Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I love...

I love to browse online for everything. From clothes, to home stuff, to kids things etc. I have done it forever and I usually save a file on my computer with all the pictures I find. Future home ideas, future clothes I want, or things that I just simply like. I thought i'd share them with ya.
There is a trend though. It's mostly home ideas right now and if you notice it's all mostly shades of teal. I am obsessed with that color right now.
Since I don't have a house to decorate of my own yet and don't want to waste time or money on cute stuff for this house, this will have to do. But someday, someday...

So here is some eye candy :)

Twins room, cute.

Teal cupboards.

This house (clock, love it)

This room, how fun.

little rack

Nursery's! (no i'm not pregnant) love the teal crib

yellow crib

vintage everything

this is just so calm and cute for a boy

love this light kitchen, although I really love dark kitchens

hooks for jewery. I actually did this with cute hooks on my wall by my vanity.

girls lockers!! how freakin cute.
cute boys room

hmm. weird, a teal room.

yet again

and again

So there is a bit of cuteness to you from me. I think this will become a trend.

Happy Hump Day!


The Anderson Family said...

Ok so that last picture you have of the beds!! I love them. I want to do something like that over emma's bed. And the clock in that one house very cool. I can't wait to see what you house looks like in a few years! It's gonna be neat.

Tim and Ashlee said...

I'm obsessed with kitchens. We're thinking of building and all I dream about is what I'd do for a kitchen.

PS Totally love the lockers.

Rhiannon Nicole said...

These are all gorgeous images! I really love them all Mindy :) I especially love that bedroom with the different sitting area seperate from the bed. Hmmm my mind is a rollin' with ideas! Thanks for the help with the hair do too hehe I wish I could afford extensions gf!! xx

Heather said...

Oh, I love these!
The girl lockers! Awesome! :)
And I like the idea of the hooks for jewellery- it ticks me off that my jewellery box is too short for my necklaces & doesn't have enough hooks!
You should post a pic of what you did for your jewellery!

Julie Allred said...

Oh I love the nursery for the little boy with the draped fabric!! I may have to steal that one. You have awesome taste. If only there was a money tree so we could have it all!! lol

kelsey said...

that yellow crib is so cute and bright, i love it. also, i think you like pink. . . just a little bit, too! lol.

Francis Family said...

Yes Kelsey, you're right. I went back and almost half of them have pink in them! Must be an automiatic thing ;)
Heather- I'm still working on my "corner" but i'll definitely put on pics when it's done!
Thank y'all!

Brandon and Kristy said...

i love all this stuff especially the pink room! so fun.. i can;t wait to design the new babys room! yay!

Johanna said...

Do you happen to remember the website where you found the picture of that teal crib with the pink wallpaper? I would LOVE to see more pictures of that nursery.