Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and more!

This Easter weekend was a lot more eventful than planned. We were going to just have a simple Easter at our house and then have a dinner at Jill's house on Sunday. Well last Tuesday Dustin's Grandpa Francis past away so we made the trip down to Taber on Thursday for the funeral on Saturday. He was such a happy person and i'm sad I didn't get to know him better but he was getting old and having heart problems and he went peacefully. The funeral was so nice and I think he would of loved it. Kind of a bitter sweet reunion with a ton of family on Dustin's side. I am kind of retarded and of course didn't take any pictures. But it was great to see everyone.

So our family has had the stupid cold going around for the past 2 weeks back and forth and the twins just wouldn't get over it, so on Friday Jayci woke up with a fever and just seemed really sick. I decided to take her to the hospital in the afternoon because she was really lethargic laying on me and so sick. Well she had a really high fever and so the first thing the Doctor did was had us get her fever down and then he checked her out and she had two ear infections. Poor thing. That whole day we had a hard time keeping her fever down and that night she had a fever of 39.7C or 103.6F (for you amercians.) Anyways she was so sick so we put her in the tub to get it down and she slept in bed with us that night because I was worried about her fever. The doctor said anything from 39.5 and 40C can cause febrile seizures, so of course I was really worried. But luckily she got better and has been on antibiotics since Friday. Now we are all pretty much back to normal. Thank goodness.
So anyways Saturday was the funeral and Sunday we had Easter at Dustin's parents. This weekend Kristy and Brandon also came up to Canada to my parents and we weren't planning on going there with all Dustin's family being up and we wanted to keep it more af a family weekend for him. But we decided to head over there on Sunday afternoon for the night and then head home Monday morning. I didn't want to lose the chance to see Kristy while I could. We saw eachother at Britt's wedding in December and then we won't see eachother until Summer, so I couldn't not go. So we went and stayed the night at mom and dad's. They left late Sunday night and drove through the night to go home. All the family was there though celebrating Lindsay and Brandon's birthdays and Easter all in one. I was glad we got to go, we had a lot of fun and I finally got to go see Jeff and Britt's house and the lot they are building their new house on. Kyla also got to roll easter eggs down the hill and she loved it. The babies hated it with being so windy and both of them being sick so that didn't last too long. Well that was pretty much our weekend, lots going on that forsure! But it was lots of fun and kind of nice being able to see everyone when we weren't expecting to see anyone until summer. Oh and Presley finally cut her first tooth in too!! Halleluah! Kyla was 10 months old when she got her first tooth so i'm really not surprised, so that could also add to the sick factor. Jayci usually does everything first but Presley beat her too it this time. They are also starting to grow hair!!! This is HUGE!! Dustin loves them bald, aha I do to of course but I can't wait to do their hair! Thank goodness for cute headbands, I love them.

Kristy and I and our babies Gavin, Jayci and Presley. Gavin is 2 months younger than the girls and look how big he is compared to them. Of course I had 7 week preemature twins. By the way they are 18lbs, Jayci got weighed at the hospital and they have been about the same for a while now so i'm assuming Presley is the same if not a little lighter, that's the 17th percentile so they are doing great! They are about the same in developement as Gavin though, so it's fun. Oh and I think I am hating my bangs, time for a change....again.
Presley and Jayci on Easter Sunday! Presley in red, Jayci in blue. My mom picked out their dresses. Love them!
My big girl Kyla, this picture makes her look so grown up! Scary
The 3 best things in my life! (Dustin too of course)

So now we are just getting ready for Brittany and Jeff to come on Thursday, i'm so excited! I only had Kristy and Brandon stay at our house once for 2 days a long time ago. So i'm really excited to have a sister come and visit! They are staying until Tuesday too! The boys are going hunting Friday and Saturday, yay (can you tell my enthusiasm) they each want a bear and a wolf.....umm ya. I'm excited to have some good sister time though! We are going to get Kyla's ears pierced! shh don't tell Dustin! ahaha No I have been wanting to get them done for the past year but we just haven't and everytime I get the chance Dustin says, we'll do it next time. He says she is cute without it and doesn't need it. ha too bad! I also said I won't pierce their ears until they ask, well she saw my earrings and wanted some too....doesn't that count?? I think so! Well I should stop writing because some days I feel like I could go on forever....but I won't (maybe next time)


Mindi said...

I love the dresses, and it's always fun to get together and let the kids play! Looks like a productive Easter!

The Evansons' said...

Both my kids had the EXACT same thing happen to them. It must be a thing going around Taber! They both had infections in both ears and high temps. I hate having sickies! Good Luck with the ear piercing Kyla! We did Aubrey's a little while ago and they are so CUTE! You think your kids can't get any cuter, then when you pierce their ears you realize they can even get cuter if that's possible to believe!

Nichelle, Trystan, and Tiffani said...

hi! you don't know me but i know your husband so i read your blog. I found it on Emily Evanson's list. i went to school with Dustin, his locker was like 6 or 7 down from mine. Ask him if he remembers Nichelle Fitch. Anyways, i think you are so fun and i love reading your blog!

the fellers said...

I am sorry to hear about Dusts Grandpa, that is sad. Your girls are so cute! I love the dresses. If it makes you feel better, Ry Ry was only like 16 1/2 pounds at her 9 month appt...so Jayci and Presley are surpassing her, I was looking at Gavin, and he is SO much bigger than Ry Ry....so funny! I love your little family! You are all so cute!

Lynn said...

Ah. So sorry to hear about Dustin's Grandpa and how sick the babies have been.

Phew! What a week and weekend you've had. All that traveling and everything too. Talk about young mom energy! Way to go!

Love all the pics. You all look amazing. Love the Easter dresses. Too cute. The holidays just wouldn't be as fun without the kids to live vicariously through, eh??

Well, have a good week. Thank goodness the ear infections were caught just before you had to travel.

lyndsay said...

Can't wait to see Kyla and her earrings! I'm piercing Lucy's this week! She's 3 months and no one in Lethbridge would do it before that! Love reading about your girls.

Caroline Harker said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have all been so sick! Glad to hear you are all on the mend. Your girls looked so beautiful in their Easter dresses! So adorable! Kyla is growing up sooooo fast, I can't believe it. Oh, and I saw, yes, go for it! Pierce Kyla's ears. I pierced Cadrien's when she was 5 months old. I tried getting them pierced when she was 3 weeks old but they wouldn't let me. They said you have to wait until they are at least 3 months old because the ear lobe grows. Take pics and post them as soon as you pierce her ears. Oh, and the best place (the most hygenic) to go is Merle Norman. Good luck! Great post by the way!

The Ririe Family said...

I cant believe you got such good pictures with 2 sick babies! you all look great! kyla is a dolly!

Ashley said...

The girls look cute! I'm glad you had a fun/full weekend! Maybe someday we'll actually get to see you guys again :)

Kels said...

They are doing great, weighing in at 18 lbs. I am just hoping Norah meets the 20 lb. requirement to get a front facing car seat! she's such a little peanut. Love the easter dresses, kyla is looking so big!
Good luck with the ear piercing. I have never had mine done. I just never had the desire. I guess I'm not girly. . . lol.

henline crew said...

sounds like a crazy weekend!!! I can't believe your babies are 10 months old and only 18lbs!!!! Lorelle was weighed at the hospital yesterday and she is 17lbs and she'll be 5 months on Tuesday!!!! Crazy!!

Tim and Ashlee said...

Your girls are too cute!! And thanks so much for the sugar cookie icing tip. My Easter cookies turned out GREAT!