over our whole house with dirty rags to show us how dirty our carpets were. This girl was only 20 and told us if we bought one we would help her win a trip to vegas. Sorry but I don't care. Anyways can you tell i'm a little annoyed with how they get into people's houses by totally tricking them, and no warning that they'll be there for 2 hours!
So I have had the carpet cleaning experience now, and now I know for next time!

So....that had nothing to do with what I was originally going to post about. Lets get back to that.
Yesterday was the first time we went to the park this year. Finally. Oh how I love that Jayci and Presley are finally at the age of Independence and WALKING. I dreaded the park last year with them because they pretty much only had the swings for them and Kyla wanted to play all over so I couldn't do both and it was hard. I just didn't enjoy it and hated going. Yesterday was awesome, they were going up the stairs and down the slide all by themselves and they loved it! Kyla was of course in heaven. We didn't get to go very long because it was so late, but they had a blast and I got some cute pictures of them playing.

Presley being Presley, we are so in love with these girls.

Kyla and the number one man in her life
Jayci came down the slide....

and Presley came right behind her and I almost didn't catch both of them. Good action shots eh. Good job Dust.

Perfect slide for twins
daddy and his girls


Me and my girls

Oh how I LOVE this picture. This is Presley running to Dustin yelling "daddy!" She was so excited. I just love her expression.
Kyla being a great big sister as always. She is super protective of them and it's so cute.

Oh and right before we were leaving I was walking holding Jayci and Presley's hand and I saw two huge dogs headed right where the stroller was, not on leashes. Well we all know how much I love big dogs. I turned right around with the girls and headed back to Dustin and he totally saw why and started laughing at me. So I waited for him and the dogs kind of went around further. Kyla stopped to ride on the whale with Presley and I was helping them and I hear Dustin say "oh heads up Min" I look up and this MASSIVE dog is right in my face! I said a few choice words since it scared the crap out of me and all the other parents were laughing and the owner came and grabbed him and put him on a leash. I do NOT like big dogs. I pretty much had a heart attack right there. Dustin was laughing. I was out loud, but in my head I was about to pass out and ready to ream the guy out for bringing a dog to a kids park with no leash. . I have no idea why they scare me so bad. I had big dogs growing up and I never liked them but I wasn't scared of them, but now my heart starts pounding and I want to cry. I'm terrified!



Jennifer said...

hey tip for you, next time you are scared and faced with a big dog; YAWN! yawning is a way that dogs tell others that they are stressed and mean no harm...it defuses stressful situations...dogs speak actions not words.:)

henline crew said...

haha, big dogs. I too, hate when they are not on a leash.

Janas Bananas said...

I hate the Kirby guys, they did the exact same thing to me and were at my house till 10pm..4 hours later!! and Mitch was gone and I had all the kids still up because of them, I was soo irritated..They ended up barging 1200.00$ with me and I took it to get them out of my house..The next morning I called and cancelled my order and I got this whole lecture on how now the guy wont get to go to Vegus..Like I cared?? He sat a lied to me in my house all night and weasled their way in the exact same way...Why would I even believe that he is going to Vegus and it isn't a lie to get us to buy the vaccum..Stupid vaccum sales men!! The park looked wayy funner~!

the fellers said...

haha...oh my gosh, you sound just like me, I HATE big dogs and about FREAK when I see them, but I hate seeing them with my kids cause i have to act calm so they dont freak out and get the dog all worked up...ugh

Elysa Johnston said...

I'm so happy it's park season again! It makes the day go way faster when you can haul the kids to the park for the afternoon. Dogs off the leash freak me out and make me mad too--it's illegal for crying out loud!

Kimberly Yuill said...

Oh man! We had a Kirby salesman do the exact same thing to us! It was a Saturday afternoon and we were just about to leave. They actually weazeled their way in the door by saying they could clean apolstry and our ONE kitchen chair had a stain on it. Well 3 hrs later the guy finally left. "WE BELIEVE EVERYBODY DESERVES A KIRBY CLEAN HOME!" Sooooo annoying. I agree with you though, I wish I wasn't so nice and should've just kicked him out!

Cole said...

All dogs that are strangers to me terrify me, not just the big ones and I have no idea why. I think its because when I was little our neighbor had a little devil dog that would nip at my ankles all the time. PS Love your pics, too cute!!

amieandmichael said...

I love all the pictures! Your girls are growing up so fast! Maybe I will see all you guys at the reunion this year???