Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Complete Me!

Aw, What an awesome title.
So as I was thinking about how I was going to post about our 5 year anniversary I came up with a few ideas. First was to be all cute and tell you all how much I love him and why... OR to be funny and make fun of him and everything I have to put up with and the funny things we do. Then I thought, NEITHER and to just put up a bunch of pictures of us from way back in the day. I had such a great time going through all our old school pictures. I had to dicipline myself to a few because I could of posted a ton! I also am going to make a bunch of facebook albums with pictures growing up and yes most of you are in them!! You are all going to hate me! Good times. Anyways back to the most important thing...Me, I mean US.
We had so much fun back then and we still have so much fun now. I do love him and that includes everything he makes me put up with! We have a great time together and laugh ALL the time! He is truly amazing, I am one lucky girl!
ps: I also decided I NEED a scanner. These are pictures of the pictures so really bad quality, and as I said before im way cuter than it makes me look! Oh I guess Dustin is too...

This was day 2 of grad, yep he was my date. How cute.
My Grad, look how little we were!
A really bad (blurry) picture of the best day of Dustins life!
Our first anniversary and the watch I bought him
My grad again
Our wedding invitation picture
Aw first Santa picture!

who knows...and I think Dustin is wearing lipgloss....

Our first engagement pictures we got done, we used this one in the entrance of the wedding receptionAnd they will live Happily Ever After!


Ashley Nelson said...

Happy Anniversary!!

kyleandtaryn said...

Cute! Good idea for this post! You two look so young in the grad pics...when did we all grow up? Ha. Anyways, congratulations you two, enjoy your chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!

Kels said...

how did i not know that dustin was your grad date? weird. it's really tripping me out. . .
funny pics, you look like a tiny little girl--- crazy how much we can grow up in a few years eh?
happy anniversary!!!

the fellers said...

you guys are so cute together, and i LOVE that you put a pic on that Dust is wearing lip gloss! haha

henline crew said...

Yay for 5 years!!! Happy Anniversary!

Merrianne said...

awwwwh! how cute! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

you are just so darn pretty! and so is he... well... i mean Handsome :)

Sarah McDonald said...

Bahahaha I love the lip gloss one.. That is totally what it is too. You know these were way back when hey? Choker and all. You are too cute Mindy!

Lynn said...

HAPPY HAPPY Anniversary!