Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random Random!

Dust had the last 4 days off and it was so fun.
We didn't do much but we just have fun all the time. Something that never gets old, a stuffed animal fight. We we're both laughing so hard.... but really inside we are throwing them as hard as we can to take the other one out. You can be creative and use anything you'd like, just improvise, like pillows, shoes, utensils, toys, just be creative.
We love playing hide and go seek with the kids and Dustin is always jealous of all the spots I hide because he can't fit in them.

Or grocery shopping and arguing in the aisle about what cereal to buy because I want the healthy stuff for the kids. So Kyla goes, "I want Froot Loops!", I say, "no honey they are too expensive right now" (Really they weren't but i'm trying to keep all the junk cereal out of the house and we've been doing really good) and Dustin says, "no they're not, they are on sale."
what. an. idiot.
So I give him the "look of death" and he realizes his dumbness and goes "oh nevermind they aren't."
GOOD cover up hun! She'll NEVER clue in.
So by the time we get to the till we start to look like the crazy people who bring their kids grocery shopping with 2 carts! Both babies want held and are SO done with being there, so we let them out of the cart on the ground to just stand. Nope they want to be held. So they are both crying while we are quickly trying to unload the stuff onto to the till. So I pick up Jayci who is freaking out on my legs, and Dustin ran to get something else so he took Presley and Kyla picked out a special treat. I was unloading a cart, with a toddler on my hip (with our big winter coats on) and i'm sweating to death and she wants all the food in the cart. The guy infront of me starts helping me and says "you look like you need a hand". Yes, thank you. smile. (But not the "i'm hitting on you smile," don't get the wrong idea)
Meanwhile I am getting stares from every corner because of course it's supper time so EVERYONE is in the store. In my head I am saying, "don't stress, just laugh" I look up kind of laughing to myself and see people smirking at me and I know they are thinking "who the heck brings 3 little kids grocery shopping." or "glad it's her and not me." (These are things I would think if I saw that!)
Then I have to bag the food. Dustin is still unloading the other cart and i'm bagging and we both have kids hanging and crying on our legs. We exchanged looks and just laughed. What else do ya do? So we laughed the rest of the time until we were done.
We got through, I opened mini eggs and all was silent.
What a fun family outing.

So we watched a couple movies this weekend. Stay in which was nice. We are on a strict budget with Dustin starting school in APRIL! Yep he is going! Can't wait. So we'll be poor for a year until he is done all his schooling but it'll be worth it.

Dustin also came up with a daddy, mommy, Kyla night. So we let her get a special treat at the store and we rented 'UP' and as soon as the twins went to bed we sat on the couch and watched it together. She loved it. It was a cute movie and we'll definitely do it again. Good idea dad!

She is now passed out on the couch and has been for an hour and a half. We partied hard.

So life is good. Lots of fun stuff coming up this next month including a performance at our ward talent show with some girl-friends. Can't wait! We are gonna rock it!

Oh and I can forget what Jayci and Presley did all weekend.....what else...they COLORED! surprise surprise. Oh and watched Dora. of course.

We had to get in on the coloring, because they said so.

Movie night with Kyla!
Yes her hands and face are covered in chocolate, who let her pick the snack???

Coolest parents ever.

ps: Do you ever wonder what your life is like from an outsiders perspective?

Meh who cares. I'M HAPPY!!!!


Tim and Ashlee said...

Oh grocery shoppping. I don't like it even on a good day. Tic Tacks...they save me all the time at the till with Kinsey. haha

Rhiannon Nicole said...

HAHA I love the Froot Loop part. Sounds like you guys had such a blast; if Apb and I ever have kids I know our fam would be just like yours hehe happy Tuesday lovey xx

Alison said...

Mindy, I think every single person with 3 or more kids has experienced your grocery shopping experience at least once. I take all 4 shopping by myself all the time and I'm just so used to it now. There's always at least one crying, sometimes 4! Don't let it discourage you from going out again though. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Megan LePard said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!! I love looking at your blog! It always makes me laugh. Your girls are adorable!! It makes me baby hungry for a girl ha ha.

The Harker Family said...

Oh my gosh those pics of you guys were hilarious!!!!

Randy, Capri, and Wyatt said...

You are funny. I always see lots of people take 3 kids to the store ;). And the mini eggs are a good bribe for me to get Wyatt to behave. Do the girls say "mom color?" Wyatt does ALL the time. He takes my hands and pulls me to wherever he is coloring and says "mom color." Kids are so cute! Love the last picture ;)