Thursday, March 25, 2010

good words

I SO think that.

....and this one is a gooder.

I love a good quote.

One more day and I get my husband for 4 days! Yay for me!
Love that man.

ps: I bought New Moon and watched it with Dustin last night for his first time. He actually liked it and I wouldn't shut up about Jacob. I don't think very many celebrities are good looking but I told Dustin I would leave him if he came for me. (I've been leaving Dustin a lot lately)

Remember, he's 18 now, (Since february) it's LEGAL!! Good enough for me!


Cichy's said...

Cute quotes! I really like the second one! And I'm with ya on Jacob...hotness!

Christine Peterson said...

Mindy, great post. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!! I watched New Moon too on the way down to Utah, I thought dang, why didn't she choose him???

Rhiannon Nicole said...

hahaha you are hilarious gf! I love this. And that first quote is awesome too. Wha hoo for us shorties hehe xo

Mindi said...

Aw Yes...JACOB! Like I have said since the beginning of Twilight, Everyone needs a little dark meat in their life! Jacob just happens to be mine! Hahaha! (p.s. I guess you can have him too!)